Xiaomi Mi 11 arrives as the first phone with Snapdragon 888

28 December 2020
There is no charger in the retail box but Xiaomi will give one for free if you ask nicely.

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Android Authority, 29 Dec 2020The 5Mp macro camera is actually good as confirmed by Gsmar... moreyou know that the 5MP macro cam's functionality can just be replaced by the ultrawide cam?

If you're actually keeping up with the news, you should know that.

So, 5MP macro is essentially useless.

  • AnonD-972548

Lead2XL, 29 Dec 2020I love Xiaomi phones, must have used a dozen over the past ... moreEven though I do admit that 6.7"-6.9" displays are a little bit large (even for my tastes), you made the worst decision ever with the Pixel 4a 5G. That phone is way too expensive for what it offers. In Czechia cost around 630EUR. Lol. Please tell me you didn't pay this kind of money for that thing.
If you really liked Xiaomi phones, you should have waited a little more. Xiaomi will most certainly release a flagship phone around 6.4"-6.5" size, which is the sweet spot for me.

  • AnonD-972548

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2020Xperia 5ii set 60Hz scored 9h overall more than set 120Hz. ... moreI said the same thing before trying a 90Hz display. And I bought the cheapest one at that time (Realme 6), because I didn't know I will see any difference. Even though is it true, that your eyes will eventually get used with the higher refresh rate, if you go back to 60Hz (even with a better oled display) you can immediately sense the difference. I did that when I tried to buy a Note 10. Even though the display was better quality in the Note, my Realme 6 display felt smoother than the Note 10 display putting them side by side.
For me, there is no going back to 60Hz displays.
And people who say that they do not see any difference they are 100% lying.

Fun fact, just wait until Apple will release a high refresh rate iphone and all the fanboys will say that high refresh rate is the best thing that happened to iphones. Even though now they are saying the complete opposite. Lol.

I love Xiaomi phones, must have used a dozen over the past 6 years. Not anymore, too huge and this new one is massive. I can't imagine who wants these giant phones, not me. I also love rear fingerprint scanners, something Xiaomi has abandoned. As a result I have recently bought my first Motorola phone and more recently the Google Pixel 4a 5g - great size and excellent rear fingerprint scanner. Looks like my Xiaomi fan-boy days are over.

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Anonymous, 29 Dec 2020Xperia 5ii set 60Hz scored 9h overall more than set 120Hz. ... moreI've got no idea what 120hz is like, but the 90hz on my Mi10 is a revelation compared to 60hz

I couldn't stand the thought of using on 60hz for 5mins tbh.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2020Exactly these Sony brand boys are the same. They said same... moreXperia 5ii set 60Hz scored 9h overall more than set 120Hz.
Galaxy S20+ set QHD@60 scored 10h overall more than set 1080@120.
Galaxy S20 set QHD@60 scored 7h overall more than set 1080@120.
Galaxy S20U set QHD@60 scored 10h overall more than set 1080@120.
OP8P set QHD@60 scored 6h more than set QHD@120.
Find X2 Pro set QHD@60 scored 8h more than set QHD@120 .

Check the Samsung S20 FE ad.
"120 Hz screen for smooth scrolling".

Even the manufacturer of the device admits only benefit is to scroll faster.

Is it really worth losing 3-4h of daily use to scroll faster facebook, instagram and multitask? Do not use "gaming " excuse, almost all of the heavy games are locked at 60fps by devs.

  • Igor

No charger... What's next - new cars without wheels and tires?

  • Amen

AnonD-972548, 29 Dec 2020Shhh, incoming fanboys to tell you how the components insid... moreFinally, someone who knows what he is talking about.

  • Anonymous

It's surely a new flagship killer landmark in 2021

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2020They can. Their business model is not based on making profi... moreThat's simply not true. They claim they sell others things yet all of their revenue comes from phone sales. They also claim they make money selling themes for Android which is awesome lol. They have physical stores in every single country now and there is no way they can handle all that by not having a decent chunk of profits from phone sales. Which means two things really. Either they put every single component off the line into their phones which means junk quality but with careful sorting what goes to Western markets and what remains in India and China, or second thing which is most likely is statside corruption/beneficial laws. They are being subsidized on state level with goverment money. If one LG can't afford dedicated stores in malls for all of it's products I don't know how Xiaomi can for it's cellphone only MI stores that have no more than 10 products on the display.

  • ordvoskin

Any idea if the new Xiaomi devices support streaming for hearing aids (ASHA)? I'm a long time Xiaomi user but unfortunately will be switching to another brand since they don't seem to support this option.

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2020It's a free 65w gan charger. I doubt the 2 unused char... moreI know but its still a proof that people have unused chargers on their homes, proving what Xiaomi had said.

Buyers should ask for the charger when they buy the Mi 11 but I still think a lot of buyers won't gonna ask one. An average consumer probably doesn't even know what 65W charging means on their phones lol. (At least in the third world countries)

Strawhat, 29 Dec 2020Just buy 12 mini, problem solved? I prefer bigger phone, b... moreNo, not solved, because I hate iPhones and because theey are extremely expensive compared to what they offer. Ok, so you want to carry a behemoth. Good for you! It's your right. But I want a proper flagship that I can hold with my hands!

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2020What a weird rationale you're propagating. Xiaomi isn&... moreChill, mate. I ain't arguing lmao.

Xiaomi is still a company tho. Their move of saying to reduce e-wastes are good in the eyes of many people but you can't avoid the fact that Xiaomi did that ultimately to increase profit. A nice strategy, a win-win for both consumer and the manufacturer.

@gsmarenateam you are wrong stating about the heart rate sensor as xiaomi did mention it in the presentation that it will support it

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notafanboy, 28 Dec 2020No zoom lens, no buy.tip I know that periscope is reserve for probseries but still no persicope no buy

should have been atleast 5X optical at this point

  • MiMax User

Nafnu, 28 Dec 2020Somebody explain please, why would anyone need a 12 GB RAM ... moreIf you use 2nd Space of MIUI, it's like 2 phones in one. You can separate the risky apps to use only in this 2nd Space and not worry about them spying on the 1st space.
Or you only use the notti apps in 2nd Space with password to avoid embarrassment.

But this need double the amount of ram to run well, else it will start to reload each time you switch space.
12/2 = 6 GB is just right.

Strawhat, 28 Dec 2020just look at dimension, not just screen size. 164.3 x 74.... moreWith the iPhone SE and iPhone 12 mini, one has to carry a hefty powerbank at all times thereby destroying any of the compactness advantages.

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2020I swear some people out there only for complaining about an... moreThat's the power of Android. The power of "Choice".
Choice as a concept is alien to users of other ecosystems.

justSomeRandomGuy, 29 Dec 2020I agree that 12 GB of RAM is overkill but YES, 120 Hz refr... morePeople who still justify 60hz display in 2020 are simply trying to cope with the fact that their screen isn't the most advanced one out there.