Donald Trump’s Twitter account has been suspended [Update: permanently]

09 January 2021
Edit: Trump has officially been permanently banned from Twitter.

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nanagdad, 07 Jan 2021Big tech companies used to do their shytee sensorship in pr... moreThat's not how it works. The US election is an established regulated process - the burden of proof is on accusers to prove it was rigged, not the other way around.

Trump tried and failed: Over 50 lawsuits brought forward all rejected almost immediately on the grounds that there was a complete lack of proof. You lost.

Johnrb, 07 Jan 2021Well I believe many would disagree with you but of course y... moreI agree with the poster you're replying to.

Big tech companies used to do their shytee sensorship in private, now they're not ashamed with it. Funny how twitter claims that elections were not rigged but can twitter prove it's claims too that yes indeed they were fair & show us the evidence. We live in a world where you push the agenda that suits you. What a shame. Everyone you don't agree with ban. Zerohedge account was once banned. When you ban something just legitimizes the claims. We the people see through your BS

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2021Oh don't worry continue to think that the Scamgress pa... moreLol... I do not favour your “scamgress” either! I support no political party for that matter. I stand by only what’s truth & against injustice!

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Deep state run Twitter is more dangerous than venomous snake. We know how the rogue Twitter bullshit works. Propaganda doesn't work anymore.

Has this President-Clown presented any evidence of spy to justify the ban on Huawei? The answer is no.
Has he presented any evidence that the American elections were fraudulent? The answer is no.
Has this president presented evidence that he is a clown and that he has no absolute idea of governing a country, demonstrating yesterday that he had left the United States at the level of a banana republic?
The answer is yes.

Android Authority, 07 Jan 2021Maybe go look at what the founders have in their goals on t... moreBruh the source is in The Guardian, not CNN. Why are y'all so obsessed with CNN anyways?🙄✋

The current US President-clown has imposed an unfair ban to Huawei from Google services without providing a single piece of evidence.

He is a man who has no idea how to govern a country, he is a joke-man who yesterday left US democracy at the level of an African Republic country.

I just hope that the trade relations between China and the US will return soon once they have thrown this clown out of the White House, and sooner it's better.

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2021Peaceful? Those riots during the summer say otherwise.And? 93% of the protests are peaceful

Lyndino, 07 Jan 2021Pretty sure the NSA takes measures that don't need to ... moreI thought you were an anonymous user? Never had an idea that you actually had an account.. huh.

Anyway, same ol' false equivalency that I've seen dozens of times on the internet.. Western services that do not comply with the Chinese local laws are banned inside Chinese mainland only, whereas US bans all companies that they have decided to put into their Entity List regardless of whether they follow the US laws or not, while also preventing all services in US that haven't acquired the special licence from making deals with them.

Also: China doesn't ask their friends to ban companies whose businesses are prohibited in China - US does.

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2021Why is Apple not banned China? Why is Microsoft not in Chin... moreExactly.

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Lyndino, 07 Jan 2021Pretty sure the NSA takes measures that don't need to ... moreWhy is Apple not banned China? Why is Microsoft not in China? Or HP? Or Oracle? Google and Facebook don't comply with local regulations so they are not allowed to operate there. Same goes for businesses that operate in the US must comply with US laws.

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2021Problem is that they are banning anything that goes against... moreThey aren't though and that's the truth. We know for a fact that Trump got suspended for encouraging Capitol Hill rioters. Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube acted accordingly as well. The tweets he left about asking rioters to go home we left alone as well as his false narrative of a stolen election.

Pretty sure the NSA takes measures that don't need to be made public for security reasons.
Why are certain apps banned in China?
-Yes, Facebook is blocked in China. It was first blocked back in 2009 in order to allow the Chinese government to control how its citizens use western social media. Even in 2021, the government continues to crack down on access to “western” media and platforms, continuing to make it harder and harder.-
Google search returned this as the first result. Far predates the US Ban on huawei's spy tech.
So why can China ban some things but another country can't? Is it because it's your brand of choice that is affected?

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Anonymous, 07 Jan 2021Thanx for providing me with the Parler recommendation. I ... moreDid you read that bit where he claims the election was stolen from them? Idiots reading that will think an injustice has been perpetrated on them. Just your average provoking idiots into violent acts like storming Congress.

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MATE 30 PRO, 07 Jan 2021The truth is that neither the NSA nor the US Clown-Presiden... moreBoy, it's better that you go to reinstall your Play Services on your crap phone instead of talking about political situations, please.

Android Authority, 07 Jan 2021He was exposing the Election fraud. Twitter, Facebook and ... moreLOL

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2021Do you understand what a recommendation is? The NSA believ... moreThe truth is that neither the NSA nor the US Clown-President himself have managed to provide a single piece of evidence to justify Google's absurd ban to Huawei.

And it is only justified by one thing: the fear of Huawei's commercial growth in relation to Google and Apple (American companies).

Exactly the same evidence that the same US-Clown-President has presented in relation to electoral fraud in the last US Elections.
And since he can't and he doesn't know how to do anything, he throws his fans out onto the streets to take over the Capitol without the police stopping him.


Anonymous, 07 Jan 2021He's actually not crazy. If people didn't follow ... moreGood joke 🤣

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Android Authority, 07 Jan 2021He was exposing the Election fraud. Twitter, Facebook and ... moreLOL