The Sony Xperia Compact line might be making a return with a rumored 5.5-inch model

21 November 2020
The mysterious device will allegedly use an unannounced Snapdragon 775 chipset.

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  • Anonymous

With 21:9 screen and bezels equal to 1ii, a phone would have the size :

5,2" screen = 13,47 cm x 5,81 cm

5,5" screen = 14,18cm x 6,11 cm

7" screen = 17,68 cm x 7,61cm

This means, with 5,5", phone would be bit taller than XA2. But as narrow as iphone 5.

  • hedge

Yes!!! Sony, I'm waiting!!! Please make it real!

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2020The iPhone 12 Mini is pretty much the same size as the XZ1C... moreYes the iphone mini is tempting but it has a small battery at 2200mah plus IOS. Hope sony will go back to the previous aspect ratio since 21:9 is not for everyone.

Goodluck to us compact phone seekers

  • Anonymous

shortkey, 22 Nov 2020I have the XZ1c right now and I love its size. Basically an... moreThe iPhone 12 Mini is pretty much the same size as the XZ1C but with less bezels and it doesn't have the 21:9 display any upcoming Sony will. So if you don't mind iOS thats the best device for you now

  • Anonymous

So funny ppl today buy 16,3 cm phones and still try to reach top of screen with thumb when they could not do it when using 14,5 cm phone years ago.

Is it that hard to hold with one hand and use the index of the other hand?

Yes sony please bring back the compact line. I've switch to the galaxy note 10 since it's the most compact besides the S10e and the squarish design makes it look like an experia.

Please update the design as well to compete with s10e. 21:9 5.5" will be interesting. (will look like an updated xperia ray)

I don't think sony will go back to 18:9 aspect ratio but it they do please make to footprint small.

  • Anonymous

inSyt, 21 Nov 2020That's not a render. That's the 2015 Z5 Compact. ... moreNot the Z5 compact, reading this on my Z5c and the top mic placement is different as well as some differences down the left hand side.

  • shortkey

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2020In my opinion, compact phone is 135x65x10 mm in dimensions,... moreI got the XZ1c's dimensions wrong, it's 129 mm tall, so I guess take the 5 mm away from those numbers I wrote.

  • Anonymous

giusgius, 22 Nov 2020What a great news I heard today, yesterday i was searching ... moreIn my opinion, compact phone is 135x65x10 mm in dimensions, but ideally smaller than that. If it's 67 mm wide or more, it's uncomfortable to hold for me, and if it's 130 mm or taller, it's getting hard to reach the statusbar. My XZ1c is 135 mm tall but still comfortable to use THANKS TO the huge forehead and chin, making the display itself way smaller, thus easier to use.

Bezelless is a meme.

What a great news I heard today, yesterday i was searching for Xperia ZX1 or Z5 for upgrade, as newer phones are very big and not really good.

I hope SONY will release Xperia Compact but I really want it to have flagship Snapdragon chipset (as always it had) OLED display, 19:9 ratio and size no more then 145x70x9.

Feature same camera as Xperia 1 II and 5 II, good battery, NFC, 3.5mm port and side-mounted fingerprint reader as it is the best option.

Better quality dual speakers also would be good, imagine side mounted, best stereo!

And about the design, I think Xperia Z series had really good design and the new 1 II and 5 II is also very good looking smartphones, I really can't say that on L, XA, 10, XZ2, XZ3, these smartphones were poorly designed.

  • shortkey

shortkey, 22 Nov 2020I have the XZ1c right now and I love its size. Basically an... moreAlso, I forgot - SCREW 21:9, but I think it was obvious that was implied.

  • shortkey

Xperian, 22 Nov 2020Hopefully will be like xz1 compact size with 3000mah batter... moreI have the XZ1c right now and I love its size. Basically anything bigger in physical dimensions is too big and loses the right to call itself "compact" or "mini".

However, I hope the next Compact will not have sharp edges like XZ1c. As great a phone as it is, it literally tore several of my pants back pockets with its sharp corners.

Still though, I'd like a phone with sub-5" display, like in the old days. It doesn't need to be an all-screen scenario, I'm way past that fad. I just want a small phone with a small display. I used to adore my HTC Touch 2, it had a 2.8" screen and actual physical call/hangup buttons, which was lovely.

  • Bud

O S, 22 Nov 2020 moreAt it's time I really wanted the R2 compact, but sadly it was a japanese-only. Though, some forums reported bad software-support. That's Kismet.

  • Wongwatt

inSyt, 21 Nov 2020That's not a render. That's the 2015 Z5 Compact. ... moreIt's still a render because the bezels are not visible, nearly a quarter of the real phone's face is bezel...

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2020That phone is not at all compact, you can't even reach... moreIt is as small as it can realistically get unfortunately for us sony will not admit to mistakes and will keep using 21:9 unitll the company dies, making a phone smaller than X5II at 21:9 will be too narrow

  • Wongwatt

Dometalican, 21 Nov 2020Here's what I can see: Snapdragon 775 120Hz refres... moreIf Sony can't be bothered to put wireless charging in the 5 II there's no way they're going to put it in a cheaper phone...

  • Bud

Im on an Galaxy A41 right now because of it's ''small'' dimensions, wich are the maximum I want to hold in my hands.
Considering the price of the A41, it's an ok-phone. But I'm really excited about a flagship-specced compact mobile, may it be a new Xperia Compact or a follower of a Galaxy S10e (5.8''). 2021 can't come soon enough.

  • Wongwatt, 21 Nov 2020Most people who are bashing Sony have never used their phon... moreBut it's a phone not a camera.
If you're using a phone as a pro camera you're doing it wrong, phones have replaced point and shoot digital cameras not full on ones.
There should be a great auto mode AND an advanced manual one for those that want it - Sony ship two photo apps (which is weird but ok I guess...) but the simple one takes poor photos.
And both devices suffer from bring too tall for comfortable pocket carrying while having physically less width for the on-screen keyboard making them relatively cramped for the size of the phone - I've used them, the 5 in particular, is too narrow for a comfortable keyboard.

  • jazzpow

make it happen, 5.5 incher wd mediocre specs as affordable like pixel 4a, wonderful great news..

  • Wongwatt

veryangrynerd, 21 Nov 2020The last compact phin6e by Sony is the Xperia 5 II which wa... moreXperia 5 is too tall to be a compact, height is the real issue when trying to pocket a phone.