Qualcomm announces 3D Sonic Sensor Generation 2, compatible with foldables

12 January 2021
The new sensor is seriously thin, enables new form factors, and even works through metal.

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Demongornot, 14 Jan 2021Indeed, but it is almost caveman tech compared to what I de... moreI think I understand.

Lyndino, 13 Jan 2021Doesn't Samsungs KNOX security use what your saying. I... moreIndeed, but it is almost caveman tech compared to what I described, not because it isn't powerful enough, but because it doesn't do much.

The biometric data aren't at all stored away from the OS for example, it isn't as if Samsung care about customer's privacy, and most people totally ignore how important it is, though the recent WhatsApp thing made a lot of people really conscious about it, and in the future, a lot more people will understand the importance, value and sensitivity of biometric data, unlike a password that you can change, your biometric information aren't renewable, if they get compromised, you are out of luck.

And Samsung KNOX basically is to protect your bootloader against malicious apps, but also prevent the user from installing custom ROMs and other things like that, what I talk about is to be able to use the superior security of biometric data to secure the boot as an anti thief measure, as if you can't even format/reset/flash the phone there is no point to steal it, KNOX doesn't allow the user to protect the bootloader through its own security, but literally simply lock it away.

It doesn't allow advanced stuff like likeliness security level.
Why would you need to have 100% of the face scanned for just opening your phone to play Flappy Bird for example, and should a simple pattern (by far the weakest security system) be trusted to unlock the phone and access sensitive data?

The best way to handle security would be :
Every apps rather than hard coding which method (password, pin, fingerprint, etc) they use for unlock, they simply call the security feature of Android, which, depending on the phone's hardware, will allow any form of security to be used.
Basically, from regular password, pin, pattern, but also fingerprint, face recognition and all that, each having a "security score" representing how strong it is, as a method, and as used (as 0000 is a much less secure pin code than any random 4 numbers), and dynamically, for example, if the facial recognition get a good match with the top of your face but have an occlusion on the rest, lets say a mask which is quite fitting in current circumstances, then rather than simply preventing you from unlocking from a set of data that is still much more secure than a PIN some user use and still allow to unlock the phone, those type of partial data are simply given a lower score.
And the higher the score, the more critical things the user can unlock.
Though only by default, as leaving the choice of which security method the user prefer is important, if someone prefers the pattern over the fingerprint, so be it.
But why not combining fingerprint scanning using indisplay ultrasonic fingerprint scanning (that only need a tap to work) with pattern and face recognition? Or any other combinations that can be physically performed?
Why not having a better PIN system where the numbers are randomly placed to avoid observer to catch the combination?
Why not having a much better pattern where we can do longer drawings, allow going back over already "touched" points and other improvements that would make it way more secure?

That's why I mean by a chip handling security, not just helping protect the boot, but handling all the security, and by being separated from the OS and only getting queries and sending well known set of answers, it would be extremely secure against attack by software or wireless as well as against people physically trying to force into the phone.
It would have the required hardware to do impressive hardware acceleration fast biometric analysis, and allow a lot of things that would be practical but impossible nowadays, such as protection during protests where you can set some special conditions where the phone can't be unlocked or only having access to some apps unless some conditions are met, like a special code/pattern/facial expression/location.

  • AnonD-804996

Android Authority, 12 Jan 2021Yes!! Yes!! And they have the audacity to call it secure. ... moreYou call it "defense of favorite brand" I call it "just stating facts". But I guess you have zero concept of what "facts" even means. You insufferable Apple hater.

Demongornot, 12 Jan 2021No, I am living in 2021 where it is totally feasible. In f... moreDoesn't Samsungs KNOX security use what your saying. If I understand it correctly it uses software (Samsung's, not Android) and a combination of bootloaders or something on the hardware itself?

AnonD-804996, 12 Jan 2021Great, now you're just straight up childish. Seriously... moreWhy are you so frustrated? Why does constructive criticism against Apple gets you riled up in every article? Did some Android guy steal your girl away from you? 😁

Yombo.sup, 12 Jan 2021That's it yes, and don't forget also that someone... moreYes!! Yes!! And they have the audacity to call it secure.
As predicted, he goes into defense mode for his favorite brand.

  • AnonD-804996

Yombo.sup, 12 Jan 2021That's it yes, and don't forget also that someone... moreThat's really not an issue in real world usage and only sounds an exploiting vector in theory. How often would one wave YOUR phone in front of your face to "unknowingly" unlock it? Also it has attention feature. Which won't unlock your phone if you don't look at the screen. Or if you have your eyes closed. You have to glance at the screen and then it unlocks. It's pretty secure method, unless you manually disable these safety checks for more convenience, but lower security.

AnonD-804996, 12 Jan 2021I'd say FaceID is as good. So good actually that I don... moreThat's it yes, and don't forget also that someone could unlock your phone without your consent by simply exposing the screen of the phones to your face especially that its camera has a wide viewing angle as you say.

  • Pika

I'll wait until the whole bottom half of the screen can scan fingerprints 😌

ken, 12 Jan 2021are we living in 2050? with such technology. it is just a p... moreNo, I am living in 2021 where it is totally feasible.
In fact, it is a shame it isn't done yet.
Rather than having the stupid argument of "Fingerprint are better." "Face recognition is better", what we should have is both, and a security dedicated chip where both your biometric data are stored away from the OS both for privacy and for securing boot, chip being able to combine face recognition and fingerprint scanner and other non-biometric solutions together as it gives an exponential level of security.

Good luck breaking that, and so your logic is, since maybe a lab is willing to try and recreate a perfect 3D replica of your fingertip, with highly accurate 3D fingerprint, in a material that identify as flesh to medical acoustic scanner, reproduce the vein pattern in your finger and put something that identify as blood inside it, then proceed to reproduce the shape, size, placement and density of your distal phalanx, then it is useless to have any kind of security ?
In that case, since many people can defeat a door's locks, you don't have one for your house's main door or your car I guess ?

  • AnonD-804996

Android Authority, 12 Jan 2021We get it, you hate any facts that expose your favorite bra... moreGreat, now you're just straight up childish. Seriously dude, what are you, 8 years old? Damn.

AnonD-804996, 12 Jan 2021We get it, you hate Apple. Can you stop now? You're re... moreWe get it, you hate any facts that expose your favorite brand. Can you stop now? You're really annoying.

  • AnonD-804996

Android Authority, 12 Jan 2021Yes.. Face ID is so good that it doesn't even work wit... moreWe get it, you hate Apple. Can you stop now? You're really annoying.

AnonD-804996, 12 Jan 2021I'd say FaceID is as good. So good actually that I don... moreYes.. Face ID is so good that it doesn't even work with a mask on which is the norm these days if one is outside their house.
End result is that the user is frustrated with a non working face ID and on top of that has to look at that terrible notch.
Apple yet again saving costs by refusing to innovate.

  • ken

Demongornot, 12 Jan 2021The sad thing is, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner IS BY FAR ... moreare we living in 2050? with such technology. it is just a piece of cake for someone to unlock your phone no matter how advanced your fingerprint chip is it is always a way to breach it, since it is a tech it can be defeated by a tech

  • ken

Lyndino, 12 Jan 2021I still hate the fact that were moving in that direction as... morelol i agree with you, to me i think under-display fingerprint scanner is just a fancy thing, and also a security breach, cuz many sites or apps can get your fingerprint info while you use your phone without your consent

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yalim, 12 Jan 2021underdisplay fingerprint reader it is a far better idea tha... moreI'd say FaceID is as good. So good actually that I don't even mind having the notch up there. It'll be great when it's gone, but I really don't mind it. And I don't mind mask problems that obstruct FaceID. It's still fully functional at home where I use the phone the most and don't wear the mask. Reason why I like FaceID so much is because how seamless it is. You just raise the phone and by the time you swipe the screen, it's already unlocked. And when shopping or confirming system settings, it just does the job without you having to move the finger anywhere. People complain over desk thing, but really isn't an issue. Sure, you sometimes need to lean a bit more over it, but in general it captures your face even at a quite steep angle. I've had fingerprint scanner phone and you need to register more fingers when phone is on desk and it depends with which hand you want to unlock it. Also if it has scanner on the back it's a total no go. Luckily only budget phones still do this nonsense. Side fingerprint scanner is a good alternative still. I like both and finger scanner is maybe a bit more convenient in general in these days of mask wearing, but I never thought I'd like FaceID so much and depend on it so much solely for it's incredible convenience. Usually because I don't strictly need finger to invoke it. I can wake up phone screen with a knuckle and just show it my face and swipe up with knuckle to unlock. I know one would say that's a very niche use case, but the amount of times I had greasy or dirty fingers and needed to do something on the phone quickly made it such a convenient thing. Where with fingerprint, you'd strictly have to press greasy finger on the scanner or display. So, yeah, each has it's benefits and issues.

  • tomogo

Please give me side/back mounted fingerprint reader! Display fingerprint reader is the worst solution ever. I hate it in my Samsung S20!

underdisplay fingerprint reader it is a far better idea than faceID. you lose no visible area on the screen. besides,you can unlock your phone when it lays on the table. even the phone doesn't have to look towards your face. so,every update on this tech most welcome.

I hope we see it in Oppo Find X3 Pro it is at least 2 and 1/2 months away from release so we have good chance.