Model numbers and pricing of Samsung’s WP8 phones surface

20 August, 2012
Samsung has two Windows Phone 8 handsets in the works – the mid- range I8370 and the high-end I8750.

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  • AnonD-24366

if NOKIA launces 3 devices for all 3 ranges and affordable prices as such , its gonna steal the thunder.. WANT TO SEE A LUMIA+ 1.5 GHz QUAD CORE + 2 GB RAM + PUREVIEW TECH CAMERA + ETC...

  • AnonD-24366

fact, 20 Aug 2012Nokia was the king, Samsung is the king. Nokia is already dead, ... moreUr Comment is not worth .. Nokia knows fighting back.. it takes time... wait ... have patience.. and MS won't buy Nokia .. It will worsen Microsoft because ppl still know it as NOKIA in Developing countries ... and windows cant be installed in 1000-2000 rupees phones ..:P

  • Nick

generic comment:

'I like Nokia'

  • Anonymous

Wp8 AND an expandable external memory chip wow wow wow fantastic it will make all previous phones with windows software obsolete

  • Jon (Swe)

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2012I wonder how many of the posts in this thread are 'genuine' and ... moreconsidering mostly geek read this, and they pretty much make up their minds by looking at specs, and checking facts. I would assume every comment here is a real one.

Newspaper and social media, salesmen, those are the channels where you can influence people that can be influenced.

Articles here, I'm not sure about, though... lets hope they are fair. But for quite some time, the iPhone was mentioned a little too much in reviews to be fair to the rest. Apple are not likely to have paid GSM-arena a single dime, nor do I think that they have given gsm-arena any free stuff... They just managed to mangle that brand in to the minds of many, and made them think iPhone was the only one to beat, and that was the way pretty much all reviews sounded for quite a while, here and in papers... some still sound the same way. In reviews pretty much any phone was compared in some way to the iPhone, at points where the iPhone was strong, but the iPhone's weaknesses was conviniently forgotten. That fooled readers pretty bad. And back then, iPhone was far behind the rest in terms of most specs, and the app-store was too restricted not letting alternative browsers or media players in. I still dont like the iPhone, and I think that it's massive success unfortunately holds back innovation. (it's not a good thing that Samsung are as strong as they are, and it wasnt when Nokia was at the top, but at least they offer a portfolio with some selection, but still, one of a few strong brands, or a phone that outsells every other smartphone out there overshadows the small that are trying to come up with something new... just look at the situation when sony ericsson put focus on camera and music-players in their phones, well it took quite a while before Nokia did the same, and then every one else started to focus on the same... Sony Ericsson even took steps backwards, releasing phones with non auto-focus cameras as its main competitor didnt have them).
The biggest problem today is 3rd party accessories, there are way to many for the iPhone, and way to few for most other phones... almost ever portable speaker today comes with iPhone dock (and they prorably paid to have it there), what do you need that for when you want to connect with either 3.5mm, bluetooth or USB-MHL?
If you want to change the look of your phone by putting a cover on it, well, there are loads of loads for the iPhone, the rest are left with one or two options or you have to turn to the web and small online-stores abroad (in Asia).

  • IP

fact, 20 Aug 2012Nokia was the king, Samsung is the king. Nokia is already dead, ... moreBrother as you said "NOKIA was The kKng" and "SAMSUNG is The King." Then what about SONY ERICSSON. SONY ERICSSON was a tough competitor I guess. But they diminished after the split.

  • AnonD-36414

lol what?, 20 Aug 2012Actually its you who is being funny here. Manufacturing in Foxco... moreagree wid u 'lol'.but dis time its not going to b easy.wid symbian few years back,the path was clear coz it was a new thing in itself and nokia became the king.(though sammy too had a go @ symbian).This time too wid w8 to bang on they need innovations.pureview scalado clearblack r sum of their weapons.and i bet sammy won't take too much care of wp8 since they r exhaustd-done a lot of wrk on touchwiz they lack innovation they ve ended up wid apple wid lawsuits.they don't even take care of their bada.whatever,lets hope in cuming daz people find it difficult to make choice-the competition is going to b fierce wid nokia,sammy,htc(hope they wrk a bit harder),and apple.

  • DJRazor

Samsung rules the android, but it seems when it comes to WP its all about Nokia, This is a post about a Samsung WP phones to be released but everyone is commenting about Nokia,,, Good Luck Nokia, I was die hard fan of you until last year where I moved to HTC, but love to see you rule again...

  • amen!!!!

lol what?, 20 Aug 2012Actually its you who is being funny here. Manufacturing in Foxco... morethe best comment ive read in a long time! NOKIA the great titan! Prepare for their wrath!

  • fact

Nokia was the king, Samsung is the king. Nokia is already dead, it just doesnt know it yet. It will be bought by microsoft for pennies in the near future.

The biggest mistake was to sign a contract with ms and therefor saying no to android.

Nokia is done, sad but true

  • kaka

AnonD-9023, 20 Aug 2012I will blindly choose nokia here. Samsung is on android ban... moreKnow what? You got it lol!

  • Law

lol what?, 20 Aug 2012Actually its you who is being funny here. Manufacturing in Foxco... moreWell said my friend, I forgot to mention that. It seems that os is everything these days, however when w8 matures and is catering for billions of people which will be familiar with it due to w8 on 90% of desktops worldwide!, apps support will exponentially increase. Top it off with preview and scalada imagine technology, and the build quality and designs we all know Nokia have been great at. I feel this is the turning point. Won't be quick transition, but i give it less than a year. Nokia will return with the crown!. I admit I own an s2 Samsung now so I know the differences. But I would gladly change when Nokia prove it.

  • lol what?

Polo, 20 Aug 2012How funny are you? Nokia quality = Foxccon So save your breath... moreActually its you who is being funny here. Manufacturing in Foxconn has nothing to do with the MATERIALS and BUILD QUALITY. It has everything to do with CHEAP LABOUR! Every manufacturer wants it products to be build at lower cost and it can compromise on either on materials or labour or both. Foxconn provides LABOR not MATERIALS. And if you see the list of Foxconn clients you will be amazed to observe how many BIG FISHES get their products manufactured there. Likes of Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Panasonic, Toshiba etc hire the LABOR services of Foxconn. NOT MATERIALS NOT BUILD QUALITY!

Samsung uses the same plastic in their flagship devices as used in Asha series by Nokia. Nokia excels in hardware and build quality. Samsung's build quality is a joke.

And its because of Nokia that WP8 is making such a stir. And if you really think WP8 is a fail then just wait for another year and you will be eating your words. People like you only read whats on the spec sheet! Oh quad core! Holy S**t! Oh HD Display! Wow!

WP8 is so much more one that. It shares the same core of W8 which means native apps developed for W8 will work on WP8 easily provided the hardware requirements are met. Things like Direct X support will kick Open GL of Android out of the equation. WP8 is not a joke, with WP8 we are entering into an ecosystem of 1.5 billion people. Wikipedia states "In the first day of its release, Windows 8 Consumer Preview was downloaded over one million times."

So WP8 is not just another mobile OS, its so much more than that. And Nokia, after a declining phase, is flexing their muscles to enter into a new era. Its two giants of their respective fields who are shaking hands to deliver the extreme!

  • tom

Finally some descent hardware! Count me in!

  • Nokia rocks !

LaW, 20 Aug 2012We all know and some stubborn people can't admit it that Nokia h... morei agree with u !

  • aya

i hope my s3 cud be a dual bootloader so i can switch to wp8 wjen its get matured...xda devz...!!! hear me plssss....

  • AnonD-9023

I will blindly choose nokia here.

Samsung is on android bandwagon (yes , we all know it , samsung pushes android more than their own bada OS or WP) , they wont care much about windows for sure ( i meant software update cycle and enhancements) , because we all know how horrible , samsung provides updates and ignore old models of android ( being primary OS for them ) , i would expect even worst support for windows phones.

Same thing applies to android as well , Android is good but OEMs make cheap quality products.

Unless OEMs stop spamming models and follow atleast sony/HTC roadmap , they wont survive (right now sony and htc started one series and xperia series with just 3 models each).

  • Polo

LaW, 20 Aug 2012We all know and some stubborn people can't admit it that Nokia h... moreHow funny are you?
Nokia quality = Foxccon
So save your breath! Nokia don't provide quality they provide pricy phones just because its an Europe brand.

And for WP8 i don't think it will make any difference it will fail exactly as WP7.
WP8 = WP7 + SDCard + Multicore, And those things are on Android like 3-4 years ago

  • LaW

We all know and some stubborn people can't admit it that Nokia hardware quality is better than anyone, thus this Samsung odyssey vs any Nokia dual core w8 phone, I'll be taking the Nokia thank u very much. There will be other exclusive software support on Nokia such as the gps /nav features, extra content as mentioned back in earlier year by Nokia.

For Nokia this is just the beginning, also Nokia would rather w8 in general pick up interest, so they don't care if this odyssey from Samsung sells a lot, as long as half of u"especially Americans" begin to really like and eventually love w8 os, then nokia will have the real good stuff ready to roll

  • Anonymous

know what?, 20 Aug 2012waiting WP8 from sony xperia leon beutiful dsign..Agree with you