Xiaomi Mi 11 front panel leaks, to be announced by the end of this month

03 December 2020
Curves on all four sides of the panel are expected.

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  • mmm

Anonymous, 08 Dec 20208t 1. Is better package 2. Doesn't have a fking exy... morewtf u speaking about !!

  • AprilFull

The corners are way too rounded these new phones.

  • Sakshyam

mars3486, 03 Dec 2020No camera hole? Is it true?No

  • Anonymous

cherry, 05 Dec 2020You can still get a Samsung S20 FE 5G. It has Snapdragon an... more8t
1. Is better package
2. Doesn't have a fking exynos chip which is worse than Huawei kirin ones, hell it's worse than the mediatek 1000+

Since mi10, personally i never care about mi series
Because the price abnormally hike since mi10

  • Anonymous

Rich kebab , 05 Dec 2020So what makes you think that a company won't enter the... moreBecause the walls for entering such a mature market are steep. New players are scarcely entering (or at all). Even if they have a good idea (remember the seential?) it gets buried by the overwhelming add campaigns of the rest.

The only way to have advances at this point is to stop upgrading so frequently. If you dont (like you don't) you will get inferior products until the end of times. You have to keep them on their toes and since/if you don't we all suffer for it. That is why I blame you, because you have agency still, you are not an automaton like them (basically maximizing profits no matter what), you have a choice, and better make a wise use of it. If not, we are all suffering. Be responsible!

  • cherry

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2020Curved display. Dead on arrival for me... urgh. Guess I hav... moreYou can still get a Samsung S20 FE 5G. It has Snapdragon and flat screen. How are you sure that the oneplus 9 will be flat? The 8 was curved.

  • My Nickname

Addi, 04 Dec 2020I bought this MI 8 phone.,.let me tell you, am so disappoin... moreDid buy the phone as a global version or as the china version?
Because the (cheaper) china version doesn't support all wlan-'antennas' outside of China.. So in europe for exame there are some problems :)

  • Rich kebab

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2020It's because people like you keep on buying bad produc... moreSo what makes you think that a company won't enter the market with a better product to profit? You'd think they'd be too scared to sell too many phones by getting competitive advantage? It's a free economy! You talk like we are being manipulated to upgrade but people have free will. Their marketing is definitely making us upgrade more often but what if I have the means to upgrade my phone every 6 months if I wanted? You can predicate your ideals but most likely won't get you anywhere, LMAO you do you, I will keep upgrading my phone. Thanks

  • Anonymous

., 04 Dec 2020flipkart will be bestVery bed

I want the Mi 11 Lite, with Snapdragon 775!

  • Addi

I bought this MI 8 phone.,.let me tell you, am so disappointed because it started loosing network sometimes showing no simcard. I can't buy any xiaomi phone

  • .

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2020"Don't buy bad products" Please show me w... moreflipkart will be best

  • Anonymous

AnonD-955101, 04 Dec 2020Dude are you having a mental breakdown or something? Peopl... moreIt's because people like you keep on buying bad products. I told you already. If we get a massive order for our glass it would have been a plaything to set it up for mass production... but noooo, instead you prefer 10 year old glass process and of course major OEMs go along because they can save a few pennies (and do not want to bother to set up the mass adoption of way better quality of glass).

If people where actually thinking for themselves they would not be buying bad products. Stay with your old phone for a while (instead of changing it every 2 years for the same sh**) and see how OEMs change their tune.

I mean it's the glass! You know, the entire front face of the phone, the one part you constantly. Why don't you want something better? Stop, just stop and stop thinking that glass protectors, they are not , they never were.

We have the technology, all you have to do is to stop upgrading your phones so frequently. Make groups complaining about how the glass is still so easy to break (after so many years of smartphones). Demand better, don't try to save pennies to giant cong,operates, because that is what you currently do.

Demand better! We have the technology, if you do OEMs will listen. Finally processes ,like ours will get in mass adoption.

It's the glass , the most important part of the phone. Please.stop.ignoring it, I beg you.

  • AnonD-955101

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2020No, I don't like *you* using screen protectors. *You* ... moreDude are you having a mental breakdown or something?
People like are ruin it for everybody?
Right,people like me(more than a billion to be precise) are ruining for who? Ourselves?
So all of those people should stop buying new phones just because there is a glass that is not ready for a mass production?
If you are an glass engineer that it is your fault and people like you for not pushing the development more rapidly.
Tell me why that glass you are speaking about is still no avalable for mass production?

  • AnonD-955101

Aamn, 04 Dec 2020Glass is glass, glass can break and shatteredAnother one. Wat is your point?
Glass breaks, metal and plastic bends.
Let's make the phones rubber and plastic for the display.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2020No, I don't like *you* using screen protectors. *You* ... more"Don't buy bad products"

Please show me where I can find any GOOD smartphone with shatterproof glass. That's right, nowhere. This person isn't gonna sit without a phone just because there's no shatterproof phone on the market.

  • Reyansh Madan

Realme is already working on Mi 11 ? Is this going to be 5G powered as well with Mediatek Dimensity ?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-955101, 04 Dec 2020Ok dude, if you dont want screen protectors than dont use t... moreNo, I don't like *you* using screen protectors. *You* are the ones who keep ruining it for everybody, it is because of you that I'm in shambles everytime a new phone is released knowing full well that shatterproof glasses exist . Yet they equip it with the cheap stuff because the sheeple keep on buying...

Don't.buy.bad.products. Have some self respect, stop ruining it for everybody.

  • hoc

front glass? , Show the software guess a disaster as usual