Snapdragon 875 in Galaxy S21 benchmarked, but the Exynos 2100 might be the one to have

17 November 2020
The SD875-powered phone has a 3,375 multi-core score, reports are the CPU on the Exynos 2100 could get that to 4,000.

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AnonD-955101, 18 Nov 2020It's ok bro, you don't need to apologise. Just do... moreThank you I will do that:)

  • MrHong

Azeemzzzz, 18 Nov 2020People compare the overall performance not just the cpu ... moreLooks like the Versus website. Garbage site. Please refer to some Speed Test G videos on YouTube instead...

Vakooqita, 18 Nov 2020Guys look, ice universe says that 'exynos 2100 will be... moreLol wht a turn table

Guys look, ice universe says that 'exynos 2100 will be better than snap 875' and some people says its fake ddd

lg92, 18 Nov 2020875 from 2021 doesnt even beat the a13 2019 scores. terribl... morePeople compare the overall performance not just the cpu

  • lg92

875 from 2021 doesnt even beat the a13 2019 scores. terrible lol.

  • Anonymous

How the turns have tabled

  • Anonymous

Everyone is talking about snaprragon vs exynos and how one is more efficient than others.But did someone think that arm should upgrade their efficiency cores??.A55 cores are many years old they are doing fine but what about a new efficiency core with 15% performance gain with 20% efficiency than the a55 cores.Well that may save some battery or maynot but those efficiency cores really need to be upgraded.

  • MrHong

[deleted post]But have you seen other tests like CineBench for the M1 chip? Seen the video editing tests?

  • MrHong

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2020What the hell is note fe...

Seriously? You don't know this? It's only sold in Asia as refurbished units. Same as Note 7 but with smaller and safer 3200 MAh battery and Bixby (but no voice command feature).

Can't trust Samsung anymore. So many problems coming out from their devices and they won't even bother fixing those issues.

  • midland

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2020Let's be real. The video encoder for cameras is crap ... moreTime for return for Samsung. Today is better.

  • Anonymous

I don't think Exynos will ever beat Snapdragon.

  • Phone Geek

Tara Kennedy, 17 Nov 2020Scamsung rarely succeeds in anything - either the CPU is gr... moreDon't worry everyone, Samsung has gotten rid its custom mongoose cores in Exynos which was a battery drainer and was also prone to heating and thermal throttling. Also for all those saying the Mali G77 GPU is trash well sorry to burst your bubble but its in the Huawei mate 40 and its scored 35 fps in 3D benchmarks which was just 4fps less than thr GPU in Apples Beastly A14 bionic. Also bear in mind that the Snapdragon 865+ got only 25fps on the same test
So all these problems are solved

  • Anonymous

MrHong, 18 Nov 2020Because you live in the past. SD has better ISP currentl... moreWhat the hell is note fe...

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Nah mozart is better

  • Anonymous

If exynos is coming back now, im very sure samsung will be my top, because in my country exynos is the only available version. Lets hope Exynos 2100 is better or as good as 875

  • Vibs

Android Authority, 18 Nov 2020Sure Galaxy S20 FE has better image quality compared to IPh... moreIsnt it the opposite

Android--Master, 18 Nov 2020GeekBench isn't cross platform. If you look on their ... moreFrom geekbench homepage - 'Geekbench 5 is a cross-platform benchmark that measures your system's performance with the press of a button. How will your mobile device or desktop computer perform when push comes to crunch? How will it compare to the newest devices on the market? Find out today with Geekbench 5.'

Well it all still remains to be seen. It's certainly not impossible for exynos to best sd. It's happened before. But that was before Qualcomm upped their game and blew Samsung out of the water.