2020 Winners and Losers: Xiaomi

27 December 2020
Xiaomi continued its meteoric rise in the smartphone world so let's see its best and worst moves of the outgoing year.

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  • 22 Jul 2021

AnonD-973296, 19 Jan 2021xiaomi's MIUI is traaaaaaaaaaasssssssshhhhhhhhThink you didn't even tried miui, but the bugs are a bit annoying.

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    • AnonD-973296
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    • 19 Jan 2021

    xiaomi's MIUI is traaaaaaaaaaasssssssshhhhhhhh

      Lagatibba, 11 Jan 2021No one caresHe obviously cares. U are from india and when someone said rich u become allergic. And nobody asked u anything ;)

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        • Lagatibba
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        • 11 Jan 2021

        Alex 94, 04 Jan 2021It's always possible to get some bad piece. I always h... moreNo one cares

          Curious, 28 Dec 2020Starting to think are you working for Realme because you ar... moreIt's always possible to get some bad piece. I always had great experience. I can test them. I'm I rich? Hmm, :)

            WhateverName, 28 Dec 2020I think you are a phoney trying to sound smart. Always sayi... moreI put my opinion first and u started conversation with me, trying to put your wrong information. All my prices and specs are officiall. Im not promoting anyone and if do that, it's my right.bmy credibility is proved by others here, and u are one anonymous. This is the fact which can't be ignores. If u want to learn something I am free to discuss with u. Zz

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              • 02 Jan 2021

              yall be forgettin the redmi note 9 and redmi 9 success though

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                • 7xY
                • 02 Jan 2021

                Xiaomi should be congratulated on its 2020 'Masterpiece Trilogy':
                - Mi 10 Ultra (premium flagship, released August 11,2020)
                - Redmi K30 Ultra (Midrange, ~$300; released August 11,2020)
                - Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G (low-midrange, ~$250; released December 1, 2020)
                All are best smartphones in their respective market segments.

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                  • XS%
                  • 31 Dec 2020

                  Mi10T ans 10T Pro is probably a loser and failure here cause it is priced similar at the price of Oneplus 8 and 8T, Realme X50 Pro, IQOO 3, Smasung S20FE and so on and no one's gonna buy bloated MIUI and a LCD panel at this price point. Most of the Competition has higher rated Amoled or Amoled. Other thing is bloat and ads. While setting up the device it automatically ticks all the advertisement related option you have to carefully go through the setting up page. There is no 256GB varient till now and the base of Mi10T has 6+128gb at the price point of Realme X50 (8+128gb) and IQOO 3 (8+256gb). Don't buy this phone really did a mistake. Gonna sale it to someone and buy a reliable phone

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                    • 31 Dec 2020

                    Loved how they uped their game in the flagship territory.

                      Maks0806, 28 Dec 2020Sry but LCD in Mi10t pro is nowhere near the Amoled in Mi10... morethat depends... my old eyes can't see the difference between an oled on mi9 and lcd on iphone se or 16 inch mbp. all look equally great in my opinion.

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                        • kuterzor
                        • n$4
                        • 29 Dec 2020

                        Iosub Emanuel, 28 Dec 2020I cant turn back to a 60hz pannel after using a 120hz. The ... morei love gaming in pc 144fps/144hz its indeed something awesome.

                        but in a phone?

                        - battery drain while gaming because high fps ofc.
                        - majority of games arent compatible at all with high fps.
                        - most games will run fine at 60fps because they are mobile games and not extreme competitive games and even in PC some competitive games are locked to 60fps.
                        - irrelevant for daily tasks, but i admit the smoothness is kinda nice to feel.

                        if the price is ok and its a oled ADAPTIVE high refresh screen, i might go for it.
                        but if its a lcd or too expensive ill pass

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                          • Petet
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                          • 29 Dec 2020

                          Yoedi16, 28 Dec 2020Yeah use that 50$ phone with bad build quality, bad screen,... moreLighten up a bit, there is nothing wrong with USD 50 phones, not all poor people in the world can afford your estimation of what a phone should consist of which cost many hundreds of dollars.

                            Peter, 28 Dec 2020Ha, notice all the sad sacks quoting the contents they read... moreYeah use that 50$ phone with bad build quality, bad screen, bad camera, bad performance lol phone is essential stuff for daily so getting the best you can is wise than forced yourself to use trash cheap phone except if you'r old people

                              wongwatt, 28 Dec 2020They meant officially. Also the Ultra as sold in China is ... moreDoesn't matter Whether they release it officially or not, I was replying to the guy who thought importing the MI 10 ultra would increase its cost to as high as S20 ultra price in EU. That is clearly, far from the reality.

                              I know some people in the UK who are using it just fine. The band 20 problem is only applicable in certain areas outside of the cities.

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                                • 28 Dec 2020

                                Anonymous, 28 Dec 2020I'm gonna use my loyal mi9tpro till its last charge le... moreindeed mate, same phone using and it s a great choice!

                                  kuterzor, 28 Dec 2020poco f2 pro is the true sucessor of Mi 9T pro/k20 pro. x... moreI cant turn back to a 60hz pannel after using a 120hz. The feature really makes the phone worth a couple hundreds over an older smartphone with normal 60hz screen

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                                    • Maks0806
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                                    • 28 Dec 2020

                                    Sry but LCD in Mi10t pro is nowhere near the Amoled in Mi10. Having switched from one to another just because of that. Don't listen to the reviewers, LCD on Mi10t pro ruins the premium feel, and it is just cheap feeling compared to S7 edge for example. POCO F2 pro makes more sense to me.
                                    Also price difference compared to Mi10 pro is quite reasonable, since it is still a great camera setup, and i would never pay that much more for telephoto and better wide angle. For me, Mi10 is the winner, also it costs a smidgen more than Mi10t pro right now...

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                                      • 28 Dec 2020

                                      wongwatt, 28 Dec 2020They meant officially. Also the Ultra as sold in China is ... moreI bought the 256gb global Mi10 (so band 20) for £420.

                                      The pro global availability was very scant though I would agree.

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                                        • 28 Dec 2020

                                        [deleted post]Whatever phone you are using now, looks like it is not getting good network too. It seemed like you need to tap 'Submit' a few times because you are not sure whether your comment already uploaded or not.