OnePlus 9 Pro renders reveal new design

23 November 2020
It comes with a curved display and a rectangular camera cutout similar to the OnePlus 9 renders.

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If the oneplus 9 and 9 pro turn out to be real, I honestly like the design of the regular 9 much better. I just hope that it also has a decent camera.

  • Anonymous

I am so excited to see the oneplus 9pro. I am waiting for the beautyfull phone

  • me

It's the same with OnePlus 8 pro.
I want a flat, square screen with NO front camera creap!!!
A rectangular phone, beautiful like OP 3 was, or OP One. Round corners are Horrible!. Phone looks like a dildo.

T M, 24 Nov 2020It's starting to become obvious that the 7T is going t... moreI kind of agree. The phone is good looking from the back, just ok and nothing special on the front side though

Demongornot, 26 Nov 2020Curved edge, punch hole, no 3.5mm Jack, same thickness bein... moreWell to be fair (and sarcastic), it's a new design approach for OnePlus, which combine punch hole curved screen with square on the corner camera position. The previous OnePlus 8T has square camera on the corner, but flat screen, while OnePlus 8 Pro had curved screen with punch hole, but centered rear camera position. So yeah.. this new combination is new for OnePlus XD

  • Red please

Red version please

  • Anonymous

I like this design, not the same but the same at the same time, beautiful

Curved edge, punch hole, no 3.5mm Jack, same thickness being too slim and requiring a camera bump that is the same global shape, size and location as OnePlus 8 series.
All the worse possible things that I still can't understand how peoples are stupid enough to want...
So, where the "new" in this "new design" ?

  • I like it

I love this new design, it's like nothing we've seen

  • Ionut

Why the hell still with curved display.

  • LifesGood

I guess they have settled on a 2019 samsung design LMAO.

Vader90, 24 Nov 2020What will make oneplus my phone pick over everything is if ... moreWhy would you slow down the performance, with the slow card? But ok, buy the slow low performance nord. And enjoy your card.

  • Vk patil

What is the price of 1+ 9 series

  • Thomas

PaidReviewer, 24 Nov 2020If by new design you mean Galaxy S7 Edge design from 10 yea... moreGalaxy S7 Edge is from 2016, so is 4 years old not 10 :). Maybe screen looks familiar, but the rest is totally different.

  • Anonymous

I tot it was samsung s20 series 🤣🤣🤣

If by new design you mean Galaxy S7 Edge design from 10 years ago, then ok it's a new design 😂😂😂

  • Smartphones fan

nothing new just another smartphone same or similar design

  • Anonymous


  • Vader90

What will make oneplus my phone pick over everything is if they put in extra memory card. How u have to talk too in this place.. dam please

AnonD-961247, 24 Nov 2020Seems OnePlus decided to blindly follow Apple for OP 9 also... moreNo need for SD card, jack, slow wireless charging.

Don't want camera bumps on the sides of the back, and definitely don't want edged screen.!