Donald Trump’s Twitter account has been suspended [Update: permanently]

09 January 2021
Edit: Trump has officially been permanently banned from Twitter.

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Haak, 09 Jan 2021Never addressed the original point of Trump's frivolou... moreResearch a little more on big tech companies are censoring things that go against the narrative of their overlords.
One thing is for sure, you are yet another gullible user who is simply repeating what the mainstream news channels are telling you.
I used to be lyk u, but the !mmigration cr!sis in Europe exposed how biased the mainstream media was.

You get news from mainstream media outlets which were traditionally left leaning, now they are completely leftist. Want evidence on that? research a little more beyond what the controlled mainstream media tells you.
Either ways you guys handle your mess in the US. It's not my country that will go down because of electing an extremely corrupt creepy puppet in B!den.

[deleted post]And now liberals are doing it

Haak, 09 Jan 2021Never addressed the original point of Trump's frivolou... moreGood luck! You'll wake up one day and remember what Android Authority told you.

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2021A Liberal in USA is like a Moderate position in Europe. ... moreAmerican liberals are moderate in some ways, mostly related to economy, but they're also really extreme in other ways, like how they insist on dividing people by gender and skin color and treating them differently, for example. Nothing moderate about it.

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Its pretty telling when an article on politics has more comments on a tech based site. Funny part is that it says no talk about politics but since we seem to allow this anyways...

I believe that companies should be allowed to do whatever(except something extreme..violence for example) as long as they allow other companies to do the same and not interfere with their policies. What do i mean? If i have a business and don't like certain people, i should be allowed to ban them for whatever reason. Same thing as these tech companies. They don't like conservatives for their views so they have the right to ban and i'm ok with that...

The thing is...One of the biggest issues is that if you keep banning certain groups and backing them into a corner(and one of the Weinstein brothers talked about this..absolutely spot on), you could be making a monster that initially didn't even exist(you keep calling someone a supremacist, nazi, have to be careful here). Those people will just move elsewhere and organize way better than the left(left has too much diversity so opinions and values will vary so conflict will arise way easier because it's this fake unity that they fact they fight amongst each other all the time). It was absolutely brilliant analysis and i think this is why tech companies have no clue what they are doing. It's way better to allow most ideas(even bad ones) to be said... Over time we can iron out the good and bad and then the bad ones will eventually die out and good ones will prevail. But anyways, it's funny how little people know about politics. Someone here also said antifa will grow stronger with Biden..hahah..Talk about delusional. Biden is as corporate as it comes and he only used those guys to win the election so he can blame Trump for chaos..Now you think he'll allow you to just do whatever? Yikes...

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Tonberry, 09 Jan 2021Then maybe both liberals and conservatives are racist, but ... moreA Liberal in USA is like a Moderate position in Europe.

That how extreme American politics are.

They are two opposite ends.

They don't have moderate conservatives like Conservatives (UK), Christian Democratic Union (Germany) or People's Party (Austria)

Tonberry, 09 Jan 2021What do you mean?It's fine. Don't worry about it.

[deleted post]Then maybe both liberals and conservatives are racist, but the racism of Facebook's content moderation perfectly aligns with liberal racism.

Haak, 09 Jan 2021Like I said, there are two types of independents... What do you mean?

Tonberry, 09 Jan 2021It's biased towards mainstream American-style liberali... moreLike I said, there are two types of independents...

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[deleted post]Brother the average 23 year old is completely fallen prey to propoganda.
Plz research a little before parroting out mainstream media talking points.

Haak, 09 Jan 2021What's the political bias towards? It's biased towards mainstream American-style liberalism. Most of the people doing content moderation on these platforms are liberals, and they're more lenient towards rule breakers they agree with, and more strict towards rule breakers they disagree with.

Some of them even officially adopt that stance, like when Facebook declared they're going to treat racism against non-white people more seriously than racism against white people. Being opposed to racism towards non-whites but not towards whites is very fashionable among American liberals lately, while mainstream conservatives typically oppose all racism.

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Anonymous, 09 Jan 2021That's right these big tech companies are so trustable... moreHaha 😂 he'll allow that as well... citing the fact that they are private companies... They are allowed to do whatever they want through the devices.
Besides, legally he'll be able to do nothing as he has already agreed to the terms and conditions.


Duck of death, 09 Jan 2021That is not what your were saying, comrade. Go back underne... moreIt's cute how you assume that I must be a Huawei user because I talked about NSA backdoors.
How do I become a ©ommie when I am a law abiding citizen raising question against NSA which has been exposed to spy on us?

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Note7 owner, 09 Jan 2021Oh go cry a river! Google , Apple, Twitter are all private ... moreThat's right these big tech companies are so trustable.
Might as well broadcast your wife in the shower through these companies.
As it is they are already in your house with Google Assistant, Alexa, Facebook, etc.

Tonberry, 09 Jan 2021When the "public square" is entirely owned by pri... moreWhat's the political bias towards?

Haak, 09 Jan 2021There's a difference between being wary of content mod... moreWhen the "public square" is entirely owned by private corporations that decide who's allowed to say what, then it's definitely dystopian.

I don't mind reasonable content moderation, but here it's obviously politically biased. There were much more violent riots going on for months recently, with a lot of people encouraging them, and somehow they didn't get suspended.

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Haak, 09 Jan 2021There are only two types of independents: people who think ... moreThere's also the type who thinks they're smart but in reality are just spitting bs they hear from other followers like them.

Tonberry, 09 Jan 2021This makes absolutely no sense at all. There's nothing... moreThere's a difference between being wary of content moderation and exclaiming content moderation is the start of a dystopian nightmare because a rightwinger got banned for inciting violence.

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Roy-86, 09 Jan 2021It's the fear of EQUALITY and EQUITY. White supremacis... moreIt's funny how the mainstream media has successfully br@inwashed the masses into believing this white supremacist lie.
Netflix and Hollywood going full throttle on Nazi based movies.