Model numbers and pricing of Samsung’s WP8 phones surface

20 August, 2012
Samsung has two Windows Phone 8 handsets in the works – the mid- range I8370 and the high-end I8750.

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  • Ravi

Samsung is smart. They know WP8 could capture market share from Android devices. Just wait and they will also bring out a WP8 tablet. They don't care as long their product sells. Frankly why should they. If their top of the range WP8 mobile sell more than SIII, they are the winners regardless. They are not beholden to any operating system which is why they will be the big winner in years to come.

  • poxme

windows phone is really cool, I'm currently using htc radar. but my next phone won't be these samsungs nor HTCs. It will be a Nokia! I have never seen a company with such support for their products. well there's apple but their ios looks so gay and dumb.

  • Mac

Pretty impressive, but I still want to see what Nokia pull out their arse.

Krait Quad 1.7ghz
PureView Sensor 41mp
2gb Ram
64gb Storage
Unibody design like current lumias

I'd be a happy chappy with that. We shall see what happens.

  • PANE

I'm sure, from a hardware point of view, these will be fine mobiles....

....but Windows? NAAAA! I'll stay well away from these.

Respect though for Samsung giving the consumer choice!

  • jide

here comes fierce competition,imagine this levels of specs from Nokia plus some monster pv sweetened cam. That'll be hard to resist by any1.

  • hazzik

im eyeing HTC Zenith :D

  • billstamaniac

can;t wait

  • AnonD-669

I think finally I'll be buying a WP. I'm eyeing the I8370. The 4 in screen is perfect for me.

Great! The specs finally sounds so much better for a Windows phone!

  • sculptor modern alin

is true art this WP 8