Samsung Galaxy S21 gets BIS certified in India

21 November 2020
This is yet another indicator that the 2021 Galaxy S flagships will arrive earlier than previous models.

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  • Anonymous

ASLAN, 21 Nov 2020FHD+ ? That's really a shame. do you actually watch 2K content on your phone? thank god its FHD, battery life will be much better

Sadly Samsung is unable to come over 4000 mAh battery while others are packing 5000 mAh battery in these sizes. A flagship with shitty Exynos is not flagship, it will drain its juice in few hours. I have Galaxy S9+ and I have to charge it like two and a half times a day.

  • Laugher

s10e is still superior considering its size. Bring back the under 6" mini versions Samsung!!!

  • RandomDude

I hate the fact that Samsung is planning to sell 700+ usd phones that have LCD displays (that too FHD +, cmon Samsung, are you dumb?).... this thing alone shall make many people either buy an iPhone 12 (which, surprisingly has OLED displays across all) or to buy other android phones like the Oneplus 9 (potentially?).

Personally, I feel that Samsung would deliberately ruin the vanilla s21 lineup, to make people snap up the ultra model which is not worth it imho considering how fast Androids tend to lose their value as a whole.

  • Rogue

going for S21+ with only screen size and battery power difference? Hope its price wouldn't be that costly.

  • Momos

So basic specs of s20 and s20+ ... Wonder what they gonna put in s21-FE hahaha

  • Neph

Anonymous, 22 Nov 202064MP is just to say phone does 8K. Yes, I'm aware of this. But I really hoped Samsung did a homework and realized that pretty nobody uses this 8k recordings on S20s.
Shame that S20FE will be better in terms of zooming, really shame.

  • Anonymous

Neph, 21 Nov 2020I can't stand the lack of optical zoom on base models.... more64MP is just to say phone does 8K.

  • Anonymous

ASLAN, 21 Nov 2020FHD+ ? That's really a shame. And plastic back ...

It seems to me that they want you to go straight to the top model, the S21 ultra. The base and the + one are just lame. Let's see how they price them.

So S21 and S21+ would get LCD ? Crazy since they push OLED so much ??? Ludicrous.

Pray for Exynos 2100
The Exynos 990 is the worst 2020 processor. Overheat, loosing performance and high battery usage.

  • Neph

I can't stand the lack of optical zoom on base models. I just can't believe how the flagship model in 2021 can't have any zoom at all. I still have huge hopes that this 10 MPx 3x optical one from Ultra could be used in S20 and S21 Plus substituting this 64Mp gimmick.

FHD+ ?
That's really a shame.