Dimensity 1200 tipped to be more powerful than the Snapdragon 865

12 January 2021
A better ISP is also to be expected.

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Well, with SD888 around the corner & SD865+ already out, I think they better price it well...

I don't suspect we'll rush to the showrooms just for their outright performance and structure.

The people who are saying it only beat the last year chipset don't realize that until a few years ago MTK chips were extremely underpowered in comparison to Snapdragon ones. Now they're playing catch-up. If they keep this up, they'll soon compete directly with their Snapdragon counterparts, maybe even trailblaze them.

SteveFOX, 13 Jan 2021I also have the Xperia 1 II and it's great apart from ... moreLol Sony will never drop their prices, they would rather close down their Mobile phone division then drop prices. History only repeats it self for Sony

  • SteveFOX

YUKI93, 13 Jan 2021"No one buys the Xperia 1 II." How very confid... moreI also have the Xperia 1 II and it's great apart from the battery life. The problem there is the price. If Sony priced the MK II $999 at launch and not 1299 a lot more people would have bought it.

  • Anonymous

I don`t get these people sometimes, why pixel and iphone are better choice for most people is that it creates good photos without any hassle. Sony Xperia problem is that it doesn`t even know what it is, who on their right mind would take a photo on a phone and then edit it in RAW? You would get miles better results from normal DSLR camera, even older and cheaper one. Maybe for some type of hobby or a fetish to use mobile phone as a pro camera.

Android Authority, 12 Jan 2021Gcam is a million times better. Manual mode is available o... more"No one buys the Xperia 1 II."

How very confident of you. My girlfriend recently bought for here a Sony Xperia 1 ii after she sold her Google Pixel 5 and also her Apple iPhone 12 Pro. Took her a while to learn all the Photo Pro app settings, but she's definitely loving it.

I definitely would love to see more affordable flagships with this new Dimensity chipset since MTK has always priced their chipsets lower than the Snapdragon counterpart.

XiaomiSamsungHuawei, 13 Jan 2021Will be a really good processor if phones with it are actua... moreMTK chipsets have always been cheaper than the Snapdragon counterpart, so I won't be surprised with that.

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021The great MKBHD says the best camera phone is iPhone, lol. ... moreThe great my arse! I've seen way better tech YouTubers giving a more thorough review than the popular and sellout ones.

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021I know you're entitled to your own opinion, but puttin... moreHow come?

Will be a really good processor if phones with it are actually cheaper than phones with the 865 and 888

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021The great MKBHD says the best camera phone is iPhone, lol. ... moreMKBHD? LMAO.
Next time you try to reference someone to talk about professional cameras, make sure to at least call out those who really know how to operate digital cameras properly.

Popularity =|= knowledge

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021"It is excess of HDR that mess with colours" How... moreAlso, image stacking slows down the image sensor's capturing speeds due to having to re-capture another frame to be merged with the previous shot.
Xperia 1 II and 5 II can easily freeze fast-moving subjects while also nailing close to perfect focus most of the time at once. Meanwhile, even the iPhones are struggling to get the correct focus when the lights start to drop, and I don't even think we need to talk about Samsung's 108MP sensor here.

Besides, professional photographers would most likely be needing the very fast focusing speeds that their proper mirrorless cameras have, and for smartphones, there's no other brands out there that offer the same functionality as these two Xperias.

You won't get immediately excellent results from RAW in Manual Mode, because you need to edit the photos themselves first by yourself. The advantage here is that you get the choice to have the look that you want from what you've captured, unlike a stacked image that's also heavily compressed.
This is what real photographers would do in a camera, and it's funny how you don't even know these things. Clearly you haven't tried using a proper digital camera, otherwise you'd immediately know how similar the Xperia's Photo Pro app works to their Alpha cameras, as well as other mirrorless cameras.

  • Anonymous

Shanti Dope, 13 Jan 2021This is not about whether professional photographers will c... moreThe great MKBHD says the best camera phone is iPhone, lol. I'm not really that interested in what youtubers have to say.

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021"It is excess of HDR that mess with colours" How... moreThis is not about whether professional photographers will choose to use a smartphone for "true photography" or not, but rather how the Xperia camera works.
Even so, majority of professionals will most definitely prefer the outputs from Xperia's RAW in Manual Mode over the overprocessed results from the Pixels, Galaxies, and iPhones.
The great Juan Bagnell in YouTube already quotes it for you: "If you don't know how to take good pictures with a Sony, then you're just plain stupid."

  • cyber

outperforming last year soc-what a achievment,why not comparing it with 888?

  • Anonymous

Congratulation Mediatek, you finally beat Sd865

Next, beat SD888 next year, yeah?

  • Anonymous

Hope MediaTek can widen its availability. Having a flagship class processor in budget-midrange phones is a complete game changer.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021All true. - It is easier to see details when you increa... more"It is excess of HDR that mess with colours"
How Many frames to stack is easily chosen in settings.

And Pros don't use manual mode on smartphones, they don't even use smartphone for their photography. They use manual mode on their professional cameras. They wouldn't touch an Xperia or any other smartphone with a 10 foot pole for their professional work.

So your manual mode > gcam argument is lame.

You are just buying into Sony marketing about designed for professionals. Lol only a gullible person would believe that.

  • Anonymous

Android-Authority, 13 Jan 2021Clearly whatever you said about gcam is nothing but lies. ... moreAll true.

- It is easier to see details when you increase contrast of colours. For example a plant leaf green with yellow parts. If you make green darker than it is and yellow more vibrant, it is easier to see both. Even on LCD the black parts of photos taken by pixel are too black, like when viewed on oled.

Even pros choose foreground at expense of background if necessary , not opposite.
It is excess of HDR that mess with colours. The blueish clouds of samsung, yellow skin (iphone). Turn off hdr and all this is gone ...
Pros do not use stacking, they choose to edit exposure.

Manual mode gives you the chance of having the photo the way you want, not how the OEM judges pretty to them. That is why filters exist.

You do not see Sony, Nikon, Canon, Leica, Panasonic and other cam makers doing this, not even with jpeg.

When you hear few reviewers say pixel 5 was best phone of 2020 (yes, you find this crazy type of thing online), you know how faithful tech media is ...