OnePlus 9 Pro renders reveal new design

23 November 2020
It comes with a curved display and a rectangular camera cutout similar to the OnePlus 9 renders.

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Tsabes, 23 Nov 2020I was hoping they would ditch the curved display.Not just OnePlus, but everyone. I literally see no point in curved display at all.

interesting... seems like they ditched the tele lens on the pro model now

normal design.... not so good....

i always feel huawei is the best in innovations and design.

I was hoping they would ditch the curved display.

Same Blue as Galaxy S20 FE ! :D

freefaller, 23 Nov 2020If it does have a curved screen then it is a big NO for me.... moreTrue

  • AnkitG

I guess this Snapdragon chipset is the 5nm one which was about to launch soon. Hoping that Mediatek too offers something competitive.

New..? Didn't it debut with the 8T?

  • Anonymous

Hopefully not a curved panel. 144 Hz sounds great, very appealing.

  • Anonymous

Always feel like oneplus is one step behind the samsung

  • Anonymous

When the midrange reno 4 pro looks way better haha

  • lola

not impressive

  • yodloo

They have been inspired from Samsung it seems

Hey s20 plus

  • freefaller

If it does have a curved screen then it is a big NO for me. Curved screens are a nightmare and manufacturers were right to drop them, but Oneplus continues to support them.
One: when you are using Gesture navigation then typing is difficult if you use the swipe method to type. If you start to type a word starting with the letter 'P' then swiping left is interpreted as a Gesture and it closes the keyboard.
Two: videos look weird when the top and bottom of the screen is stretched round the curve.
There are other problems as well, but surely it's time to say goodbye to the curved screen.

Nice design but I don't think so it's new design
2nd OnePlus 7 pro , 7t pro 8 series way better design but with flat Display. This design is resemble to samsung galaxy s and note series.

  • Anonymous

Previous design was better.
Now it looks like any other phone with rectangular camera array on the market.

Looking at 6.9 inches screen for Pro. Possible stylus input as well....eSIM expandable storage