Samsung confirms the Galaxy S21 is coming in January with S Pen support

15 December 2020
A blog post by a major exec also hints at more (and more affordable) foldable phones, plus new camera developments.

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I will most probably buy the vanilla S21, provided it supports S-pen. If not, I will look for another brand. S21 has reasonable dimensions and flat screen, but with no S-pen support I do not find any reason to prefer it over other, more reasonably priced, models.

    AnonD-940827, 15 Dec 2020How about charger? Nope, sorry.

      i cant wait for s21's reviews and products

        The s21 and s21+ deserve to able to use s pens, not just the s21 ultra.

          If the S Pen support for Galaxy S21 utilize the same EMR technology as the S Pen for Note and Tab S series, then I definitely have no problem with it.

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            • pKW
            • 16 Dec 2020

            fren, 16 Dec 2020if the note series is being cancelled off then I would say ... morestop talking nonsense, this is simply market shifts and evolution, as much as I like the note series (N20U and iPhone 12Pro Max owner), the problem is that the S line and note line, is that both are far to similar nowadays, and the S-pen and its functions are literally the only major difference betweeen the two top end models, and given that they are usually released about 6 months apart means sales will be lower at both ends, combining the lines to free up production lines and costs and streamlines their flagship releases somewhat, and now there will be 2 significantly different flagship releases per year, all the while still offering a Note style device in the premium S range

              GregLu, 15 Dec 2020For 10 USD if you will have a 25 W charger in the box, 90% ... moreI have 2 USB-C chargers (65W & 95W - came with laptop). I use these chargers for my phones too. Now I have faster charger for my POCO X3. However, I can still use my laptop chargers with the POCO too.

              So if I were to buy a Samsung phone WITHOUT a charger & save $10 then I'm ok with that.
              Other people may not have a USB-C charger, so they choose the option WITH charger.

              Btw, I will never buy a Samsung phone again. The S7 was my last.

                Anonymous, 15 Dec 202025W costs $35 in USA. That's retail price, right?
                I can't imagine it costs Samsung more than $10 to make it.

                  Anonymous, 15 Dec 2020Do you think they could have patented the "Note" name?I reckon they have a Patent for "Galaxy note".

                    AnonD-972548, 15 Dec 202010$ discount, lol. Wait 3 months and they will give 300EU... moreThis is known strategy of Samsung. Nothing odd at all.
                    Infact, It is a very good strategy for consumers.

                    User gets a choice to buy an Year old flagship or settle with other high-end phones. But if someone can afford, they shall prefer the latest and newest offerings.

                    Most of their flagships are discounted by 40 - 45% after an year of the release.
                    By that time, samsung would have
                    - Release 3 new models
                    - At least 1 stable O/S update
                    - Newer h/w to support future usages

                    so it upto the users to decide what they are expecting from their phone

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                      • 16 Dec 2020

                      AnonD-940827, 16 Dec 2020If it's so beautiful, then why not keep it the next 4 ... moreThrow-away culture..

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                        • 16 Dec 2020

                        Anonymous, 16 Dec 2020I really hope Samsung doesn't stop doing the Note seri... moreIf it's so beautiful, then why not keep it the next 4 years? Hmm

                          I hate the fact that the exec mentions "S-Pen support". This probably means that we have to buy the device as well as the S-Pen. Samsung pretends to be a path-breaker and mocks Apple, but after a while, they end up doing exactly what Apple does.

                          If this is true, I will truly miss the Note series. Might as well get the greatest Note, the Note 20 Ultra, on a discount if this happens.

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                            • 16 Dec 2020

                            Dude468, 15 Dec 2020im sure they canwell they didnt and now chinese garbage like xiaomi do what they do best and copy it without even giving a stylus because they just want to compete purely by name, lmao

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                              • 16 Dec 2020

                              if the note series is being cancelled off then I would say samsung is feeling the after effect of the fiasco of note 7. my friend who work in a samsung mobile shop say most customers prefer buying non note phone nowadays

                                Mr. Roh, IF you are listening to all the outage, hopefully you'll understand that people LOVE Note line for a reason, don't be a spoil sport & end the Note line.
                                I am one of the people using a Note & hope that the Note line continues.
                                I hope that a lot of you guys do too.

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                                  • 16 Dec 2020

                                  I really hope Samsung doesn't stop doing the Note series. I have the Note20 Ultra and it's so beautiful, please don't stop the Note Series.

                                    AnonD-972548, 15 Dec 202010$ discount, lol. Wait 3 months and they will give 300EU... moreDepends if you want/need to sell it. I usually use phones for a number of years and never sold my old phone (or any other electronics), it either stopped working or it's in my drawer as a backup phone, for example now I have S8 as my phone and my S6 is fine as a drone controller-screen after I broke my S4 when disconnecting it from drone remote.

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                                      • 16 Dec 2020

                                      AnonD-972548, 15 Dec 202010$ discount, lol. Wait 3 months and they will give 300EU... moreJust bought a brand new in box Note 20 for USD 710

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                                        • 15 Dec 2020

                                        abigfanoftechs, 15 Dec 2020Samsung should give, say a $10 discount, if you choose to b... more25W costs $35 in USA.