Model numbers and pricing of Samsung’s WP8 phones surface

20 August, 2012
Samsung has two Windows Phone 8 handsets in the works – the mid- range I8370 and the high-end I8750.

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  • Guess

I wonder what is the edge Nokia has over other manufacturers like Smasung, HTC and Huwaei. Same platform for all, where all can win over Nokia in terms of pricing, specs and design.... Too bad for Nokia.

Definitely I'm going to buy a WP8 as long it has a backup / restore capability, especially to backup SMS. In WP7 it's a painful job to change handset as you will loose all your data and SMSes.

  • know what?

waiting WP8 from sony xperia leon beutiful dsign..

  • AnonD-40735

Samsung makes the best phones. To bad WP is so flat and boring!!! Flop warning

  • cliff

waiting for nokias bid...
Set Aside the build quality, just for the OS alone,, could there be any difference from other manufacturers as compare to nokia in terms of software support.? Considering thier partners(nokia/microsoft). Is there any significant edge.??? Just askin'

  • AnonD-171

AnonD-50083, 20 Aug 2012You think that's why Symbian ultimately failed? There have alwa... moreoh i know i'm not new to phones specially nokia been using them since early 00s but they messed up even since elop came and a little before that with the N97 and N900

  • Anonymous

I wonder how many of the posts in this thread are 'genuine' and how many are being... erm... how can one put it... 'rewarded'

  • AnonD-50083

AnonD-171, 20 Aug 2012people saud the same thing about symbian and look what happened You think that's why Symbian ultimately failed?
There have always been better specs phones on the market compared to the iPhone, but they never managed to sell like it.

There are many more factors at play than specs when it comes to phones.

  • AnonD-171

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2012Why, because it has a dual core? WP8 doesn't need the hardware t... morepeople saud the same thing about symbian and look what happened

  • Adoron

If it's windows phone, i'd rather go with nokia honestly. they are the one with a strong connection with microsoft. Not to mention nokias designs.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Why, because it has a dual core? WP8 doesn't need the hardware that Android fans beg for. It runs silky smooth on slower CPU's.

  • Nokia N86

AnonD-58527, 20 Aug 2012And you see the WP8 version of the S3 out perform the Android v... moreA few days ago this article appeared in GSMARENA

"Microsoft and Nokia to hold joint press event on September 5"

I agree with your comments I posted this in response to a comment that Nokia Lumia were "dumb"
"I mean calling the Lumia "DUMB" when it is a Smartphone is ill thought out

There are so many errors & omissions I can see the frustration of say your teachers...

So a recap

In July 2011 APPLE conceeded defeat to NOKIA (massive court case!!!) in that IOS did breach the NOKIA software patents.
Apple is paying NOKIA royalties for each Apple products that has IOS running on it

APPLE IOS used Nokia patents but now is licensed

RE Android suffice to say that the likelyhood that EACH manufacturer SAMSUNG LG SONY etc that uses Android will eventually also pay Nokia for the running Android as guess what yes NOKIA has the patents.... until they do are NOT yet licenced...oops

Shortly after APPLE sued SAMSUNG

look some of us did not go away for good, We tasted the forbidden fruit of Android and liked it.
I have a Samsung Galaxy SII, and NOTHING will make me invest in any phone without expansion.

If the SGSII were Windows, I would have a Windows SGSII. Expansion is my deal breaker

The Lumia 900 is brill it has sold buckets in the US
WP8 brings expansion.. yeah baby

Now i think that this is a BRILLIANT strategic ploy by NOKIA.
If the rumours are to be believed on 12/09/2012 the IP5 will be announced to the world at the same time take pre-orders

I do doubt that the IP5 will come close the SGS III (it won't have USB OTG for starters) and then there is the price

Announce you have a say "Lumia 911?" that now comes with expansion and see how many returnees there are.

More than 4400 I can tell you
A smart (phone) move if ever there was one"
Samsung appeas to moved the 'Galaxy' franchise to Windows and to differentiate it used the OMNIA brand

One only has to look at what the Lumia 900 is and add expansion.
So let be clear here NOKIA were making SMARTPHONES when Smart and phones were 2 separate words

  • wake up now,Samsung!

I hope more better specs,what this!. ;(
Much more SGS3 specs...!!


So much overprice.forgive me

  • AnonD-67476

When will smartphone producers start considering developing economies in their pricing systems? How unfortunate it is for me to be a citizen of a very poor country like Nigeria! Anyway, thanks to NOKIA for being there for poor people!!!

  • Anonymous

wow! WoN in WM too!

  • ranjitotski

nokia + wp8 + pureview= perfect

  • AnonD-60094

Say goodbye to Galaxy! Now with multi-core suoport, WP8 is the future!

  • AnonD-58527

And you see the WP8 version of the S3 out perform
the Android version from battery life, to true use of
dual cores.

Elop knew this is the future and why the loyal Nokia
fans are behind him for our range

  • AnonD-58527

AS im saying, it begins from sep 5th

People will say no to lag.
This series will finally outsell Galaxy

You'll see the grow figures increases.
Slowly we all will like the lagless tiles and Microsoft's $$$ means it's here to stay until we do like it :)
Join the Windows Phones.
Learn what people call restrictions are what is best for us all long term.