Xiaomi CEO confirms Mi 11 retail box will not come with a charger

26 December 2020
The Mi 11 will be officially unveiled on December 28.

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  • Hamburger

Mediatek sux, 28 Dec 2020How would they know if you actually used official or third ... moreThey won't know. The point here is that if they provide a charger with the phone, the customers are covered by warranty for charging damage, even using 3rd party.

Now that they no longer give you a charger, it is officially confirmed that you will be using 3rd party. Unless you can proof to them a charger that belongs to them as using original charger, the warranty can be treated as default voided.

Now can everyone here sees how easily to screw customers?

  • Lalaland

Sharing, 28 Dec 2020The rumoured price was $700. Official starting price is $61... moreHow to get the free charger then?

  • Suddi

Suicide .Xiaomi don't act as an Elephant we know you are an ant. Chinese mobile never be apple. Please dont make us funny. If you don't send chager people will not buy . Understand its not apple .

  • Star lord law

Mikkun, 28 Dec 2020Well, if you have the money to buy a flagship phone, you ha... moreVery well written

  • Sharing

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2020Inviromental reasons okay.. at least cut the price down a l... moreThe rumoured price was $700. Official starting price is $612. Xiaomi will still give a free charger if you want one.

  • Sharing

Almand, 28 Dec 2020Can they tell if we were using a third party charger?It's already announced the Mi 11 will work with any QC 3, QC 4 and QC 4+ chargers that you have. But if you still want a charger, Xiaomi will give you one. Some people here are only fear-mongering.

  • ed

at least charging brick at no extra cost on request.

  • Danial

I don't buy it because of this stupid strategy...

  • Lgsf

I will never buy a phone that comes with no charger.
Good luck to these greedy companies that destroy the environment in unimaginable ways and now want to play the environmentally correct card... Give me a break! if you really wanted to save the environment, you would push for sturdier, more durable devices and also provide updates much further than 2 years.
And BTW, I've had more than 30 cellphones now and have never disposed any one of them and it's accessories incorrectly. This has way more to do with the people.
Plus, most of the cellphones I've had I sold with the charger included. The other phones which broke or have been stolen I kept the charger and keep using it.
In fact, in countries with a high rate of mobile phones thefts, you guys are only making their job waaaaay easier.
Seriously, I hope you guys crash out

Hamburger, 27 Dec 2020Use 3rd party charger = No warranty for you This is so e... moreCan they tell if we were using a third party charger?

Wily2020, 27 Dec 2020Guess why? :) because headphone jack is top of that phone, ... moreisnt it better to have an important feature and not have atrocious notch or cutout?

Well, if you have the money to buy a flagship phone, you have enough left over to get a charger for it. The environmental excuse is a load of bull. Hopefully this just translates to flagships and not mid-rangers.

  • Anonymous

Inviromental reasons okay.. at least cut the price down a little bit when you're going to do that. But knowing companies they would still charge more even with an incomplete unboxing experience for their patrons. Sad gives you the impression that they are just copying Apple

  • Anonymous

fahad, 27 Dec 2020This is insane! Every year after apple event , All smar... moreThey all follow the same business model in the end. Hauwei and One+ are no different.
Look at Hauwei, they made good phones at reasonable prices while everyone complained that Apple and Samsung were overpriced, then BANG, they charged the same price for their equivalent device.
One+ was a 'no compromises' sort of company that emphasized on quality phones at good prices.... BANG, now they are churning out all sorts of devices at different price levels, some good and some not so good.

As consumers we are fcuked as we will not stop buying the garbage they are offering.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-972548, 26 Dec 2020In the end all companies will follow this trend. Exactly ho... moreWell said.
I'm seriously contemplating not getting another Shamesung due to the removal of essential items (If I have them or not is irrelevant).

  • Anonymous

"to save environment"
Here I forced to buy multiple cable and charger to find which one that support Xiaomi "Turbo Charge" for my device, because simply checking wattage that charger can deliver doesn't guarantee it will enable Turbo Charge

  • Anonymous

Wily2020, 27 Dec 2020I see you are in denial https://www.counterpointresearch.co... moreLmao! That's because of the pandemic situation of last year which was started.. There were lock down everywhere.. But before the lockdown the true image is shown.. Loot less than 11 series.. And it's only compared to iPhone 11.. And previous record? Even compared to 6s? What joking site like you.. What is the sells number? From where the got these gimmick numbers! Show some maturity get the proper information than some use less sites like you

  • Nasir

This shows the level of copy-cat-ness in them. I wonder why were they not giving a display-notch in their flagships like apple... I mean due to this copy-cat-ness.

Hamburger, 28 Dec 2020When phone makers start to stop providing charger, it is of... moreHow would they know if you actually used official or third party? Even if you own official you could still use another one. If you damaged it with third party and show them a bill of original charger, they will provide free repair?

  • Hamburger

Anonymous, 27 Dec 2020hello, 3rd party chargers have been around for years. Count... moreWhen phone makers start to stop providing charger, it is official to accused customers for using 3rd party. You don't seem to get the pic here. When they still continue providing their charger, they can't say you used 3rd party charger and damage the phone.

They expect you to buy their original charger and you show them this proof, then the warranty still intact.

Get it?