Nokia 2.4 hands-on

26 November 2020
The Nokia 2.4 could be the ideal smartphone for someone who just wants a large display, uncomplicated software, and long-lasting battery.

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GeeSquer4U, 28 Nov 2020One question. Does Google map compass sensor works?? How mu... morePKR 18,900 or USD 118.20

ANDY NYARKO, 28 Nov 2020I bought this phone yesterday and per my observation, it�... moreOne question. Does Google map compass sensor works?? How much it costs in your locality??

I bought this phone yesterday and per my observation, it's wow for mid-range users

Fade., 26 Nov 2020Even the phones that don't need to be huge slabs (non ... more5.5 inch 18:9 aspect ratio is ideal for single hand usage
In my opinion

  • Anonymous

I have this phone, can not install mobile legends.

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2020Are i fricckin kidding me?! What are these specs in 2020?!🤣🤣Just it is not meant for you. It is useful for someone who just needs a smart phone to use mails, ms office apps, call text IM & media consumption. or even old people or people who don't waste the life time by playing shitty games.

Anna, 26 Nov 2020Recently launched Micromax 1b with 90% similar specificatio... moreMultitouch only 2 points in 1b.. no secondary microphone.. build quality compromised.. and wat is that rainbow like colouring in a phone. Bottom is one color top is one color. Camera quality. Can you please click the terms and conditions mentioned in Micromax website for 2 year update it redirects to same page top lol. Display is better in nokia. Holding a nokia Samsung is different to holding a Micromax is different to holding a mi realmi vivo oppo. Only non type c is bummer in nokia 2.4.

kek , 26 Nov 2020I really dont mind having micro usb, since Type-C hasnt add... moreThen u r garbage.. 720p display in my nokia 5.3 is good.. Plus type c is actually good. U don't need to check while inserting the cable which is not the case in former. It gets damaged and loosen easily.

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2020So out of nokia 5.3, only get there hand... moreYeah. This guy won't review good performing and high quality spec devices like nokia 8.3 or 5.3 but review the low end 2.4 which is as said low end device.

Storage is 32/64gb not 16/32. Plus many more price phone lacks good build quality and hide basic missed features like secondary mic or multitouch.

  • Anonymous

Stay away from it. Add a little more money and go for Xiaomi. Disable all ads and enjoy.

  • Anonymous

The moto E7 Plus won´t break the bank and it´s far better than this, aside for the update policy....who cares anyway

  • Kofi

kek , 26 Nov 2020I really dont mind having micro usb, since Type-C hasnt add... moreWhy going for devices with more complicated software when you have that is user-friendly. Well, for me, Nokia 2.4 is what i am using and no one can change my mindset for Nokia.
It is still the best brand.

  • Anonymous

So out of nokia 5.3, only get there hands on 2.4...this guys are really not interested in nokia products

  • NokiaNatic

Its not 16gb ROM, its 32gb and 64gb

  • Anonymous

At this rate I am starting to think that Nokia should have stayed away till they were ready to compete. Seriously , how are they going to recover from a second fall? Truely heart breaking.

Shouldn't have bothered with this unit really . Trying to come back to Nokia but just can't yet. Big slabs always.nlovevyovseeva compact Nokia first class classic, full of character like it use to be but sexy.

  • Mani June

This phone long time can use...very very...good

  • Anonymous

Sadly 6.5" is not a big phone these under 6"are becoming rare. Glad google is still in the game.

Ah yet another piece of trash with a Helio P22 and a 720p LCD. How many more of these pieces of trash are we gonna see on the market.