Motorola A1600 with GPS and WLAN

31 Mar, 2008
After images of the unannounced Motorola MING A1800 leaked last week, now it's time for another MING handset - the Motorola A1600 MING. The new device runs on Linux interface and flaunts GPS, WLAN...

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  • Abed

I am curious as to the A-GPS.
Does the A-GPS and the MotoNAV service work inside the USA?

  • mv

i found
this is corect?

Motoming A1600 also has a 3.2-megapixel camera with 8X zoom, which not only takes excellent stills but also has a DVD-quality video recording capability with video capture and video playback at 30 fps (frames per second).

  • mv

i want buy A1600 but i have a question :
what about Video camera of this phone?
what frame in secend?
quality of video camera?
thanks alot

  • joe

Linux has not gain popularity? All the new Moto phones use the same Linux/Java setup now.

  • Anonymous

Is this unit already face out? I want to purchase this phone but more of the motorolla stores has no unit of this one

  • Anonymous

are there no star trek geeks here???

this is so start trek communicator like that if you ever like star trek, you would buy one and flash it around doing any star trek/sci-fi cons.

  • Daniel

Come on guys, I've read your opinions, maybe you like the iPhone, Nokia and others, but this is a great step for Motorola, I personally own the A1200r and I love it, I flashed countless times with different Linux softwares, installed games, applications, Skins (I even have one that makes it look like the iPhone)The A1600 with Wi-Fi, 3.2MP camera, and touch screen, and with this design they will rock! But don't believe me just watch how it's done :-)

  • shushek

I'm hopefull tht A1600 will certainly be a good one as compared to A1200.. I'm all egarly waiting for it to come!!

  • Anonymous

If it's targeted for the Chinese market... that's a likely scenario isn't it ? Around the Olympic.
I wonder, will Lenovo starts pushing their handhelds also there :D

By the way, when's the Olympic game anyway ? Been out of touch with those kind of things for a while. July ?

  • greenlight

1. Why can't they make normal flip phones? Ever heard of the V3 or the V8? How about the V9? Although they could innovate on the interface and icon design a bit, Moto's got the flip down pat.

2. CTIA's got info on the coming Z9 slider, but there was no news of either the 1800 or the 1600. I guess they want to unleash closer to the Olympics. Who knows?

3. I don't know what's taking so long, but Motorola better step on it... 'cause that Sony Ericcson P5 is about to tempt me to the dark side! 5... mega... pixel... Symbian...slick...pda... slider.... can't... hold out... much... MOTO!!!!!!

  • momo king

this is better than normal flip phone....

  • Anonymous

Still no news from CTIA ?

  • Anonymous

I hate MING handsets! Why cant they just make a normal flip phone!

  • greenlight

"i like it. it is nice. very niiiiice." - borat

  • jjsoviet

This is a good step for Motorola. i agree that many underestimate the power and beauty that is the Linux OS. It may not be up to par with Symbian, but it is open source and less prone to viruses. You can also modify its system files easily, even teens could do it. And what's more: Android OS is also based on the Linux kernel, so it will be the "appetizer" for the upcoming monster system Android.

  • kibiroid

awsome.. just that in that Linux should be a version for Skype ant IGO nav systems. That whould be A.W.S.O.M.E

  • darshan

one word.....awesome

  • majoax

i have MOTOMING a1200 and im very pleased with it. its linux os is very fast and easy to use. i dont even use stylus to operate with it.

  • majid

the orginal MING is 21.5mm thick. how its thickness would be 17.5mm? look at the pictures.

  • ricky

Hi!! I really like this phone...will it be sold in italy??