Report: iPhone 12 lineup selling better than 11 series in the US

06 January 2021
The iPhone 12 was the best seller in the October-November period.

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  • AnonD-804996

Android Authority, 11 Jan 2021There's videos of it thermal throttling badly in bench... moreChange in performance numbers after sustained load doesn't mean it's thermal throtling for f**ks sake. Are you illiterate or something? You literally don't know the definition of thermal throttling. Just because something has a slight decline in performance over time doesn't mean it's thermal throttling. Which you'd understand if you read my explanation. But reading is hard I guess...

Yeah, having 1 iPhone makes me a fanboy even though I had Xiaomi Mi5 before it. And Huawei Ascend P7 and Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Wave, HTC Wildfire and I probably forgot some. But I'm totally Apple fanboy who has been on iPhones since the begining of time. Oh wait... I literally owned pretty much only Android phones since 2010 to 2018 or was it 2019 when I bought iPhone. :rolleyes:

Android Authority, 11 Jan 2021Says the guy who himself doesn't use an iPhone and kee... moreHAHAHA I'm not the one trash talking.

JDK, 11 Jan 2021Of course you never used the phone NOR will you ever buy th... moreSays the guy who himself doesn't use an iPhone and keeps tr^lling others on this site.

AnonD-804996, 10 Jan 2021What are you scared of finally proving the "iPhones ar... moreThere's videos of it thermal throttling badly in benchmark tests as well as gaming.
This is the problem with you guys, even with proof you guys refuse to accept facts.

Anyways, The reason why you aren't giving me your top 5 list is coz you would be exposed as a Apple fanbuoyy. You just can't praise Android phones coz secretly you are jealous that they have outperformed your iPhone everywhere.

Daddidoo, 06 Jan 2021Of course the mini will failed who want smartphone with 2.2... moreOf course you never used the phone NOR will you ever buy that phone troll.

Please shut up about anything iPhone-related as you don't care about iPhones nor will buy them, so there's nothing to talk about.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-804996, 08 Jan 2021No, it literally DOESN'T. Thermal throttling is when c... moreThis is totally just a bunch of copied Nd paste shit..why would you say iPhones don't throttle short all iPhones throttle especially the 12 series when they get hot

  • AnonD-804996

Android Authority, 10 Jan 2021You again avoided answering top 5 phones of the year... Wha... moreWhat are you scared of finally proving the "iPhones are thermal throttling" that you've been so furiously claiming for months now (with literally ZERO proof other than "many users reported it")? Don't derail s**t by demanding things that mean nothing. Like what phones I've owned. Like that would've proved anything. If you haven't noticed I never complained over hardware specs. On software side, all Android phones are the same crap because of underlying problems with its entire ecosystem. But since you're such hardcore Android fanboy you're too blind to even see it. Prove how iPhones are thermal throttling and I'm gonna list you my phones. My guess is I'm not gonna have to list anything...

AnonD-804996, 09 Jan 2021You're always so loud with accusations and you're... moreYou again avoided answering top 5 phones of the year... What are you scared of??

AnonD-804996, 09 Jan 2021Says a whining "Anonymous" person who constantly ... moreThese droidboys are really salty, j just caught this TwQ boy to trolling in 12 pro max comment section. He didn’t even answered to anyone and wrote this

” This Phone is trash. No 90/120Hz Display, no Fast Charging, no cooling system and no customization freedom (iOS). For that money, i would get a OnePlus 8 Pro, Oppo Find X2 Pro, Poco F2 Pro or Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro”

I mean seriously? What makes these droidboys so obsessed about Apple? That they do this. From now on i will use this boy as an example of these sad salty droidboys :D

I can’t really explain this any other way based on years experience than that they are just really jealous little boys who can’t afford iPhone.

And yes 99% of them try to hide under anonymous name, but we all know them, they try too much. they are just so pathetic. But atleast we get daily laugh from them :D

  • AnonD-804996

[deleted post]Says a whining "Anonymous" person who constantly s**ts on Apple in every single article and then calls for ban of people who don't, because that goes on your nerves so hard. Dude, look in the mirror when you're calling others to get banned...

  • AnonD-804996

Android Authority, 09 Jan 2021You don't even know what throttling means. There is ... moreYou're always so loud with accusations and you're always "proving a point" by not proving a point at all. Screaming all the time how iPhones are throttling and yet to this date you haven't EVER told how or by what metric. It's "just throttling". Yeah and magic pixies also exist...

Show me diagrams how Apple's Bionic chips are hitting their thermal throttling point, how their clocks are decreasing and how and in what significant way that is affecting performance. Until you can show any of that, you can just stfu already. You are constantly whining about iPhone throttling, it's up to YOU to provide technical data on that, not me. You're literally applying creationist logic to things and demanding us disprove things not even you seems to know how to prove. What a nutcase, f**k me.

Also what teh F has Hyundai to do with any of it if I'm praising it? I'm praising it because they make good cars, not because they are in any way cooperating with Apple. If your thick mind hasn't noticed yet I haven't mentioned Apple there even once. Not commented on their cooperation plans AT ALL. Get lost you little whiny little child.

  • Anonymous

Wily2021, 09 Jan 2021” No it hasn't. Lot of Traditional users of iPhone ha... moreAndroid sales data only shows how many Android phones sold.
They don't ask every consumer whether they switched from iPhone or not.
Just like you have zero proof of Android users switching to iPhone

AnonD-804996, 09 Jan 2021One goes the length to explain how processors really work t... moreYou don't even know what throttling means.
There is no point in talking to amatuers like you. In every article you are defending Apple no matter how bad the product. In the other thread you blindly started praising Hyundai since Apple coming with Apple cars in partnership with Hyundai.
Prove to us that you are not a blind fannbouy by telling us your top 5 phones of the year or choose to never reply to me again tr^ll

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2021"big majority choose iPhone and the percent have only ... more” No it hasn't.
Lot of Traditional users of iPhone have switched this year after the leaks of same old design and weak specs overall. They have got bored of iOS tbh.”

No they haven’t :D if they have why it doesn’t show in Android sales? Why Apple sales beats the whole market which is down? You are just in denial, most iPhone users keep their iPhones and lot of them upgrade to iPhone 12 and also lot of Android switchers this time, that’s why Apple is enjoying record iPhone sales.

  • AnonD-804996

Android Authority, 09 Jan 2021Just stop it man!! You are embarrassing yourself and diggi... moreOne goes the length to explain how processors really work these days and what means to have a thermal design and what really constitutes as thermal throttling and you wander in and say "The phone is hot, it must be thermal throttling lol!". And we're suppose to take YOU seriously. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Only embarrassment here is you with your absolute lack of any kind of knowledge. And hilariously, you're not afraid to showcase your stupidity. Keep it up man. You're my daily comedy dose.

  • AnonD-804996

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2021TL; DRThey are not throttling.

  • AnonD-804996

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2021Lol u wrote that long paragraph.... Why? Just read the fir... moreSure, even professional reviewers have problems reading voltages and clocks from iPhones because there are no official means to read that and somehow you just "know" they throttle and downvolt. Dude, just shut the F up already.

  • Anonymous

IPHONE 12 PRO MAX USER HERE.... but still waiting for the iphone 13 which rumors to have 120hz... finger print... less notch / no notch...

  • Anonymous

Android Authority, 09 Jan 2021Absolutely.... Iphone has only bragging rights of trillion ... moreSame old hideous notch, same old hideous grid of icons on the homescreen... looks extremely inelegant and low class. Even Apple themselves are highly ashamed of that notch.
That's why they keep showing pictures of their iphones with wallpapers that black out the top of the screen to hide the ugly putrid notch that makes the phone's bezel look grossly asymmetrical. Such incompetent amateurs!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-804996, 08 Jan 2021No, it literally DOESN'T. Thermal throttling is when c... moreTL; DR