Report: the Huawei P50 will use Kirin 9000 chips, Samsung and LG OLED displays

23 November 2020
There were doubts whether Huawei will have sufficient supply of the flagship Kirin chip. Indeed, it was unclear if the P50 will launch at all.

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  • klausPl

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2021And still preform worst than A12.Nice joke bro haha

  • Anonymous

jamalu96, 23 Nov 2020Wow, Kirin 9000 have 3.5Billion more transistors than A14 ... moreAnd still preform worst than A12.

  • Anonymous

sanshiro, 24 Nov 2020Biden will not get things right. It was Apple from the begi... moreHuawei technology lol.

  • Ferdy lukman

After Trump's term of office, will the Google embargo be over as well? if so then huawei will be a big threat to samsung for 2021

SpiritWolf, 24 Nov 2020Was that guy NotAnOpinion (or something like that)? He'... moreIt seems he is hard struck with Covid. That must be one of the side effects of Covid

Nick Tagataka, 24 Nov 2020Seeing a rather terrible relationship between Apple and US ... moreThey needed a show to make it believable.

sanshiro, 24 Nov 2020Biden will not get things right. It was Apple from the begi... moreSeeing a rather terrible relationship between Apple and US government in recent years, I don't really think that's the reason.

Whackcar, 23 Nov 2020BTW, there was a guy who kept arguing with me about how Qua... moreWas that guy NotAnOpinion (or something like that)? He's acting rather strangely lately.

Biden will not get things right. It was Apple from the beginning. They felt the threat from Huawei's technology and started losing sales.

Please Huawei, not another curve screen

  • Smartphones fan

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2020Will they sell it with Harmony OS?I believe so as P50 will release in april and harmony beta is coming in december

  • Smartphones fan

And huawei PLEASE make flat screen and please STOP with rounded galaxy s6 edge type screens
Thank You

Hopefully they bring more new exciting features like even better low light cameras, 8K and 15x zoom, maybe thermal or ir cameras. Its getting boring in camera field.

  • Anonymous

Will they sell it with Harmony OS?

  • Anonymous

And yet they have never launched nor sell the Mate 40 series here in my country.

  • Anonymous

I've always thought of the Kirin as one of the advantages that made Huawei achieved what it did. There might be a doubt that it better than the Snapdragon in performance but at least it's better in heat management and the main advantage that attracted me the most is the fact that IT'S LESS PRONE TO VIRUSES.

No wonder Mate 40 still not lauched in my country. Well I just settle for P40 then. Its only $570 now.

Whackcar, 23 Nov 2020They can use an external 5G modem for the 5G models exclusi... moreThey will probably use exynos/mediatek before they use snapdragon tho.

Since the P series utilize the same new chipset first seen from the Mate series that was launched earlier, I wonder if the Mate 50 series will be the first Huawei phone to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset in it. But that's another story later on. For now, though, I wonder how the camera hardware would be for the P50 series.

  • Anonymous

Mikele, 23 Nov 2020Oh from Webio why not Aliexpress alot of Huawei Mate 40Pro ... moreYou could get a Mate 40 Pro 256 gg for a price of iPhone 12 Pro 256 gb on there