Xiaomi Mi 11 arrives as the first phone with Snapdragon 888

28 December 2020
There is no charger in the retail box but Xiaomi will give one for free if you ask nicely.

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I wouldn't mind if they made it 7"
My problem is - we are almost in 2021 and android phones still have chins.

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2020> Not giving charger due to environmental reasons > ... moreYeah, this is big brain time.

  • Anonymous

Is Xiaomi can give 1440p in a 600$ phone then there is no excuse for Samsung to give a FHD in the S21

  • Kim rossi

I want

notafanboy, 28 Dec 2020No zoom lens, no buy.also, way too big. This is madness.

Can wait to see how overpriced this gets in Europe.

  • Neo

we should boycott "no charger in the box" trend.

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 28 Dec 2020Charger for free if the consumer wants it, $700 for the 12G... moreCPU alone does not make phone expensive.

If Samsung had made a version of S20 Ultra with SD7xx series, phone would still be over $1000. Changing CPU would never bring it down to $700.

To make it cheaper, OEMs perform cuts like we see on Mi10, S20 FE, V60 and OP8.

It has 480Hz touch sampling rate, not 240Hz

  • Anonymous


December 27th = no need to have more than FHD
December 28th = we have QHD, crap S21 has 1080p only.

Good phone

  • Anonymous

notafanboy, 28 Dec 2020No zoom lens, no buy.A $720 dollar smartphone with the newest snapdragon 888 a big battery,fast wired and wireless gives a charging brick unlike apple, good storage,120hz refresh rate and you complain about zoom lens lol.

  • macavity

the only thing disappointing here is the absence of telephoto lens but considering the whole spec, $700 is already a bargain

  • Anonymous

> Not giving charger due to environmental reasons
> Still give charger if buyer want it, but with additional packaging
> same price with or without charger


The touch response rate is actually 480 hz as per xda developers not 240 hz as mentioned here

  • nathanielZAFFRUEL

I waited for an hour for this article to be posted. Damn. However, like always, gsmarena covered everything there is needed to know. So worth the wait. But, curve screen again xiaomi, really? Enough with the gimmicks. Just give us flat screen. Can't wait for the pro model to comes out.

  • Dometalican

Charger for free if the consumer wants it, $700 for the 12GB RAM/256GB version, and Harman/Kardon stereo speakers...

This...actually isn't bad for a Snapdragon 888 considering we expected a MUCH higher price tag on that processor.

  • Anonymous

Why no zoom for flagship??

  • Gargamel

Not bad Xiaomi, not bad at all. Excellent job with the pricing as well. This company is seriously gunning for the number one position.

No zoom lens, no buy.