Nokia 2.4 hands-on

26 November 2020
The Nokia 2.4 could be the ideal smartphone for someone who just wants a large display, uncomplicated software, and long-lasting battery.

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  • Lyn

I have had my Nokia 2.4 for about 6 weeks. I am finding this phone really difficult to use. The keyboard is small and very sensitive. The phone only rings three times then cuts off which is really frustrating . All in all I am really upset with this phone.

  • Anonymous

XXX, 20 Jan 2021Yeah, Ococcoo and Popoppoo are way better smartphone manufa... moreHow much

  • XXX

LAW321, 17 Jan 2021Yes, they are basically there to show that Nokia is useless... moreYeah, Ococcoo and Popoppoo are way better smartphone manufacturers in this segment! They also come with Kindergarten UI giving you eye cancer on a daily basis, loads of sh*t you can't even uninstall, killing every app running in the background for performance reasons at a world record rate and connecting 500x a day with Chinese servers! The final software update they receive is happening at the factory gate shortly before delivery ='D

  • LAW321

GeeSquer4U, 27 Nov 2020Yeah. This guy won't review good performing and high q... moreYes, they are basically there to show that Nokia is useless and Chinese mobile companies are the best which actually is not.

  • Wisedemon

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2020''non-sensitive touchscreen...lighter taps will b... moreIgnore this guy. It's a great budget phone, outperforming most others in the class.

Does games like doodle jump temple run Deoria? They needs tilting phone to play. This one doesn't have compass know so those won't work uh?

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2020Is hey google or ok google hereIt is there in all nokia Android phones.

  • Anonymous

''non-sensitive touchscreen...lighter taps will be ignored'' lies! It's because the phone is so slow.

  • Anonymous

Is hey google or ok google here

  • Anonymous

Is it possible to turn on data on this phone?

  • Anonymous

I've been using nokia phones since five years and nokia is my best company it has long lasting batteries and good functioning

Meh. That chin tho. SMH

dyslexic alien, 26 Nov 2020They are milking the Nokia brand name. Can put a pin charge... moreNot buying it

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2020At this rate I am starting to think that Nokia should have ... moredude, they are already competing. but not yet to compete with high-end phones. Nokia is focusing more on the low end and mid-range that'll be affordable as possible. and you think Nokia has no comeback then why they holding #1 trustable mobile devices, #1 security patch updates for 2 years, and being a holder for 5g connections since Huawei is kinda falling.

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2020Stay away from it. Add a little more money and go for Xiaom... moreno that's bullshit from my experiment

GeeSquer4U, 28 Nov 2020One question. Does Google map compass sensor works?? How mu... morePKR 18,900 or USD 118.20

ANDY NYARKO, 28 Nov 2020I bought this phone yesterday and per my observation, it�... moreOne question. Does Google map compass sensor works?? How much it costs in your locality??

I bought this phone yesterday and per my observation, it's wow for mid-range users

Fade., 26 Nov 2020Even the phones that don't need to be huge slabs (non ... more5.5 inch 18:9 aspect ratio is ideal for single hand usage
In my opinion

  • Anonymous

I have this phone, can not install mobile legends.