Huawei releases HarmonyOS 2.0 beta for select phones, still lets you roll back to EMUI 11

16 December 2020
Huawei P40 and Mate 30 phones, plus one tablet, can test drive the new OS. The update will be available OTA if you sign up as a tester.

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  • ESTrAuDEp

It seems to be just renamed Android 10:

  • guest

this is awesome but one think i would know is this system is support other google service like IOS also can support YouTube and more. Hope it will like this because my school is use google classroom is using as online study and with HMS some of the issue that need Google service to solve it

  • Gusta

Uncle D, 16 Dec 2020You apparently 😂😂 But everybody should care about Huawei... moreYes.. Huawei mobiles is nothing few years ago but they start rising and targeting to be Android maker leader in 2021/2022 (passing Samsung) but Trump bann Huawei.

So, they are starting plan B.

  • Gusta

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2020It's Linux based not Android based. With different ker... moreNot Linux based but microkernel based. Just like BB OS 10 and BB OS Tablet. Symbian is also based on microkernel

  • jssd

so, does this mean the UK will have the update or we still waiting - Samsung update plus add new features each month, it gives you something to look forward to.

Soon or later but i think soon Huawei will leave all the competition and all the competitors back behind a many thousdant miles maybe far more than to the moon and back.
I hope so. Comúpared to some other competition like Samsung, Sony apple or LG they are far better and far more user friendly and they always been.

Arggghhh my Mate 20 Pro isn't on the list.

  • Anonymous

When will honor 9x pro gets EMUI 10....

just like android 🤭
I hope to see something unique UI
like Metro, Blackberry, Symbian, or maybe even Palm
but they all extinct now
so maybe Huawei just playing safe

  • Anonymous

Bro, 16 Dec 2020Harmony is android-based OSHey Bro, Huawei's HarmonyOS is an independent operating system. Watch this link. (Huawei started working on HarmonyOS in 2007 if I'm not mistaken.) It's NOT Android-based. Huawei's latest phones run on HarmonyOS not Android. Huawei is starting to develop its own ecosystem. That's why there's HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) the App Gallery and Petal Search.

  • Anonymous

Bro, 16 Dec 2020Harmony is android-based OSIt's Linux based not Android based. With different kernel also

  • Anonymous

Super phone

That video makes Harmony OS seem somewhat smoother than typical Android. I hope it’s successful, it will be good to have an alternative to Google and Apple.

Anonymous, 16 Dec 2020Who cares about harmony OS You apparently 😂😂

But everybody should care about Huawei, because they make really, really good phones and without this player in the mobile industry, the other brands will be lazy and that's not good for customers at all.

  • Bro

Harmony is android-based OS

  • Missed opportunity

The use of a new kernel instead of Linux means the OS will be unlikely to receive ports to non-Huawei hardware. The drivers alone will be a huge stumbling block. It would have been far easier to implement EMUI on top of Wayland and actually create a serious challenge to Android.

  • Romeo

Uncle D, 16 Dec 2020Respect for Huawei, soon they will rise again and fighting ... moreGame of thrones

  • Romeo

Remy1808, 16 Dec 2020The Dark Side of Night is over.. The Sun is going to Rise a... moreMay the force be with you wahahahaha

  • Romeo

MATE 30 PRO, 16 Dec 2020It is possible that the best thing would be to have it comp... moreWow that a long post hahahahahaha, good read

Anonymous, 16 Dec 2020too bad it wont be open souce they could provide an altern... moreFrom what I know it's open source