OnePlus 8T gets hotfix for the video playback issue

07 January 2021
The firmware released at the end of December suffered from frequent pauses during video playback.

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  • Adun

nanagdad, 07 Jan 2021I have finally figured the Chinese phones business model. C... moreTheyr just taking a page out of Apples playbook lmao.

  • Romeo

Where can we download this last update on my one plus 8t I can't find it anywhere

I have finally figured the Chinese phones business model. Cripple old phones so that your current customers buy the new models. In this case, the coming Oneplus 9/ pro. Install a custom ROM like pixel experience, carbon OS, Paranoid ROMs to circumvent their shytee of planned obsolescence.

  • Ciprian

Sneaky bastards, it's a hotfix not an update. Shamefull, they won't even admit to a mistake!

  • AnonD-973296

the T used to be their top the line phone but NOPE, they can throw that out the window and give u an upper midrange phone with a T badge. who is making these decisions

I did forget the OnePlus 8T even existed, that tell how "exciting", "unique" and "awesome" this phone is.