Microsoft Surface Duo tipped to launch in Germany in Spring 2021

23 November 2020
It's also coming to more EU countries as well as Canada and Japan in the second half of 2021.

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  • Coda

Sadly it’s way too too late for the first gen product to release in 2021.It was already outdated by this year’s standards. I really like the idea, but it needs another gen or two and full desktop level Microsoft Office features (this especially is required for me to buy their product like Surface duo, because I want to be able to run macros)

  • Anonymous

Buy a Windows laptop from popular brands instead of this joke.

If only the fabled "Courier" launched in 2012 when it was first shown it would of really been something. Now it is coming 8 or 9 years later as another Android folding device with specs below the normal flagships and a 2 year old processor when it finally comes to Europe it will just fade away like so many other Microsoft devices that could of been huge given the right time and investment to push the products.

  • mesand

If it has come 5 years earlier, then it could be something new... Today it is just an outdated gadget... And most probably it will not be cheap :D Sad

They should iron out the app issues that every reviewer has complained about.
It's like a half baked product from Microsoft.

  • Anonymous

Lol Snapdragon 855 phone with garbage optimization of apps in 2021?
No Thank you!

i thought they release 2nd gen call surace... it just a typo.... hmmm

SpiritWolf, 24 Nov 2020I would gladly buy one if it ran Windows Phone. But i alrea... moreRiiiight, cause microsoft cares so mmuch about your privacy

Too little too late

I would gladly buy one if it ran Windows Phone. But i already have two Spydroid devices in my home and that's two too much.

  • Anonymous

Only available in the US? Mmm, keep it that way!