Huawei's HarmonyOS 2.0 beta proven to support Android's framework

26 December 2020
But future releases might not.

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  • nata de coco

whatever the os will be, as long as my daily applications can run... i greatly accept it

nabinprd, 27 Dec 2020Android's framework included on HarmonyOS because Harm... moreI do not think anyone can excuse away what the point of this article is. Even Microsoft Windows can run android apps. Does that mean it has the Operating system framework of AOSP/Android? Maybe you need to look into what "Framework" means to be the underlying Operating system base code? An operating system framework is a key component for the OS to operate and interact with other software and hardware. The framework is what allows the OS to basically function as intended. Sure all operating systems can run android apps if the proper application framework is in place, but Harmony OS was suppose to do one better and not rely on its dependency of certain named American software or operating systems. It is OK...that is just the way it is. Android and iOS rule the entire mobile universe...there is no one better.

Anonymous, 27 Dec 2020don say like that . China has color os , miui os, hydrogen ... moreMy point is the biggest tech company of China does not have it together enough to pioneer software yet...

Mephistocat , 26 Dec 2020Like Google uses Linux? 😂 So what? At least they are not lying about not using linux as a base. I know everyone uses groundwork but Huawei is always lying about that and then their fanboys come to rescue and defend them. If Google was acting like they invented android from scratch without any groundwork we would roast Google for lying so why not roast Huawei when they do just that?

Nick Tagataka, 30 Dec 2020Umm.. no they didn't. Ah Linus Torvalds created Linux as Unix was paid and stupidly expensive

Huawei Fan Man, 29 Dec 2020no they started under linx but year by year they shifted to unixUmm.. no they didn't.

None4U, 28 Dec 2020No, Darwin is based on BSD. I have nothing against Huawei b... moreYeas but no different from it basically every software is originated from IBM

dude111, 27 Dec 2020No. Both macOS and Linux are derivatives from UNIX.BUt unix is from windows.. over the years they improved from unix and made it today more upgraded as unix is now discontinued

None4U, 28 Dec 2020That's not true. The code in question comes directly f... moreIt used to be they came from linux too on first iphones .

Nick Tagataka, 28 Dec 2020iOS is a UNIX based OS but not a Linux they started under linx but year by year they shifted to unix

  • Loh

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2020I'm not surprised at all, that's the sort of thin... moreAnd theres nothing wrong with that actually. To be honest i think most companys would go with it these way instead of taking the risk and not testing the core features out first

  • Loh

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2020I'm not surprised at all, that's the sort of thin... moreNo issue with that and theres a explanation by huawei already excists. Theyre trying the app ecpsystem and stuff right now but the end product will be something ment to compete with android and surpass it.

  • Anonymous

I'm not surprised at all, that's the sort of thing huawei would gladly do

  • Jason

Hope it will fully optimized the app for faster loading time as we seen on apple.

  • Lion Tech

Huawei Is Improving Hope This Company Get More Score Than iPhone In Future.

  • Jo1

Z50, 27 Dec 2020A system without an apps is worth nothing it will be as dea... moreIt's not true. Huawei will lead all the mobile phone brands in the near future

  • Anonymous

How we install

Huawei Fan Man, 27 Dec 2020even iphone OS is based on linux :)iOS is a UNIX based OS but not a Linux distribution.

Anonymous, 26 Dec 2020posting a comment from the xda article on this: "It... moreThank you for posting it here, I totally didn't know that!
If what you're saying is true then more people need to know this.

  • None4U

Brandon, 27 Dec 2020CyanogenMod 2.0?Lineage? lol 😆