Donald Trump’s Twitter account has been suspended [Update: permanently]

09 January 2021
Edit: Trump has officially been permanently banned from Twitter.

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waiting Trump to suspend twitter forever

GLORIOUS LEADER 2047, 09 Jan 2021Good, political topics always have place in technical forum... moreIt's absolutely tech related news but Trumpsters don't like it so they want it cancelled. Go figure.

  • Anonymous

Trump seems an unmature adult more than anything else. Someone with the power he still has. He should have a more stable mind and more knowledge. The damage that many of his stupid messages has done is irreparable and that's not counting some of the decisions he has made while ruling. He is also quite responsible for the lack of control that has occurred when fighting the pandemic, of not giving it importance when it was due, of saying nonsense that people believed and even got sick from his stupid comments and perhaps some death. Not to mention that everything would have gone better if he had not eliminated the Obama care for the business of his interest and not for the good of the citizens. And then he spent part of the money that he said he saved to build a wall. He lies because, in the end, people are forced to spend on insurance that does not return anything and it is money lost in almost all cases... instead of going to the public coffers and a better medical and health care for all.

Anyways better for him to have a good group of lawyers, because he will need them once he does not have the protection of being president ... He will pay for all the consequences of his actions. The rumors about a lot of lawsuits that are going to fall to him are great and when the river sounds ... water carries. Time to time.

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Bebochekov, 09 Jan 2021Pretty scary that one or two people that can't be held... moreAre you trying to say that it's ok to spread lies, hatred, and being a Nazi? What is wrong with you people.

Pretty scary that one or two people that can't be held accountable will decide what you can or cannot think or say. These people know more about than you do. They can cut you off in an instant and nothing you can do about it. You can buy an iPhone but it's Apple that decides what you can do with it and if you can fix it or not if it breaks. I think they call this progress.


Whackcar, 09 Jan 2021With the way thing are going, you might see your wish come ... moreGood, political topics always have place in technical forum

You have to understand Politics and technology are inseparable.

Ex., tRUMP tried to ban TikTok and failed which was politically motivated decision, and Tried to ban Huawei in Germany and Brazil which both failed.


Duck of death, 09 Jan 2021That is not what your were saying, comrade. Go back underne... moreLel Huawei just got permission to setup 5G infrastructure in Germany, the second biggest telecom market in the West.

Also Huawei got permission to setup infrastructure in Brazil, the biggest telecom market in Southern Hemisphere.

  • USSR 2021

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2021Censorship, part of the liberal plan to turn America into a... morei hope soon, We need USSA to form soon, already the support is going up,if dems reach 60 senate seats we can accomplish it soon.

Texas turning blue in 2024 and NC to blue is much needed, but TX blue is definitely achievable.

  • Jack Dorsey

kobi wan, 07 Jan 2021twitter is full of po*n and racism, what actions did they t... moreQuote, "twitter is full of po*n"

Indeed you are correct, because the terms & conditions of Twatter state, and I quote:

"You can share graphic violence and consensually produced adult content within your Tweets, provided that you mark this media as sensitive. We may also allow limited sharing of hateful imagery..."


A prominent news organisation from the UK conducted research six years ago that Twitter publishes hundreds of thousands of pornographic images every day, potentially allowing children open access to one of the world’s largest stores of explicit photos. The investigation into the extent of the site’s porn community has revealed that as many as 500,000 sexual images are posted daily, including images of hardcore and extreme sexual practices.

That was reported six years ago in February 2015. The situation is most likely worse in 2021.


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now it's time to ban twitter.

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Censorship, part of the liberal plan to turn America into a Chinese satellite.

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Cyberchum, 09 Jan 2021China Yes, China does that. But are you implying that the US doesn't or they can take a higher moral ground?

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2021They have access to the data. Enuff said!! An organization... moreChina

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bigmuff, 09 Jan 2021Freedom of speech is DEAD.Freedom of speech should not be abused.

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Duck of death, 09 Jan 2021That is not what your were saying, comrade. Go back underne... moreHuawei deserved it because they were beating the West at mobile phones and 5G, lol. And no, no backdoors were ever found in Huawei products.

Android Authority, 07 Jan 2021There are plenty of corrupt judges out there. The entire c... more"There are plenty of corrupt judges out there.
The entire court system is messed up." So Trump appointed corrupt judges, then. You know he made the most number of judicial appointments of any president in more than 3 decades, right? Or its messed up because things didn't go his way, just as the election and electoral process was fraudulent because he lost, but not when he won. Loads of BS.

"What I am saying is that there are videos, eye witnesses, statistical anomalies, etc which I have seen and then these got deleted off of tech sites because it didn't fit their narrative." They probably deleted them for the same reason why the courts threw away virtually all the suits: They are crap.

Everything else you're going all about are just as crap!

Android Authority, 07 Jan 2021How can he present evidence when the evidence itself gets c... moreSo the conservative-dominated SCOTUS —how many of the judges were appointed by him, again? — and all the numerous other courts where he filed suits also censored those astronomical evidences, right? You lot are in denial. Out of touch with reality. Conspiracy theorists.

Freedom of speech is DEAD.

Whackcar, 09 Jan 2021With the way thing are going, you might see your wish come ... moreCancel culture in action over here.

They are liars to be honest. First they said it will be suspended for 12 hours, and now permanently. What a great world we are living in, if you do not like somebody ban him quickly! Where is freedom of speech I would ask? USA is becoming like China?
Oh and by the way those where no Trump fans, but some Antifa guys dressed like Trump fans some say.