Black Shark 4 confirmed, will have 120W fast-charging

11 January 2021
The brand CEO claims the 4,500 mAh battery will fill up in 15 minutes.

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Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021The 888 support dual 5G. but i don't know if both can... moreYes,you can use dual SIM at 5G,but it may have some limit from telecom operators.

(In China here we have three big telecom operators,China Mobile,China Uniom and China Telecommunications)
According Xiaomi's offical website,the Mi11(Chinese version) support dual 5G NR online while at leadt one SIM card using China Mobile and China Uniom' network,but if you use dual SIM card from China Telecomminications,it only support one 5G NR online and one 4G LTE online.
So better to ask your local network operator

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4500mah gaming phone LOL

IpsDisplay, 11 Jan 2021What's the point of this fast charging when the Snapdr... moreXiaomi have a more agreesive heat control tactics
For example,GPU test
This year both Sn888 and Kirin 9000 have a high frequency GPU compare to Sn865 and Kirin990.
Normally,the GPU of Sn 865 cost max to 4.5 watts,but this year GPU of Kirin 9000 and Sn 888 all hit to 8-9 watts max.
However,the Mate40 Pro limit it to 6watts in long time stress GPU test,while Xiaomi's Mi11 can reach 8-9w without dropping frequency...

But Sn888 do have some problem
Andreo 660 isnt as good as we expect,it is just a slightly improved Andreo 650(around 10%),so performace improvenent mostly based on higher frequency.Smsung 5LPE isnt as good as TSMC N5(actually close to TSMC N7P).
The slightly improved GPU and not good 5LPE result in that if you limit the Sn888's GPU to 4.5watts,it just slightly better than Sn865's.If you want to have 130% Sn865's performance,you need let it run at 8watts

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Demongornot, 11 Jan 2021Personally, I'd take a 6000mAh battery with a 12W char... morewith 15 minute charge a day you will have 4500+4500 battery is not bat...

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ericwang, 11 Jan 2021No for Snapdragon chip,but Meditek D1000+ do support dual 5... moreThe 888 support dual 5G.
but i don't know if both can be turned on at the same time

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IpsDisplay, 11 Jan 2021What's the point of this fast charging when the Snapdr... moreDon't charge while you're using it...

What's the point of this fast charging when the Snapdragon 888 is a overheating battery draining disaster

The snap 810 has a successor:

AnonD-972548, 11 Jan 2021Yeah, problem with gaming phones is that they are very heav... moreYeah my bs2 is a brick. Have used it for the past month (I own it since april tho). Miss my tiny galaxy a40

Hold up there, not only do I have the bs2, but it only got 33w charging

Not only Blackshark 4,but also Red Magic 6 from ZTE,confirmed they will have 120watts fast charging today...
And Redmi alos announce that the Redmi K40Pro with Sn 888(maybe it will called Poco F3Pro or Mi11T Pro in hlobal) will remain same price as K30Pro(Poco F2Pro in global)in China(2999 CNY,equal to 463 USD or 380Euros)

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021I really wish for a phone that can connect to 2 5G network ... moreNo for Snapdragon chip,but Meditek D1000+ do support dual 5G NR..

Lets hope that they will be using the brand new sd888, and not using the old supply of sd865+ from qualcomm and just reserve the sd 888 for the pro version and yes, they should already stray away anything below 6000 mah. Most of the hard core mobile gamers does not want any compromises, even if they could pay premuim for those extra mah..

rather have big battery that charge full around 1 hour instead of smaller battery that charge under 15 minute and only last for a year before breaking down.

4500mAh battery with 120W charging rate in 15 minutes... and a lot of battery heat. No thanks, I'd rather take half of the charging rate.

Personally, I'd take a 6000mAh battery with a 12W charging over a 4500mAh battery with a 120W charging.
That's nice for people who like fast charging, but it shouldn't be an excuse to put a small battery or not put a bigger one, and even less to put a smaller one than the previous device...
As much as anyone loves fast charging, the least you need to recharge, the better.

Also, a larger battery lifespan is longer as you get more usage time per charge cycles, picking a big battery even more fitting with fast charging, also considering that a bigger battery will take more time to charge from and to the same percentage as a smaller one.

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MagicMonkeyBoy, 11 Jan 2021Black shark 4 will use at least 480hz touch... 888 SoC..... moreYeah, problem with gaming phones is that they are very heavy. Around 250g. Good luck trying to carry that brick all the time with you in your pocket. I have a 190g phone and I still find it bad sometimes.
Also, another disadvantage for gaming phones is the way cloud gaming is updating right now. Is becoming better and more stable. Services like xcloud or Google Stadia are very good. And you get to play real games (not your usual mobile games) on your phone. So, you can have similar experience on 200EUR phone, no need for 800EUR gaming phone. All you need is a steady internet connection (minimum 50mbps). Maybe now is not entirely global, but in the near future (and also with the introduction of wifi 6E), I am expecting cloud gaming to be the normality.

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I really wish for a phone that can connect to 2 5G network AT THE SAME TIME.
So I can use 2 carrier, and the game / internet won't be interrupted if I hit a network blank spot.

I hope it's battery life is improved so it can finally compete with ROG phone...


Wow. I only wish it has 6,000mah or more. Also, bring the ROM up to 512gb or 1TB like ASUS did with ROG2. It's 2021 and fans only want the best from Manufacturers. Happy new year!

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This will be the ultimate gaming phone.