HTC Desire 21 Pro 5G announced with SD690 and 90Hz display

13 January 2021
Also has a big 5,000 mAh battery.

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Nic one the phone is good

Lyndino, 16 Mar 2021That's a bad comparison. Where I live BMW's are c... moreBMW provides better driving experience and that is associated with more sensors and more components which somehow translates into more parts failure. Toyota prioritize more on cheaper maintenance so Its all about priority.
its also true that the service of BMW/Mercedes is different in Germany I mean better/more reliable (where it is produced) than in US. so you can't just tell they are bad just because the maintenance is more expensive where you live. and obviously people buy luxury vehicles, who has money to run them.
anyway, its not the main topic we talk about. in general people want performance and longevity both but some are realistic and know that both are hard to get by so they prefer one or the other. in case you get both, its better. but in reality, you don't get. exceptions aint examples, PLEASE.

Kriegsherr, 14 Jan 2021no everyone buys top of line devices. majority buy mid rang... moreThat's a bad comparison. Where I live BMW's are constantly having repairs in the thousands compared to routine maintenance of a Toyota.
That being said I don't like Toyota as they feel cheaply made compared to other brands I like, but the engines do last quite a while.

sq2013, 15 Mar 2021Can't agree. My last four phones have been the Redmi n... moreI'm glad that your phones that are 1 year old or less are still working as intended. I would be shocked if they didn't actually. I don't buy Samsung for the name, I buy Samsung because I still have everyone me and my wife have had since the Galaxy SII. Except for the SIII, I gave that one to a co-worker who smashed his. But I can still grab any of those phones and they work flawless like they used to. They seem slow compared to what were using now but they are still great devices.
Personally, I haven't had anything that had a chinese name last more than a year for anything I've ever purchased, be it wireless earbuds, wired earbuds, bluetooth speakers and all sorts of things. With that being said I haven't dropped hundreds of dollars on a chance purchase of chinese phones. Not a gamble I'm willing to take.

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I have the Vivo iqoo Z1 and it has a 6.57" lcd with a 144hz screen refresh rate, 5G, 44w charging and a dimensity 1000 cpu meaning it scores 520,000 on antutu. This HTC has a 90hz screen refresh rate, 18w charging and 5g but the snapdragon 690 scores 275,000. The Vivo costs 280 euros and the HTC costs around 357 euros. What gives here. Please can someone explain this to me? I don't get it. Why would you pay more for less. Not just less, significantly less. Does HTC consider customers to be a bit dumb or am I missing something here?

  • sq2013

Lyndino, 14 Jan 2021Just wait until you try an actually good phone, it will blo... moreCan't agree. My last four phones have been the Redmi note 8 pro, Vivo iqoo Z1, Xiaomi mi 10T lite 5G and the infinix zero 8i. I used to constantly buy the latest samsung flagships up to I believe the S6. I genuinely don't feel I'm missing out. These phones are absolutely fantastic at a fraction of the price. Huge batteries, huge screens, incredibly fast charging speeds, dual sim support (physical slots unlike apple for example), extremely fast chipsets that support the latest gaming titles even on extreme settings. The most I have spent on any of them was 280 euros on the vivo iqoo Z1. The mi 10T lite 5g was 225 euros, the infinix zero 8i was 160 euros and the Redmi note 8 pro was 190 euros. All these phones combined cost less than a 1000. I have the Redmi note 8 pro since January 2020 and it still works perfectly, the Vivo iqoo Z1 since may 2020, the mi 10T lite 5G since december 2020 and the infinix a month and a half. All of them are value for money. If I added a 100 on to the price of each, I'd still think that I am getting a good deal. I don't miss paying over 600 euros for a phone that does nothing more than any of these I mentioned. Even the cameras, whilst lacking ois and eis at 4k quality, are more than adequate and get the job done. I will never buy a samsung again until they realize that customers don't like to be exploited. We're not stupid. We don't believe in paying a premium simply for a brand name.

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021Not so huge battery and 1080p isnt anything special that sh... moreyeah, we know which phones last less than 2 years, die early, always full of bugs and half baked features. we know which country they come from.

Lyndino, 14 Jan 2021Just wait until you try an actually good phone, it will blo... moreno everyone buys top of line devices. majority buy mid ranger. its like majority buy Toyota, few buy Mercedes. Now for a Toyota owner, unless he buys a proper Mercedes or BMW, he wont understand the driving dynamics a bmw offers. I excluded some people who doesnt like driving, for them it even doesnt matter.

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Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021On pair with 835 is subpar? Look like ppl here wish qua... moreHaha yeahhh, that's from 4 years ago, when flagships had just one camera, that's how long time ago. 4 year old smartphone technology is equivalent to 25 Yr old car dude 😂

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021I dont care about cheap quality from China. I still have re... moreJust wait until you try an actually good phone, it will blow your mind.

AnonD-972548, 13 Jan 2021And do you think those two things will make this phone wort... moreThe same can be said for you supporting cheap chinese phones that are basically disposable after a few months.
Brand recognition goes a long way.
For example, I have an aunt who uses Samsungs (always last year model as they are usually free with a plan) and they work for years and years. Her husband / my uncle and my cousins all use LG and they all have the same issues all the time.
This leads me to be leery about LG phones, although many of you fine people on here really like theirs.
So, when a country (China) is known for mass producing super s#itty electronics at super low prices people like myself look at the "better" (in your words) brands such as Xiaomi suspcisously. Wish it wasn't so but it is.

travis999, 13 Jan 2021Don't expect much difference in price if it gets an in... moreCan't say I've ever had to 'flash' any of my Samsung devices. Maybe your not using them right?

AnonD-972548, 13 Jan 2021No, it's not a perfectly normal price. Where not in ... morenot hTC or Nokia, but Sony is still makes the best phones, at least in style and build quality. Chinese vendors came a long way but they are not Sony. if both sell same thing, I would anyday pay 100 bucks more for a better build quality from Sony.

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Another expensive worthless junk from HTC... Come on, have some pride as the once fallen king if you aren't going to try. I fail to see the market when phones like OnePlus Nord, plenty model Xiaomi, etc. I'm mean, what are you offering to users? The NAME?

Capable 5G chip, headphone jack, big battery, micro SD support, ultrawide cam, NFC. Pretty good well rounded specs. They just need to swallow their pride and drop the price to €250. Or this will be another fail for them

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021Sharp quit oled business last year. Also, no brand offe... moreConsidering the website is still up (, I don't think they 'quit' it. Remember, they make phones as well. I'm sure they are still open to providing panels to those who know better.

Also, that Samsung had Snapdragon; this one with the absolutely cheaper MediaTek. Even with Omnivision sensors, I think it's possible to price it at $700. Ya gotta generate interest somehow. That's how OnePlus began despite having BBK to assist them. Maybe Google (since they own a share) can jump in with a loan or something.

Halfthekgb, 13 Jan 2021Even obscure Chinese companies couldn't offer that, ho... moreRedmi K30 Ultra nearly did. I know that's mainly in China but, like I said, if HTC wants to put a dent in the market, that's the only way to go. I'm not saying it's easy but this Desire 21 Pro is not the right step so far.

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Halfthekgb, 13 Jan 2021Let's face it: 400 euros is a perfectly normal price b... moreNo, it's not a perfectly normal price.
Where not in 2015 anymore. Android skins are not bad or unstable anymore. Realme, Xiaomi, Samsung, One Plus skins have come a long way. They have a lot of features and they are very stable. You don't need a Google phone or a Sony phone for that anymore.
As for the quality, when was the last time you used a 200EUR Chinese phone? You will be surprised to see the quality is on par with any other brand out there. Even better, if you compare the 200EUR Sony Xperia L4 with a 160EUR Realme 6 for example.

At 400EUR, you will get a SD865, oled screen, high refresh rate, 5G, etc. There are plenty of models around this price point, better than this HTC.
But, as I said in my previous comment a lot of people are seeing HTC, Nokia or Sony brand and they automatically think they are buying a good phone, just because of the brand name. None of those brands are what they used to be. Also the Chinese brands are not what they used to be.
Is 2021, some phone companies adapt and update constantly, others rely only on their brand name and their loyal blind fanbase. I choose the first ones.

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Halfthekgb, 13 Jan 2021Let's face it: 400 euros is a perfectly normal price b... moreNot so huge battery and 1080p isnt anything special that should basically be already the most standard resolution. And none of the phones fall apart by touching them only and they wont even after 3 years. If you drop your phone at least once a day then you dont need to be genius to understand it wont last

AnonD-972548, 13 Jan 2021And do you think those two things will make this phone wort... moreLet's face it: 400 euros is a perfectly normal price because if you put down that sort of money you also get a huge battery, a 1080p screen, HTC build quality, and HTC sense, which is quite a good Android skin. It's not just those 2 things.