Apple introduces AirPods Max over-ear headphones with active noise cancellation

08 December 2020
The flagship product is available for pre-order today at USD549/EUR619/GBP549.

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The air pod pro max is amazing even though its really expensive leaving you at a high risk if purchase but alway providing all the essential need,but its terrible becoz it doesnt support non apple device(android devices).I would like if they made some few adjustment
to it

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    • Rudy
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    • 20 Mar 2021

    Lol why are we even discussing this?

    Ppl who actually know audio innately would never go for bt headphones, only analogue (wired) studio headphones costing well over 1000 USD..

    They will never in their wildest dreams switch to wireless for mixing and recording, not now, not in a hundred years

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      • Rudy
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      • 20 Mar 2021

      Smithravi, 14 Dec 2020Use Sony. They have better ANC than Bose. And both of them ... moreActually if u r only looking at anc efficiency, nothing beats the shure aonic 50 (courtesy-soundguys website)

      It costs 400 USD if I'm not wrong, which is higher than both bose and sony, but cheaper than the 'pods max

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        • bona
        • 6Q3
        • 18 Mar 2021

        oppo airpods

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          • 17 Mar 2021

          Great job you guys
          Review about my products Here

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            • Reyansh Madan
            • fC$
            • 21 Dec 2020

            I think although the price of these seem really exorbitant, the experience will definitely be extremely smooth and worthy of the high price point.

              Spot On, 14 Dec 2020Incorrect, I have tinnitus so my ears are extremely sensiti... moreUse Sony. They have better ANC than Bose. And both of them costs half of current Apple's headphones.

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                • Spot On
                • rvb
                • 14 Dec 2020

                Smithravi, 11 Dec 2020Apple definitely knows how to fool people with brand value.... moreIncorrect, I have tinnitus so my ears are extremely sensitive to sound quality. I have been using Bose product for the past 6 years. Their noise cancelling is expsenive, but for me worth every penny. Flying is now not an issue for me anymore...

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                  • A7sii
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                  • 12 Dec 2020

                  Wily2020, 12 Dec 2020 Supersaf is really really :... moreNobody cares...its a failed Product...


                    Supersaf is really really :) impressed by the sound.

                      Wily2020, 10 Dec 2020” Apple is not even audio company like Sony.” You think ... moreApple definitely knows how to fool people with brand value. I can pretty much assume that these headphone barely cost even 150 USD for them. You're just paying for the brand not the for the quality. No matter what you say, Bluetooth headphones over 400$ ain't worth single penny. Unless you're wearing them like to show off the brand you wear like your Rolex watch. How much it worth for you depends on how much you care 500$. In general it's not worth it. It's like paying for a rock with brand logo while I can find the same rock for free on the road.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • Dpc
                        • 11 Dec 2020

                        ZolaIII, 11 Dec 2020Well it depends what you are mixing/mastering but the use o... moreThis guy will defend Apple no matter what.

                          Wily2020, 10 Dec 2020” It's another one of his lies claiming to be a music ... moreWell it depends what you are mixing/mastering but the use of both headphones and speakers is an advice in areas each of them do better.
                          A headaphone problem is that things are much more left to subjective feel so it's not easy like with speakers where you want a flat frequency response. There are many influences and paths to follow regarding it and many curves which they follow. From which I found 5128 to be the closest currently to what I find as ideal & still I shave it a bit down in 5~6 KHz range. I don't like a bass hipe, never did. Started with Japanese traditional path (Onkyo - Foster) tuning but evolved to straight as an arrow bass, only a bit of bost in 5~6 KHz is preferable for me. Of course everyone has it's own opinion that's what I consider transparent for headaphones.

                          BT problem is all codecs used are lossy while the priority whose as easy as possible to decode & streame during development. All do LDAC for instance in HQ mode (96/24 990 KB/s) does even strach 17 bit SINAD it still ain't transparent as there are some frequency deviations to the source.

                          BT headphone problem, while there are many the most essential is lack of good implementation of deacent DAC all do requirements regarding efficiency/power/performance are meet some time ago regarding IC's such as CS43131.
                          There are great little BT dongle alike DAC's & even DAPs simply there are no BT headphones still.

                          So far that's the way things go. We will see who will deliver but I can say for certain it ain't going to be Apple for sure.

                            MeZoP, 10 Dec 2020LOL CNET??? Bruh TechRadar clearly says the sony XM4's... more” Bruh TechRadar clearly says the sony XM4's are the best noise canceling headphones.”

                            Are you serious with this? :D last time i checked techradar haven’t tested AirPods Max?

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                              • MeZoP
                              • k4M
                              • 10 Dec 2020

                              Wily2020, 10 Dec 2020” CNET's David Carnoy believes the AirPods Max "r... moreLOL CNET??? Bruh TechRadar clearly says the sony XM4's are the best noise canceling headphones. And mkbhd said this in his first impressions. I'll quote it for you. "Do they sound good? Yes. But are they worth 550. No."

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                                • gq3
                                • 10 Dec 2020

                                Wily2020, 10 Dec 2020 This guy tested them with Sony... moreGood job showing video of another biased guy.
                                Where are videos of people who specialize in audio like DroidMaster said??

                                  Android--Master, 10 Dec 2020It's another one of his lies claiming to be a music pr... more” It's another one of his lies claiming to be a music produce”

                                  Lie? :D

                                  Ask me anything what only music producer would know? I’ve done music and mixing for over ten years and i do audio commercials (radio/TV) for my living.

                                  i also already have wired headphones and i don’t do mixing or music with headphones, i’m interested for good sounding wireless headphones and i don’t know if they exist. I tested XM4 and i didn’t find their audio quality worth of $350 etc. I don’t know if these AirPods max do the job either but so far it sounds really promising and can’t wait to test them how they sound.

                                  By the way i do my mixing and music with these got these bad boys year ago.

                                    Android--Master, 10 Dec 2020Face impressions from whom? IJustine? CNET? These guys are ... more This guy tested them with Sony XM4. Look his face after he tested MX4 after he were testing AirPods Max, look how he is surprised by the fact that he noticed they actually sound better. He’s not only one who have said that and many others will come, including audio people.

                                    If it’s too much to handle for you all the positive talk about AirPods max just skip to the 11.05 part right away.

                                    AirPods Max also have better ANC, not that surprising actually, they have 9 mics.

                                      Wily2020, 10 Dec 2020No i only care how they sound to me, i won't order the... moreFace impressions from whom? IJustine? CNET? These guys are heavily biased. The entire tech industry knows this.
                                      Go and see reviews from people who specialize in testing audio gear.
                                      This is just another overpriced product. Even this site was surprised by the price tag.
                                      It's in the same category as the Apple stand.

                                      "You are just in denial because you hoped them to sound bad because they are made by Apple and now you are scared because they are beating headphones like Sony etc. and
                                      that's not something you can accept that we can enjoy better audio quality"

                                      They are beating Sony headphones?? Sure!!! In your dreams.
                                      You enjoying better audio quality?? With Bluetooth headphones??? Sure!!! Another dream of yours that doesn't translate in the real world.

                                        Smithravi, 10 Dec 2020I don't trust VERGE or any other apple favour sources.... moreIt's another one of his lies claiming to be a music producer.
                                        Who wants to listen to Bluetooth?? That too with AAC codec?
                                        Bluetooth is for convenience not for sound quality.
                                        A music producer should know that.