Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro to arrive in February 2021

29 December 2020
The phone is said to have a better camera and faster charging.

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  • 29 Jan 2021

It's interesting to hear what different people want from a phone. With a technical background, all I really care about is features.

I big battery sounds great, but I care more about how long you can use the phone without charging. A faster processor would be great too as my MI0 Pro is a little slow processing 108mp and night mode images although apart from that, I'm not too fussed.

A hole in the display for a camera? I really can't dredge up any feelings either way.

And lastly the camera island and camera bump - once again I don't care at all, but what's the camera specs? 200MP would be the wow factor for me and secondly a periscope zoom.

If they include the two above in the 11 Pro, I'll snap their hands off!

For me the real biggy is the camera specs. Night mode video would be brill.

Just thought I'd share.....

Keep Smilin'


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    • 18 Jan 2021

    Dear Xiaomi, Santa never stepped by my christmas tree. I only request that new poco f3 pro mix spec with mi 10 ultra resulting in sd888, amoled 120hz flat screen, jack3.5, pop-up cam, lpddr5, ufs3.1, omnivision image sensor and 120 fast charging.

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      • 02 Jan 2021

      Sadly, Xiaomi decided to discontinue MI 10 Pro and not to launch Mi 10 Ultra Global Version.

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        • 01 Jan 2021

        very good mobile

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          • Jyx
          • 30 Dec 2020

          Real flagship has e-sim, is Mi 11 Pro flagship?

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            • 30 Dec 2020

            Xiaomi bring the Mi 11 Ultra and Mi Mix 5 with the 888 chip,, Mi Note 11 with 855,, Note 11 Pro with 875 so I can take a pick as many others, also your processor speed how is it Huaweis clock speed is slightly over 3.0Ghz 🤔🤔 you may need to spotlight this and add it into the Mi Mix 5

              AnonD-909757, 30 Dec 2020OMG, why are you so dence? I literally said "regardle... more"Whatever tech they have, while not exactly the same, is still related by generation"

              So you're hoping Mi 11 Pro gets a high quality setup because then maaaaaybe the 2021 flagship killer might get a watered down version of it? Would you buy Poco F3 Pro with IMX 682, 13 Mp Omnivision ultrawide, 8 Mp 3x telephoto and a 5 Mp macro (with 2021 refreshed components)? That's the best you're getting in a flagship killer and that's hopeful.

              Besides the Ultra, no Xiaomi of 2020 got either high quality zoom or ultrawide features of the 10 Pro so the "trickle down" effect you're describing is fiction. Regardless of what they put in the 11 Pro, the flagship killer with the headphone jack won't inherit it. Camera is one of the selling points of their flagships and they won't compete with themselves.

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                • 30 Dec 2020

                jakov1, 30 Dec 202011T will have a pop-up bc 9T does? So why doesn't 10T ... moreOMG, why are you so dence?
                I literally said "regardless is the pop up successor of the F2 Pro and Mi 9t Pro is a Mi, a Poco or a Redmi", not "the Mi 10t will have it".

                The "Mi xT" come a while after the "Mi x", and are different, which is exactly why the Mi 9t and Mi 9t Pro have a pop up and the Mi 9 and Mi 9 Pro doesn't.

                The pop up have been so far with Mi/Redmi and Redmi/Poco duo, no one can guarantee the Redmi K40 nor any Poco will be this new gen one with a pop up, and the K40 can have a punch hole while the K40 Pro has a pop up like the K30, it doesn't has to have both K40 and K40 Pro that have it, not even the regular K40 Pro BTW, an "S" or "Ultra" or "Premium" or anything else a sub version of the K40/K40 Pro can have it.

                Not only I have never said it will make it have the exact same camera setup, but more importantly, I was talking about the Mi 11 Pro, not the Mi 11t.
                Whatever tech they have, while not exactly the same, is still related by generation.
                Mi 9 and Mi 9t, Mi 9t Pro, K20 and K20 Pro all have Telephoto, 48Mp main, 20Mp selfie and other similarities for example.
                The Mi 10, Mi 10t and 10t Pro all have a Macro and both Mi 10t and Mi 10t Pro have the upgraded 5Mp Macro unlike the 2Mp of the Mi 10.
                The whole Mi 10 series have stereo speakers.
                The Mi 10 and K30 have the same Wide + Ultra-Wide + Macro + Depth even if the sensors aren't the same.
                The K30 Pro has a 5Mp Macro like the Mi 10t and Mi 10t pro, except that it is upgraded to a Tele-Macro.
                The K30 Pro Zoom have a Telephoto like the Mi 10 Pro.
                All also have a 20Mp selfie shooter, I wouldn't be surprised if all Mi 9/K20 and Mi 10/K30 respectively share the same sensor.

                It is more than obvious that when a Xiaomi model "unlock" some techs, many other of the same generation share it, sometimes though different forms, sometimes identically.

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                  • 30 Dec 2020

                  Al, 30 Dec 2020Mi9T Pro is one of the best phones ever made. Cant believ... moreExactly!
                  Thankfully there is an alternative to underdisplay camera, who surprisingly come from Samsung that for some reasons GSMArena didn't made an article about :

                  It fix quality, cost and privacy issues the underdisplay camera have, I still equally like the pop up to this though.

                    AnonD-909757, 30 Dec 2020How hard it is to understand? I want a smartphone with a p... more11T will have a pop-up bc 9T does? So why doesn't 10T have it? You'll have to wait for K40 for that prediction, and that series translates to Poco globally. Although there's been a K40 leak with punch hole so there's that (also no telephoto).

                    Which phone inherited camera features from the Mi 10 series? 10T sure as hell didn't as it's different in most aspects.

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                      • 30 Dec 2020

                      Craze, 29 Dec 2020The best design. We love it. 🤣🤣 Always complaining 😂😂Don't tell me u never complained 😂

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                        • 30 Dec 2020

                        AnonD-909757, 30 Dec 2020How hard it is to understand? I want a smartphone with a p... moreMi9T Pro is one of the best phones ever made.
                        Cant believe they are still doing punch hole cameras. Full screen display is where it is at.

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                          • 30 Dec 2020

                          jakov1, 30 Dec 2020Who said anything about pop-ups? I don't understand wh... moreHow hard it is to understand?
                          I want a smartphone with a pop up selfie camera, what will be the potential Poco F2 Pro successor.
                          Both Poco and Redmi are sub-brands of Xiaomi, and they share a lot of tech.

                          So if the Mi 11 Pro have those features, there are chances similar ones will be available for the next flagships killer with a pop up camera, like the Redmi K20 & Mi 9t (same phone), K20 Pro & Mi 9t Pro (same phone again) and K30 Pro & Poco F2 Pro (same phone, just small changes) had.
                          And, if it is again a Mi like the Mi 9t and Mi9t Pro rather than a Redmi/Poco couple, let say the Mi 11t Pro who have a pop up, then it will directly inherit the features of the Mi 11 Pro.

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                            • 30 Dec 2020

                            Dani2018, 29 Dec 2020Another ugly phone from xiaomi . Camera bump is absolutely ... moreDo you understand what a "render" is?

                              AnonD-909757, 29 Dec 2020Look at the K20 and Mi 9T couple, and tell me there are no ... moreWho said anything about pop-ups? I don't understand what you're talking about in either of your replies.

                              Yes, it's strange that you're begging for features on a phone that you know you won't buy. Saying "A is better than B" is one thing, but saying "please have A even though I'll never own the phone" is weird to me.

                              It's like you're rooting for a sports team and hoping they'll buy some player, except smartphone brands aren't supposed to have fans or groupies.

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                                • 30 Dec 2020

                                6.81 is too much for a phone. Not everyone wants a HUGE phone in their pockets. A smaller variant should also be launched.

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                                  • 29 Dec 2020

                                  Anonymous, 29 Dec 202048mp produce 12MP photos and 64MP produce 16MP photos. Thes... more12 and 16mp may be no joke but it's several generations old now. Only the quad Bayer 108mp hmx has been capable of resolving the patterns on the blinds in the gsmarena test scene of the student halls. I do agree that it doesn't look as good as a 24mp aps c SLR but it is possible to squeeze more resolution out of a phone sensor.

                                  12 MP is also not as impressive as your might think because of a process known as Bayer interpolation, each pixel only records one colour, to interpolate the RGB values from the neighbors, you smear contrast, the true resolution of a Bayer sensor is much lower, arguably half.

                                    Anonymous, 29 Dec 2020Saying that it will make a dent in their revenue is laughab... moreYes you are right. I just wanted a phone with top processor with half the price. I dont care about everything else. Well, if it has other cool features then thats just a plus. Thats only my experience because i have one.

                                      Another ugly phone from xiaomi . Camera bump is absolutely ugly same as mi 11 .

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                                        • 29 Dec 2020

                                        Anonymous, 29 Dec 2020Saying that it will make a dent in their revenue is laughab... moreYou are the one underestimating the hatred for punch holes and notches.
                                        Those are part of the top most hated things in the phone history.