Motorola A1600 with GPS and WLAN

31 Mar, 2008
After images of the unannounced Motorola MING A1800 leaked last week, now it's time for another MING handset - the Motorola A1600 MING. The new device runs on Linux interface and flaunts GPS, WLAN...

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  • Aldosari

One word .. UGLY!!!

  • Eran

What an ugly design, looks like we are back to the old Startec phone days

  • z

"full stylus-based touch interface"

but i want to use my fingers....

  • Pocoyo

This is a MAMARRIO cellphone!!! so ugly iak!

  • Anonymous

"The Linux-based interface is not a novelty however and hasn't managed to gain popularity."

What are you talking about? The Motorola Linux phones sell just as well as WM in China. The Chinese actually like the Linux better they say it's easier to write Chinese characters on.
I'd take this (if bar) over any other OS any day. Come on Moto, bring on the phones, we are all ready. Linux is just to good.

Name 3 5mp cameras, w/16gb -----UHMMMMMM N96, & uh, & uh... thats it sorry :)

  • Anonymous

Given up on phone camera.
They could do the megapixel wars to 25 or 50, but I'm saving for a good enough pocket digicam for now.

  • infinus

no doubt motorola is working hard to cope international market but still ming is not up to mark of symbian based devices.
ming is style without sense.
money wise, it expensive deal. since you can buy some smartphone at same or bit more price.

  • Anonymous

i reallty hate that screen cover it looks really outdated and gets in the way

  • MdN

"Most phones now are 5mega pixles and up 16gig"

What are you talking about? Name three.

  • Goose

Hello moto!!!!!! Motorola please launch a phone that is up to the date.Most phones now are 5mega pixles and up 16gig with card slot,3g,Wifi,and touchscreen.Stop making phones with 3.2mega pixles and little features.Words of advice try to the nokia n96.Make a phones with 20gigs internal and 3g with a 10mega pixles camera I could bet my life you take the top spot.

  • Anonymous

It seems like the invisible monkey is still running Motorola's mobile division. Stylus-operated phones are only attractive to a small percentage of overall mobile users so phone would certainly not take them very far. Why don't they just release a rizr that has 3.0 megapixel, wlan, and a symbian OS. Thats all they would need to start selling again.

  • kirt

Very good looking, but a bit too girly for me :)

  • Phaeton

The A1600 if you noticed does not come equipped with 3G which is evident it was designed to suit China's mobile networks.

The point is it doesn't really matter what folks think whether Motorola is trying hard or not. It's predecessor the A1200 was a tried and tested formula that sold like pancakes in China.

At least Motorola knows the A1600's design and functionality will sell well in a big market like China.

Who cares about the rest.

  • Anonymous

Attractive looking interface with large, big & clear icons for easy reading as compared to other Motorola models. This is really the right step forward for Moto!

Wish all the other Moto phones will improve with some kind of attractive interface in the future .... something like SE interface should do the job nicely!

  • donnie

im personally a massive fan of the iphones os
im a mac user so this would be why but i cant wait for the google platform (android) i think that when leopard may be on par when released with the 2nd iphone so im looking forward to the showdown

oh and before anyone says it no i dont have the iphone myself it dont do everything i want a handset to.......YET

  • Anonymous

So, this and the previously posted A1800. Which one is real ? Hopefully both.

darkmarko: Probably the majority of mobile phone user is just not the type to understand the beauty of Linux and had their focus elsewhere. Personally I'm with the group that never really know where else Linux is better than Windows technically other than the less vulnerability attack (incl. bugs and viruses), and probably crashes in server enviroment.
Besides, although Nokia advertised phone to seemingly replace PC, has phones replaced PC full time ?

Well, Android has Google's name to sell, so probably it could raise the popularity. :D

  • Anonymous

awesome for a motorola!!! :P

  • thePhoenix

Looks like a great phone. Go moto

  • donnie

i cant wait for android i want it now lol

i wonder which manufacturer are going to be the first to support it?

  • kooolblack

they are trying but still have to do some effort, the design is not really competitive...they can do difference with pin to pin and im may be...