Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 GPS review

06 December 2020
Mobvoi's successor to the TicWatch Pro comes with a beefier chipset and larger battery.

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  • asgerpn

The TicWatch Pro 3 GPS and WearOS could be desribed with one word: "Unreliable".
The Watchface sometimes illuminates by itself - or not. You never know. And it turns off after the selected 5 seconds - or not. You never know.
It varies if the Watchface turns on or if the illumination for the basic screen turns on. The wrist tilt sensor seems to have no effect to this. The two settings Tilt to wake and Push to wake should be deactivated.
When the Watchface turns on by itself then it is open to input and apps can accidently be activated in one way or another.
By selecting an app or a menu, then other apps pops up over the selected one by itself. By deselecting these apps, then the app wich was intended to be utilized, also goes away - or not. You never know.
By pressing the lower right button, a dedicated app should open up - maybe. You never know.
By pressing upper upper right button - then You never know what opens up. Most of the times its the function selected for the lower right button.
By pressing and swiping it away, pressing and swiping away, then You might get to the app that You want - or not.
It may seem like the apps get into some kind of queue, awaiting an input and then pops up.
Sometimes they just appear by themselves.
By swiping down to access the settings then other apps opens up on top of the settings.
The Watchface can be programmed and areas of the watcface can be dedicated to open certain apps by touching the area. But other apps besides the selected/programmed app also opens up - or not. You never know.
The Settings opens up now and then by pressing the buttons or the watchface.
By installing Gpay then the NFC actually works - most of the times. I have carried out payments successfully with the Google Pay.
But by installing the Gpay, then the app kind of "takes control" over the watch. Its needed to have a Pin or Lock code. Sometimes the code needs to be activated, sometimes not. This may depend on whether the watch has been off the wrist. But the Gpay app now puts itself in some kind of priority over anything else. At some point it was impossible to open up the list of apps in order to start a given app. The Gpay would open up nomatter what and it could not be selected away. The watch was now useless.
Trying to revert to factory setting is not easy. The command is under settings, but Gpay would not disappear. Cleaned up Gpay from my Google accounts, wiping the phone from Mobwoi and WearOS apps, trying to factory clean everything from the watch two-three times. Gpay still refuses to disappear from my watch, it shows up asking to configure when pressing the buttons.
When rebooting then a list of selections is displayed. It's unclear to me what the menus are for. The menu items opens up one by one and with a little luck and timing, the Start can be selected.
I just wanted my list of apps to open when pressing upper right button. WearOS seems to disagree.
I just wanted my Contacts to open when pressing lower right button. WearOS seems to disagree.
The Ticapps can be deactivated in the settings, this seems to calm down the erraticness a bit. The Google apps can be utilized instead.
The TicWatch seemed very promising to me, I liked the hardware style, the functions, the dual display, speaker & mic, battery life, but sadly this watch is a disappointment to me because the WearOS/Ticwatch software is simply too unreliable, unpredictable and buggy.

vvv, 16 Jun 2021dissapointed with poor battery life and poor online support... moreSamsung's new smartwatch - Galaxy Watch 4 battery doesn't last a day...

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2021It's not good watch?It's a splendid smartwatch!

  • Anonymous

vvv, 16 Jun 2021dissapointed with poor battery life and poor online support... moreIt's not good watch?

  • vvv

dissapointed with poor battery life and poor online supporting.
Unbranded overpriced toy imho.
My best choice before was samsung galaxy watch with 4 days for normal use.
Ticwatch 3 days max, samsung w3 - 2 days, where we go with those battery life?
Any cheap chinese unbranded have one week min.

  • exlixx

Unhappy customer, 24 Jan 2021I was happy with the watch for the first 2 months when all... moreSame here. All of a sudden all the sensors at the back stopped working, and, the battery icon at the FSTN screen kept blinking. Apparently the watch believed that it's low battery therefore shutting down all the sensors, despite the full/high battery charge. Have tried all the following but still not working:
(1) Factory reset
(2) Boot into shipping mode
(3) Speaker draining water
(4) Boot into Recovery then shipping mode then restart
(5) Completely drain the battery then recharge to full

Conclusion: it is dead.

  • Anonymous

Nick.B, 07 Dec 2020no esim, no interestThe LTE version has eSIM.

  • Anonymous

Unhappy customer, 24 Jan 2021I was happy with the watch for the first 2 months when all... moreAre you sure? Because this is IP68 rated, including swimming.

  • Salman

VVV, 01 Mar 2021in shortly: dissapointed at all with this purchase! Even so... moreDoes it work good for ipnone

  • Laziz

James, 07 Dec 2020Can any one confirm that it's has NO compass in it? I can confirm it has no compass. Don't sailvigating with this watch.

  • Anonymous

VVV, 01 Mar 2021in shortly: dissapointed at all with this purchase! Even so... moreIf you go into settings you can, mine makes a sound for Mail, sms, what’s app etc. I think it’s under notifications. I googled how to do it.

  • VVV

in shortly: dissapointed at all with this purchase! Even sound notification is not available on those watches!!! This mean, that with poor vibration you miss all notifications you will receive during wearing. 3 days max battery. In the future I think I will stay with a cheapest watches from aliexpress.....


i have got a ticwatch and its the best watch ⌚ i have bought

  • Unhappy customer

I was happy with the watch for the first 2 months when all back sensors (pulse blood Ox etc) stopped working.
Contact Mobvoi to activate the warranty and got the response that warranty is voided if you SHOWER with the watch!!!
According to support you can't even WASH YOUR HANDS with the watch!!!!!
Shame a good watch is ruined by the customer service

  • sam

one of the best watches, has the LTE version come out yet?

  • Tom

I don't like it, no, the best google os is still basic and stupid

  • Spike

To me this is the best choice. The way new Sami watches look is a shame.

  • Sky

After Google took over Fitbit, Fossil, any new product to be announced soon?

no esim, no interest

  • tomo100brt

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2020i had the last pro before. didnt last a year. issue with ... moreI had all TicWatch Pro models. They were good. TicWatch Pro was too slow and it had big call delay, but TicWatch Pro 2020 and TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE were good. 1 day battery with using fitness apps or 4G/LTE, 2 days, sometimes 3 days if I use it only for notifications. Only minus was charger. They change me every few months a new one because of warranty. Now I have TicWatch Pro 3 GPS and it is so good. Best WearOS smartwatch. 3 days battery life with fitness apps, 4 or 5 if I use it for notifications only. No problems with any of their watches like you had.