France will begin labeling electronics with repairability ratings in January

25 November 2020
A vote in the EU Parliament resulted in support of consumers’ Right to Repair.

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  • Repair

What a failure. New macbook pro has a score of 7/10 when you can't buy parts for it and documentation provided is useless for repair. It's like apple themselves are deciding how repairable the device is.

  • Anonymous

Fatcat, 26 Nov 2020Repair what, all smartphone this day is disposibel, repairi... moreOnly if the repair shop is ripping you off.
Otherwise it's way cheaper

  • Anonymous

What a great idea & care

  • gudishvibes

abigfanoftechs, 28 Nov 2020iFixit is bullshit. All they do is open the phone & lo... moreYou know what? Forget my other comment. Apple should not get good scores under the name 'Repairability'. That's misleading! It should be something specific like 'Physical Ease Of Repair Score', because their current system ignores software limitations.

Imagine getting 6 on a platform about self repair, when the average consumer can't hold Apple employees hostage to activate their camera!!

  • gudishvibes

abigfanoftechs, 28 Nov 2020iFixit is bullshit. All they do is open the phone & lo... moreDo they not at least mention these things in the summary? e.g. iPhone 12 not being able to swap cameras

MrHong, 26 Nov 2020Scores 6/10 in iFixIt. Samsung S20 only scores 3/10. ... moreiFixit is bullshit.
All they do is open the phone & looking at boards & screen. Then give a rating.
What they don't understand is that you can't swap any components on the phone.
Every component is paired to the board. Every component can not be purchased from third party or Apple. Apple won't sell their components.

iFixit rating is full of shit.

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2020Poor AppleDon't worry about them. Apple will find a way to game the system.
They're the most anti repair company on earth.

that's cool i wish everybody does the same instead helping the corporate like my country

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2020Thanks God ! Finaly this will be the end of the *ucking n... moreHope it will be end of that company too.
Enough is enough i never liked them for many reasons.

Well if we ban all companies which makes 5 or bigger i mean difficult to repair some companies will really force the verge of extinict i mean death.

By the way i did not like apple anyway.
Hope everybody will follow not only france.

  • edwin270

I know this is in response to Apple and their BS and I love it.

  • Hamburger

EU and Asia should just ban products with less than ratings of 3. That should get companies to make more eco friendly products.

So I guess Fairphone will get a pretty high rank in repairability with their modular system for phones. Not a bad idea at all I think, maybe more countries will follow.

  • Q

Boggy-Stefy, 26 Nov 2020Everybody else: Applauds this. Apple: Oh mon Dieu. More like:

Sane person : *thunderous applause*
iBoys, Apple & their stockholders : *middle finger*

  • Q

MrHong, 26 Nov 2020Scores 6/10 in iFixIt. Samsung S20 only scores 3/10. ... more6/10?
Many people knows that ifixit stunt on YT is no more than publicity stunt.
NO legal firms dare to badmouth Apple's products; they WILL sue them, or at least stop lending their products to be 'reviewed' (read: brag / show off). So far, only individual, independent YTbers with big balls that dare to challenge Apple's planned obsolesce & f*ck rights to repair!' practice.

Do u know what 'repair' means? To FIX something; in MOST case, u have to change the faulty/broken parts to make it working.
Question: When u PAIR every singe components (except screws) in phone, how can a repairman fix it? They might fix the hardware by replacing the faulty ones, but ur iphone WILL NEVER WORK NORMALLY (not even able to be turned on)!

If u r not iBoys who live in cave (read: not having internet access to watch YT), then u should know that THERE'S VIDEO THAT SHOWS EVEN SWAPPING BRAND-NEW IPHONES PARTS (display, camera sensors,etc) WILL RESULT IN THE PHONE CANNOT BE TURNED ON (unless u plugged it to charger), CAMERA STOPPED FUNCTIONING NORMALLY (even when u'only' changed the display!), BATTERY HEALTH INDICATOR STOPPED WORKING (instead there will be warning that says u should contact Apple to repair the phone!), and several other problems!

lord septomus, 26 Nov 2020apple won't be happyOf course they won't. This is a threat to their way of doing business. Next thing we'll hear about Apple is something about "halting innovation".

  • Thor

threepences, 26 Nov 2020Are there any details how French rating system is defined?It says in the article - much like iFixit's rating system. I'd imagine just with a bit higher granularity as they use 9,5/10 instead of 9/10

  • Thor

Nick.B, 26 Nov 2020apple won't like that so maybe they quit europe?Please, don't tease us ;-)

  • catalyst

Nick.B, 26 Nov 2020apple won't like that so maybe they quit europe?That will never happen

apple won't like that so maybe they quit europe?