Here's the official list of Motorola phones getting Android 11

21 December 2020
If you were expecting older models to be part of the list, you'll be disappointed.

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  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 22 Dec 2020Hang on, no Android 11 update for One Zoom? Well that'... moreThe One Zoom got Android 10. Only one major OS update mate

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2020What about G8 plus updateThe G8 Plus got Android 10. Only one major OS update mate

Hang on, no Android 11 update for One Zoom? Well that's a huge bummer, the One Zoom is a super capable midrange phone.

  • Anonymous

Is the Motorola one power getting android 11update

  • Anonymous

Moto one power

  • Kishor

What about moto g8 power lite??

  • Vicky

What about motorola one macro

  • cyber

list is too short,lenovo doesnt bother about customers

Still, the Android 11 update is the smallest update I've never seen in the Android 11, nothing really impressive so it doesn't matter that much, my phone won't stop working if it is not receiving it.

Javid, 22 Dec 2020I need know In which date macro android 10 update will com... moreSorry, I don't know the date, not working at Motorola 😁 I just know that soon..

  • Sky

Does the Moto Z2 force get it?

  • Anonymous

Moto One Power launched with android 8 and got 2 updates so its normal that it wouldnt get 11. Still in swcurity updates though.

  • Anonymous

What about Motorola one power

  • AnonD-972548

Yeah, and it will came somewhere in the second part of 2021 for some models (lol), when Android 12 will already be a thing.
Don't forget devices like One Plus 8T have already Android 11, since 2 months time.
More important than getting the latest Android updates is the time when you get those updates.

  • Anonymous

Never buy any Motorola phone again. Now we have Samsung Apple Xiaomi and OnePlus. Others aren't worth.

  • Vasudev

Is it upgrade for moto one power

  • Anonymous

Wmfry, 22 Dec 2020Does the Motorola one x4 get the android 11 updateIt came with oreo and got upto 10,no more major android updates for that phone either

LOL. RIP those who bought G7 or prior series phones and even those who bought Moto Z flagships.

  • Amar

Where is Moto One Power in the list, what is the benefit of buying android one then

  • Anonymous

What abt Motorola one power