Snapdragon 875 in Galaxy S21 benchmarked, but the Exynos 2100 might be the one to have

17 November 2020
The SD875-powered phone has a 3,375 multi-core score, reports are the CPU on the Exynos 2100 could get that to 4,000.

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Great, more Exynos garbage from Scamsung! The Exynos trash will underperform Dragon again and even if on paper it performs better than Dragon it will perform much, much worse in real life due to the infamous overheating/throttling issues that has plagued Exynos garbage chips. Also the Exynos garbage is using a garbage Mali GPU again and Mali is absolute trash so in the GPU department Dragon will also (as usual) do much better than the Exynos trash!

I sincerely hope Scamsung ruined this time around and that they are sued for breaking law the like they did with the Note 20 series. Scamsung is the biggest cheater and scammer around. Their promises means nothing. They are all lies!

I can't wait for all the great Youtubers to demolish Scamsung and their garbage chip again!

Great, if the battery life is also improved i will gladly buy Samsung here in EU.
If prices for S21 Ultra won't start at 1.2k €+
But from the specs we saw so far it could be near that price.
If the price starts around 1.000 € then Samsung will take the crown in sales.

  • AnonD-804996

For as long as they are about comparable it's fine. Not like now where Exynos is somewhat comparable with big fat asterisk where it's slower and eats more power yet costs the same for all the unfortunate European (or non US) users.

Hopefully this is efficient enough to not drain the battery quickly...