Watch our Samsung Galaxy A42 video review

07 January 2021
Our YouTube channel is back!

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Thanks Youtube gods for resolving your issues.. 😅

Glad ur back guys.. keep secure for next time.. (and have multiple backup solution if something get hacked/stolen again..)

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    • lolme
    • 6XN
    • 08 Jan 2021

    lol what going on with the downgrades this year samsung. the S series have their screens downgraded to FHD unless its the ultra variant, and now A42 downgrade from FHD to 720p?
    whats next: next year... introducing... the revolutionary WVGA screen? *facepalm*

      720 ? I like iphone from 10 years ago. Cheap and same visual experience.

        • S
        • Spring
        • Ki5
        • 08 Jan 2021

        Good to see you get the issue resolved. I hope Google had paid big compensation for their pathetic management.

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          • Anonymous
          • tDQ
          • 08 Jan 2021

          Note9 User, 08 Jan 2021Excellent news!, I'm so glad you got your YouTube chan... moreMore precisely, their revenue back. They still have control over their youtube channel, but not the revenue, which has been secretly taken by criminal.

          Nevertheless, it's good to see that gsmarena starts to upload videos again.

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            • Ashley
            • wHU
            • 08 Jan 2021


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              • Anonymous
              • m2J
              • 08 Jan 2021

              sad that this phone was ruined with the 6.6 inch screen.
              Even A41 was ruined with the 6.1 inch screen but in dimensions still somewhat ok under 150mm tall. Now this A42 is just like the rest of the cray mass of large shovels.

              Pretty much what ever price range or what ever class you just can pick one up with the futures you like the most as all are in same size

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                • Note9 User
                • nE1
                • 08 Jan 2021

                Excellent news!, I'm so glad you got your YouTube channel back!

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                  • SON GOKU
                  • q2t
                  • 08 Jan 2021

                  Nice Review, seems like this phone can compete with other mid-rangers.