Xiaomi Mi 10i debuts with Snapdragon 750G, 120Hz LCD and 108MP camera

05 January 2021
First sales start on Friday, January 8.

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Its actually rebranded Pocco X3... Xiaomi has started relaunching same phones with veeery minor changes and sometimes the only change is the name of the phone. Sad how they are unable to differentiate between their product line

  • Blink

A 215g phone with a 6.7" display..yeah won't hurt your hands at all after an hour..

Why is xiaomi not using amoled screen for their mid range phomes ?😪

  • Anonymous

marilonblues209, 05 Jan 2021Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G Global version.India only of Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G would be more accurate rather than global version.

Mi 10T Lite 5G is global version. Well- sort of... Except main camera.

Realme 7 pro just got destroyed with that pricing.
Xiaomi you beauty!!!

This is why it is the no.1 smartphone brand in India which won the crown by toppling a giant like Samsung in a market which addresses more than a billion people.

  • Anonymous

Hello. Will this phone be available in East europe? It's better and cheaper than xiaomi 10t lite

Unb1453d, 05 Jan 2021Apparently world peace isn't their priority. SMHWhy achieve world peace and earn nothing when you can create money and chaos at the same time?

  • Geralt

Deutsch, 05 Jan 2021What does "3 choose 2 Dual SIM" means?Uses 2nd sim slot for memory card. either 2 sims or 1 sim + memory card.

  • Jossi

Samyantax, 05 Jan 202120% phone 80% data stealing machineHow do you mean? Please expatiate on that.

IpsDisplay, 05 Jan 2021Yup straight facts OLED displays age really badly brightnes... moreyour most hated iPhones have LCD displays. :)

Such a hypocrite.

  • Samyantax

Dani2018, 05 Jan 2021Ugly and cheep . Nothing special for 2012 20% phone 80% data stealing machine

What does "3 choose 2 Dual SIM" means?

Oh wow, mi 10i, can't wait for the mi10z

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2021if Android OEMs stopped releasing a new phone every week we... moreApparently world peace isn't their priority. SMH

  • j

it's a poco x3 with upgraded internals

Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G Global version.

As one guy said, can we make the mi 10r with r from romania pls

  • NoMoto

Prodigal Son, 05 Jan 2021Check moto g 5g.Moto is bad with upgrades, with Xiaomi you will get better updates than Moto G 5G. I have been a Moto user before.

Andreidinutu, 05 Jan 2021I think this is the mi10t liteIt's the Note 9pro 5g Chinese model which was the same as the mi10t lite apart from the main camera. This is exactly the same phone as the Note 9pro 5g

  • Anonymous

if Android OEMs stopped releasing a new phone every week we would achieve world peace