Report: iPhone 12 lineup selling better than 11 series in the US

06 January 2021
The iPhone 12 was the best seller in the October-November period.

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AnonD-804996, 08 Jan 2021No, it literally DOESN'T. Thermal throttling is when c... moreTL; DR

  • Norwegian Gangster

Android Authority, 09 Jan 2021Absolutely.... Iphone has only bragging rights of trillion ... moreI am enjoying my Mi 10T Pro which cost me around 200€ cheaper than the iPhone 12.

Why should I buy the iPhone 12 when it has nothing new? (just a rebranded iPhone 11 with A14 chip that doesn't even get used in heavy tasks, when it does, it throttles badly)

Mi 10T Pro is better than the iPhone 12 in almost every way except waterproofing.
But I know Xiaomi phones have decent enough water resistance enough to handle the ocassional spill or drop in water,so it's not much of an issue.

I can actually see that 144hz screen, huge battery and huge 1/1.33" 108mp camera aging very well in the next 5 years. Although I don't plan to keep it for 5 years. I'll upgrade soon.

All these Apple guys keep bragging about 5 year support. Who in their right minds wants to use iPhone 12 for 5 years? That 60hz screen, outdated 1/2.55 tiny sensor and terrible battery which would get worse with time. Who'd want to use such an outdated device in 2024 or 2025?

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2021This is why i jumped to Android. Before i bought my Oppo Fi... moreAbsolutely.... Iphone has only bragging rights of trillion dollars.
The Wow factor isn't reflected in their product anymore.

Xiaomi is bringing that Wow factor with one product after the other in every area.
Mi 10 ultra bringing Wow factor in camera and fast charging.
Mi budget/midrange phones bringing Wow factor in their respective price segments eventually becoming best sellers.

"Ewwww Why would I go back to that? "
These are my wife's words after I asked her if she wanted to go back to the iPhone (iOS).
After having a taste of miui 12 on the MI 10 ultra, She's totally invested in the Customization of Android (miui in this case).
Last time she used an Android was the Galaxy series with TouchWiz.
She realized how many things she was missing while being on iOS.

A great movie gets you immersed in it.
A great book gets you immersed in it.
A great game of football gets you immersed in it.
Same way, A great phone experience gets you immersed in it.

An iPhone, you keep it down after a while because it's so boring and can do very little.
MIUI 12 has offered such a immersive experience, it's got her hooked especially the theme store. I can understand her, After using miui 12, iOS will always feel Ewwww.

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2021Lol u wrote that long paragraph.... Why? Just read the fir... moreHe thought writing a long paragraph of incoherent nothingness will make him sound intelligent. Boy 👦 simply can't accept that iPhone cpu throttles.
Won't be surprised if he copy pasted that comment from somewhere. I constantly see him posting links and screenshot from sites like Verge and 9to5mac. Maybe that's part of his tr^lling Zone.

AnonD-804996, 08 Jan 2021No, it literally DOESN'T. Thermal throttling is when c... moreJust stop it man!!
You are embarrassing yourself and digging a bigger hole for yourself with comments like these.
Everyone has accepted that the iPhone 12 series throttles. It's about time you accept it as well.

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Wily2021, 08 Jan 2021Except satisfaction for most android phones are below avera... more"big majority choose iPhone and the percent have only got bigger every year"

No it hasn't.
Lot of Traditional users of iPhone have switched this year after the leaks of same old design and weak specs overall. They have got bored of iOS tbh.

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AnonD-804996, 08 Jan 2021No, it literally DOESN'T. Thermal throttling is when c... moreLol u wrote that long paragraph.... Why?
Just read the first line of what you wrote.
That is exactly what the guy said and that is exactly what is happening on the iPhone.

This is why nobody takes you guys seriously.

  • AnonD-804996

NY Yankee , 08 Jan 2021The clock speed drops to prevent overheating. That is exact... moreNo, it literally DOESN'T. Thermal throttling is when chip specifically starts actively downclocking and downvolting because it's exceeding normal operational temperature. If chip is designed to operate at 95°C, having 90°C doesn't mean it's overheating. It's very hot, but isn't overheating. Just shows how little you people know about ANYTHING. Modern processors don't have a fixed voltage and clock. They use various metrics like SoC total power, core voltage, current requirements, core clocks and temperature to achieve that internally. Chips have own boosting algorithms, usually in a form of curves that depend on related parameters. There is some baseline where they'll usually operate in and have sort of predictable performance, but they'll scale depending on various parameters and conditions. SoC will try to pump as much voltage as possible to achieve as high clock as possible because ultimately, high clock generally means higher performance. But voltage can't just go to infinity. Voltage (V) * current (A) = power (W). You'll eventually begin hitting some limit, usually SoC power limit because essentially that dictates the voltage and current limits taken from the power formula. Clock is also finite thing because you can't just have billion GHz. Chips can only go to certain point which hugely depends on compute pipeline and transistor design. Voltage also can't go into infinity because it would degrade the chip or fry it, VRM can't just pump current it cannot supply without burning out mosfets etc. On top of that, temperature acts as independent second level curve because you can be within power specifications, but running (too) hot because of external factors. The core clock can easily be specified how it should behave across temperature range. If clock drops at certain temperature delta, that's NOT downclocking. That's just chip following the clock curve in relation to other parameters. I can't find any schematics or explanations of clocks and voltages for Bionic SoC's, but all modern chips do this and I see no reason why Apple's Bionic wouldn't. AMD does this with Ryzen chips, NVIDIA has been doing it since Maxwell architecture on their graphic cards. It's why modern chips can't really be overclocked much. They already boost almost to their peak automatically. It's similar with mobile SoC's, but with efficiency as higher priority since power from limited source (battery) is of higher concern. In desktop computers, it's much more relaxed. But still, a chip with 65W power design won't be drawing 250W. Same with mobile devices where chip designed for maximum 0.6W power draw won't draw 5W just because.

And ultimately, even quite dramatic drops in operational clocks by following the temperature curve doesn't generally create massive divides in performance most of the time. For example on NVIDIA's Ampere chips, 200MHz difference between 1800MHz and 2000MHz (usual divide between top performing and least performing models) in clock might sound massive, but in games, that may result in only 5-6fps difference in games. Can you really spot a difference of 5fps when you're running at 60 fps and more? Most chips lose small performance on extended gaming sessions and in most cases, players don't even notice it. Thermal throttling would be game suddenly running at 20fps because chipset had to drop clocks so far to prevent thermal damage. I've never heard of anything like this about any iPhone and neither have I experienced it myself. Sure phone got pretty warm, but performance in game was still silky smooth.

  • Wily2021

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2021Do you seriously think people would buy Android over and ov... moreExcept satisfaction for most android phones are below average, haha :D Which just shows people only buy them because there's no other choice, no-one else is offering phones in $200 where over 85% of android phones sales happens. When people want to buy more expensive phone and care what they are getting and have a choice, big majority choose iPhone and the percent have only got bigger every year. Like you see, no android flagships any sales charts because they sell so few. Even samsung biggest android company only sells 30 million flagships in a year, Apple sells even more in one Q.

  • NY Yankee

AnonD-804996, 08 Jan 2021Wow, it got 2 whole updates! And it updated from full OS to... moreThe clock speed drops to prevent overheating. That is exactly what throttling means.
The cpu throttles down its clock speed because it can't handle the load while the performance on screen starts to lag.
Lol this just proves what a technically challenged joker you are

  • Anonymous

Wily2021, 08 Jan 2021"And one doesn't need to use iOS to know how many... moreDo you seriously think people would buy Android over and over again and have the most satisfied userbase of 3 billion in the market if their devices would be full of bugs like iOS?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-804996, 08 Jan 2021Wow, it got 2 whole updates! And it updated from full OS to... moreLol, can't agree the fact that the A14 S**t is a overthrottling mess. Xiaomi already overtook Apple in Innovation. C*rapple lags behind in innovation! Example: still stuck at pedestrian 60Hz Display, no dedicated cooling system, no USB Type-C, copying Widgets, Batterygate, Bendgate, Antennagate and still stuck with that FAT NOTCH! Even Scamsung is better than C*rapple. Shame on that Trillion Dollar Company!

  • AnonD-804996

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2021LMAO, you are talking nonsense! I still have a HMD Nokia 2.... moreWow, it got 2 whole updates! And it updated from full OS to a webapps based OS. Basically a downgrade lolz. Also you had to chuck in "chipset overheating" BS. Except the fact it's not overheating. You literally have absolutely NO clue what you're talking about and we're suppose to take you seriously. AHAHAHAHA LMAO. Guess what, fast chips produce heat. Just because they produce it doesn't mean they are overheating. Overheating is when chip needs to throttle down so far that slowdown is significantly noticeable. Slightly dropping clock is NOT overheating throttling. That's like saying Ryzen 5800X is overheating because it's maximum clock decreases slightly when under continuous heavy load. It's just how chips work.

  • AnonD-804996

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2021Why can't you accept the fact that some people simply ... moreThe don't frigging use it ffs. It's not like I'm holding a gun to your head and scremaing BUY AN IPHONE AND USE iOS!!!111 But spreading BS lies just because you personally hate it is just beyond lame.

  • wily2021

Android Authority, 07 Jan 2021Android 11 doesn't have that many bugs. IOS 14 does. ... more"Android 11 doesn't have that many bugs."

How many phones even run android 11 :D

but well..

What is this then? Sounds to me that pixel phones having a lot of issues.. There's 37 issues with pixels so far which sales are in few millions :D I guess fake news :D

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2021This is why i jumped to Android. Before i bought my Oppo Fi... moreWhen one use hatename for a company you can say he's lost cause :D if you hate Apple so much why you are so obsessed about Apple? Why you are showing your butthurt in Apple article? wouldn't it just be easier to ignore Apple? Same hint for all Apple obsessed Android boys. I mean it won't get any easier in the future, there's going to be a lot of positive Apple news coming and i know you guys can't handle them so why won't just stay away?

[deleted post]"And one doesn't need to use iOS to know how many bugs iOS 14 has. It's all over the Internet. Android doesn't have this problem."

This right here is the problem with you Android users. Don't believe so blindly what you see over the web. Over 500 million devices run iOS14. Of course there will be bugs for invidual users because there's endless amount of tasks people do with their devices. It's not like all users have all bugs. Since iOS14 i haven't noticed any bug.

And of course Android have bugs, there just isn't any popular place to report them. It's actually really bad if you have bug with Android device, it might not get fixed ever because no-one cares. With iOS every bug goes public and that's why you see only that side because you arent actually using it. Feeling sorry for people like you. I was in same situation many years ago. Read lot of negative bugs and problems about iPhone and thought what im buying, is this a big mistake, and no it wasnt.

Do you seriously think people would buy iPhone over and over again and Apple having most satisfied users in the market if their devices would be full of bugs?

  • Anonymous

Android Authority, 07 Jan 2021Lol 9to5mac, Verge.... All your links are Apple biased site... moreThis is why i jumped to Android. Before i bought my Oppo Find X2 Pro, i still have my HMD Nokia 2.1 as s Backup Phone. It got regulary 2 OS Updates (Android 8.1 to Android 10 Go) and Security Updates and it works still flawlessly. The 5 Years Update in iOS is a giant scam. RejZor is just a C*rapple Fanboy. And you can see the difference to 60Hz with 120Hz clearly (if you don't, get you eyes checked!). C*rapple is just to showoff statussymbol. Even it doesn't have 65 W Faat Charging, cooling Vapor chamber, 120Hz WQHD Display and of course Android (ColorOS) with free customization freedom. That Trillion Dollar Company is JUST EMBARASSING!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-804996, 07 Jan 2021You don't look what chip it has inside, you look at wh... moreLMAO, you are talking nonsense! I still have a HMD Nokia 2.1 as a backup device. It got 2 OS Updates (Android 8.1 to Android 10 Go) and regulary security Updates. And guess what? My phone still works flawlessly. iOS 14 has full of halfbaked features that Android had 10 Years ago and the A14 bionic is overheating. That Trillion Dollar company is embarassing.

  • Anonymous

Android Authority, 07 Jan 2021Gimme Real evidence of the stats, not anecdotal evidence of... moreThe iPhone does get embarrassed every year.

This year I had the choice to buy iPhone 12 or some other Android flagship. I happily chose the MI 10T pro over the iPhone 12. Bought a pair of TWS with the remaining cash.

It would have been embarrassing to use a 60hz display with garbage battery life for 800 Euros in 2021.