Apple and Facebook lock horns over data collection practices

20 November 2020
Cupertino says Facebook collects data with disregard for user privacy, Zuckerberg and co. respond Apple is deliberately distracting from other issues.

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  • Anonymous

Android Authority, 20 Nov 2020It's laughable how these companies are claiming that t... moreThey don't steal it - we give it to them upon agreeing to their terms.

Playing us for fools both of them saying they are battling

YUKI93, 20 Nov 2020At least you can try to do something about it. I stumbled a... moreMaybe I'll give it a try once I decided to root my phone. As of right now I don't have a reason to root my phone (with a chance to brick or bootloop).

Cyberchum, 20 Nov 2020Exactly what I told a user, here, singing how Huawei won�... moreSo true and them said no proof hahaha. The upcoming peta search and map are one giant data basket. If people doesn't want to be spied then don't use smartphone at all.

  • Wakikilouba

While Apple, amazon, facebook is battling with lawsuits and themselves, there are someone else is smiling at the dark. While West are battling themselves, East now are currently waitng and watching to fish in the troubled water. The reason US will be in decline because they battling themselves while west are also fishing on it, while CPP are in control most of their companies , they used "Democracy" to get into West. The thing is, they are eating the the "West" using their own "Democracy" , an irony.

  • Anonymous

They all spy on you without exception

  • Goodfellow

abigfanoftechs, 20 Nov 2020Agree. But disabling it would stop the collection, yes?You can simply deny all permission & then disable them. I have done it with most of google app and some bloatware also you can disable the auto update. This will speed up you phone. You can try this and then run the geekbench 5 and see for yourself.

  • sq2013

Why do people even care? I don't care if apple or Google or whoever has my data as long as it's not hitting my pocket. What does it matter? I'm not that interesting. Neither are the other people that are victims of data collection or data mining. I don't understand why people even care. All these companies are crooked anyway. It's not a huge revelation here. It's all nonsense.

Those who claim to be innocent of stealing private information are actually the ones who actually do it.

It's laughable how these companies are claiming that they care about privacy of users when both Are guilty of stealing and misusing your data..

Lasuto, 20 Nov 2020I think at some point, all companies are collecting user da... moreExactly what I told a user, here, singing how Huawei won't touch user data on Harmony OS. Load of horseshit. Smart devices are data-driven. Misuse of user data should be the concern, not usage of user data, itself.

  • Anonymous

abigfanoftechs, 20 Nov 2020Agree. But disabling it would stop the collection, yes?No. You have to disable 'Facebook services' too. It's hidden in 'system apps'.

  • Anonymous

abigfanoftechs, 20 Nov 2020Can't you just disable it?You can also do one another thing,download adb in pc/laptop and there you can remove ANY app from the phone

  • Boggy-Stefy

Insert Spider-Man pointing meme.

  • Boggy-Stefy

AnonD-492870, 20 Nov glad I am not them. Never have and never will... moreChances are, if you are on internet, your data is collecting by somebody somewhere.
So, don't worry, no company is honest in this regard.

  • AnonD-940827

And both of them sells our information and conversations to nsa. Gg.

  • Anonymous

The company also said Facebook is "collecting user data with disregard of user privacy". That is true. I live in Europe. Facebook is against all European laws. I have had a profile blocked by Facebook for not providing them with my official country ID. Facebook is NOT a police entity, it is not Interpol to steal my data and block my account and spy me, to prevent me from connecting with my contacts and to ask me for something that they cannot ask me for, my official ID, besides spying on everything, simply because they wanted to authenticate that my name matches my official ID. I have not create a new account on a social network where they practice National Socialism. There is a reason why sat the owner of Facebook in front of judges.

  • Anonymous

Guru, 20 Nov 2020I hate the fact that Samsung phones have this FB app pre in... moreYou do know the fact that you can delete it, don't you?
It is pretty easy, just search for it

  • AnonD-492870 glad I am not them. Never have and never will use Apple services and facebook services. Just a bunch or selfishness being slung back and forth...quite entertaining

YUKI93, 20 Nov 2020We would rather uninstall it instead of disabling it. Remem... moreAgree.
But disabling it would stop the collection, yes?