Snapdragon 480 is the first 4-series 5G chipset from Qualcomm

04 January 2021
It will power the budget 5G Androids of 2021.

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Hemedans, 05 Jan 2021Sd 675 is still powerful, Cortex A76 is no slouch, it'... moreNo one said SD675 is not powerful. We are talking about power creep due to technology. SD865 is very powerful, but doesn't mean 2-3 years down the road a SD7xx series will overtake it.

PaintNinja, 06 Jan 2021It's got an octacore A76 and A55 combo, it's gonn... moreOcta core but 2x Cortex-A76 and 6x Cortex-A55 with lower clocks.
But yeah it should be smooth and efficient even on a budget phone which is good news.

Grats a phone which will barely runs 5G network but nothing else.


Shadocx, 04 Jan 2021This is just to have 5G, newer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth versions... moreIt's got an octacore A76 and A55 combo, it's gonna be pretty damn good value for money in terms of CPU perf and efficiency (maybe more efficient due to lower clocks, who knows until we see it in action). Easily around an 845, probably better than a 710.

Not as good as an 8 series of course, but for the price and getting the latest Bluetooth, WiFi and 5G support you gotta admit it's pretty good.

My point being that you don't need an 8 series 855 or even a 6 series 670 or better for a good experience anymore, even a budget 480 be great for most users (the ones that use their phone for Web browsing, social media, messaging, video watching, light gaming. NOT people who want to do 4K video editing on a phone for some reason or play the latest 3D mobile games on high settings).

  • sorin

The 460 is already faster than the 630 (140.000 vs.110.000 in Antutu v8), so the 480 will be a massive improvement.

Qwerty2021, 06 Jan 2021WOW! How insolent smart@$$ can be! How about you do a litt... moreThose benchmarks you put prove my points not yours, they still show difference between sd 625 and 450 is within 10 to 20%

You said sd 450 is half of sd 625 read again your first comment.

And why put sd 821 flagship soc when we compare low and mid range soc?

  • Qwerty2021

Hemedans, 05 Jan 2021 do you have proof or just blah blah https://www.notebook... moreWOW! How insolent smart@$$ can be!
How about you do a little research before being smart@$$ with tons of reviews of SD625 & SD450 available here?
ok, since u r illiterate, I'll help u

First, SD625 was introduced in 2016, so I'll use SD821 as the 'base' for the score
Next, I'll use Mi max 2 (SD625) & Redmi 5 (SD450)
I use Mi 5s plus as the 'base' for this research, since it had the best SD821

Why Mi max 2? Because at the time of the review, GSMarena use Geekbench 4 & GFX 3.1 for both benchmark, while Redmi 5 were benchmarked using Geekbench 4.1 (well, SD450 were introduced in late 2017 and OEM introduced the phone using this SoC in 2018, so 2 year gap resulting in different benchmark version).
Why Xiaomi? because this company offers devices using ALL the SoC in this research, and have MIUI in 99% of their devices, therefore minimized the margin of errors in score differences because of different UI

1) Geekbench 4
Mi 5s plus SD821 got 1815 points in single core & 4333 points in multi-core test
Mi max 2 SD625 got 799 points (44%) in single core & 2353 points (54%) in multi-core
Redmi 5 are benchmarked using Geekbench 4.1 by GSMarena so cannot be used as measurement (at least we know that it will have lower score compared to SD625 since it has lower clockspeed)
2) GFX 3.1 manhattan (1080p onscreen)
In Mi 5s plus, Adreno 530 got 30 fps
In Mi max 2, Adreno 506 got 6.4 fps (21%)
Samsung A6 plus (2018) got 5.6 fps (19%) (Redmi 5 got 720p display)

So, with this I have prove my point like u asked.
Why using notebookcheck? HERE GSMarena reviewed many phones; are u saying they can't be trusted?

You know the 400 series is a joke when a twofold increase in performance still isn't enough to reach anything in the Dimensity lineup.

Qwerty2021, 05 Jan 2021Do u know what 'hierarchy' means? I'm willi... more
do you have proof or just blah blah
this is notebookcheck comprehesive comparison between sd 625 and 450

most score sd 625 is between 10 to 20 percent faster and in some bechmarks sd 450 is faster. this was expected due to clock advantage which 625 had

Very interesting choice from Qualcomm. I am sure that many brands will take advantage of this new technology.

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2021Other than A13 it has nothing good.Small screen small batte... moredunno out the camera, iphone has a reputation for having some of the best cameras and iphone SE ain't no slouch i have seen them myself

  • Boombastic

I had phone, redmi note 4G with snapdragon 400

vcihnecwe, 05 Jan 2021SD675 is nearly a 2.5 years mid-range, shouldn't come ... moreSd 675 is still powerful, Cortex A76 is no slouch, it's powerfull than current 662,

And what matter more is Adreno 619, its powerfull Gpu, used in sd 750.

  • Dan

Looks like a game changer!

  • Anonymous

Jayrod86, 05 Jan 2021Wow that’s why I went for the iPhone SE 2020 because of the A13Other than A13 it has nothing good.Small screen small battery only plus point is a13.And midrange are capable enough for day to day works.And for the price of iphone se we can get a oneplus.So a little less power but fhd+ display big battery better camera

syam7863, 05 Jan 2021The specs are even higher than my SD712 in my Mi9SE. Kryo ... moreWow that’s why I went for the iPhone SE 2020 because of the A13

  • Anonymous

Didn't even know they still make these :O

oh my, having adreno 619 will trump snapdragon 730g too, rhat one have 618, this one have same gpu as newer snapdragon 750g...what a wonder, i hope xiaomi and realme 100/150$$ phone will use this to replace their mtk processor...mediatek is great but apps mostly optimised for snapdragon chips

  • Ryuji

Jongjave, 05 Jan 2021Its even better than SD690 in 5g connectivity (mmWave suppo... moreyes, but keep in mind it's limited to 200mhz mmWave channels. high end phones support 400mhz (double the bandwidth). for networks like Verizon.

  • Anonymous

Hey dude, 05 Jan 2021Very soon buying flagship will be absolutely luxury. If you... moreThats already reality. Only the people who need to have flagship specs for what ever reason will still buy flagship specs. Low end phone already do everything for you. I have few months more and my phone be 3 years old and i have had no problems so far with it. Never mind that i have not got any updates for a year or more. Redmi note 5 ai dual cam have not got even miui 12 update while it was meant to be scheduled as q4 2020

Battery still last 4-5 days for me as i dont play games other then candy crush or yatzy and even that not daily and more then 10 minutes a day. I dont feel like i am missing out on anything and phone will probably work for me more few years before i need new phone.

Only thing that would make me buy new phone as of now be if the phone would be compact that will be at most maximum 140mm tall as for me screen size 5-5.5inch be enough