65W USB-C charger for Samsung photographed

11 January 2021
This tops the previous 45W power brick by quite a margin. But will the Galaxy S21 Ultra support 65W charging or is this meant for laptops?

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i0S...Never...Again, 12 Jan 2021Lol What? The SOT resets every time you full charge a devic... moreYou just taught me something. thanx.

Lyndino, 12 Jan 2021How would you know the SOT when the phone is constantly bei... moreLol What? The SOT resets every time you full charge a device.
Through General usage over a few weeks, people get an idea about the average SOT of the device.

""It supports USB Power Delivery at up to 20V and 3.25A, including Programmable Power Supply (PPS).""

What's PPS?

i0S...Never...Again, 11 Jan 2021Forget Apple, their engineers can't even save their fl... moreHow would you know the SOT when the phone is constantly being topped up?

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021Lol why so much hate for Sony?Because they know Sony makes better quality phones.

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021According to you a company that 5 years ago was selling lap... moreThe only Samsung phone that I had to change the battery in was my S3. That thing lived on a charger while driving due to my idiocy. Other than that I've never changed a battery in the many other Samsung device's our family has had.
Nothing wrong with the basic chargers that came with the phones from 2 - 4 years ago.

  • MrPong

Possibly best for Samsung mobile laptops and tablets.

AnonD-972548, 11 Jan 2021Yes, Warp Charge 65. And is awesome. From 20-100% in about ... moreAre you drunk? Read the title of the article.! Doh

  • AnonD-972548

Olym1mk2, 11 Jan 2021Was this a oneplus charger? Hmm Yes, Warp Charge 65. And is awesome. From 20-100% in about 30 minutes.
And other companies like Realme are bringing this type of charging speeds even to lower priced models (like the Realme 7 Pro, a 300EUR phone). And yes, it comes in the box with the phone.
Probably in 2021 majority of Xiaomi mid-range phones will come with their 50W chargers.

Of course all the Sony and Apple fanboys will continue to say these will damage the phone batteries. Up until their beloved brands will jump on board this too and then immediately they will change their opinion.
But, I am expecting Apple and Sony chargers to be sold separately with some nice extra prices, because why not. Lol.

  • AnonD-972548

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021Lol why so much hate for Sony?Do you think people will dislike Sony if they will make something good at affordable price? Their low-end and mid-range models are a joke. Example: Xperia L4 (with 720p display, Helio P22 chipset, no fast charging, emmc type internal storage, etc.). Everything in this phone screams poor, but they charge 200EUR for it in Czechia. Xperia 10 II, their so called mid-range model, it cost 380EUR in Czechia and except IP rating, that phone has nothing that will make it a 380EUR phone.

Sony flagship are somehow better, but still more expensive than the competition. Compared only with iphones in pricing. In Czechia the Xperia 1 II cost 1250EUR (no headphones or anything else in the package). That's more expensive than any other Android phone. Even the Note 20 Ultra cost less in here. And the Xperia 5 II cost 950EUR.
Compare these phones to the competition and you understand why nobody buys Sony phones, except their blind fanboys. Exactly like the Apple ones.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021Maybe because they may not be interested in having two batt... moreMaybe they haven't tried those Chinese phones with fast charge and bought HUGE brick powerbanks instead of charging 65w for 5mins when on the go.

Its not necessary that a 65W charger must charge at 65W only. It could be a smart multi variant charger that can be used with everything (except gaming laptops, they still need 90W minimum and goes to above 200W depending on GPU).

Maybe this is the mega expensive charger, that convinced Samsung to drop chargers from their mobile phones?

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021According to you a company that 5 years ago was selling lap... moreForget Apple, their engineers can't even save their flagship A14 chip from thermal throttling.

I know people using Realme X2 pro with 65W charging for close to 2 years now.
Their SOT haven't dropped by even 30 minutes.

I know Xperia users with 4k battery hog display with already terrible SOT.
He needed to charge it twice a day owing to poor battery life.
SOT became half within months as the batteries inside start degradation around 300-400 cycles. End result, he had to replace the battery within 8 months.

Xiaomi and others like Oppo guarantee 800 cycles before it even starts degradation. These companies give all day battery life meaning one requires to charge it only once a day. That's roughly 800 days or 2 years before battery degradation starts.

Lower capacity battery = cheaper compared to Chinese phones with higher capacity.
Lower capacity charging = cheaper charger bundled.
Expensive 1000 plus dollars phones making tons of money by saving all the above costs while Chinese phones costing as low as 200$ with better quality battery components inside.
Combine this with the fact that Sony and Apple batteries degrade faster due to being inferior quality and they make tons of money with replacement.

This is the difference between this quality provided by Chinese manufacturers who are Fast charging pioneers vs Cheap quality outdated charging from Sony and Apple.

AnonD-972548, 11 Jan 2021My One Plus 8T come bundled with a 65W charger. Not to ment... moreWas this a oneplus charger? Hmm

  • AnonD-972548

Olym1mk2, 11 Jan 2021300$, right? For something that should be included with the... moreMy One Plus 8T come bundled with a 65W charger. Not to mention a nice silicon case. All in a nice big red box. And I pay 550EUR for it.
I am not saying that One Plus is a perfect company (it's actually my first One Plus phone), but it's certainly better than other companies out there (like Apple, Sony or Samsung).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021You are right.... He is a Chinese product hater. Tomorrow ... moreLol why so much hate for Sony?

  • Anonymous

A 65W charger? It's more than enough for if you give a charger in the box rather than selling it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021As usual making bold statements which are full of lies. Wh... moreYou are right.... He is a Chinese product hater.
Tomorrow when Sony copies ultra fast charging, suddenly he'll be all over it. ..
The ego of these people has been raised by their Sony echo chamber where they agree with whatever lies against other companies. Everyone just keeps up voting each other.

In another thread he tried saying how every component inside Sony phones is non china made. Maybe his girl cheated on him with a Chinese guy, maybe that's why he hates anything provided by Chinese.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021There is always little space between them. In case the meta... moreLittle space tiny gap of hardly 0.01mm.
Sony joker this is why nobody buying your Xperia garbage.. Cheap quality battery sold in 1200 Euro device..
At the end of the day, cheap quality is cheap quality.
After a year Sony phone battery dead while Chinese brands rocking 3-4 years without problem.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021According to you a company that 5 years ago was selling lap... moreListen up amatuer, Li batteries have varying levels of quality.
Keep dreaming taht battery inside IPhone can handle 65W. It will literally explode.

Laptops have better heat dissipation due to their size and actual cooling inside.
Phones have small area.

It's not Chinese companies but Apple who know they can give cheap batteries with small capacity and same old 20W charging. They can milk their customers in the future by charging 200$ for a 65W chargee bundled separately.

Don't bother replying as you simply don't understand different architectures within Li batteries.