HTC Desire 21 Pro 5G announced with SD690 and 90Hz display

13 January 2021
Also has a big 5,000 mAh battery.

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  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 13 Jan 2021If HTC wants to return, they need this for a phone: Dimm... moreSome weird specs especially with 25W fast charger when there are 33W already on budget phones

  • kek

Design and specs wise is good. I guess 400$ is a bit too much, but perhaps if you wait, it might drop to 300-350$

  • AnonD-972548

Halfthekgb, 13 Jan 2021High refresh rate + 5g. This isn't XiaomiAnd do you think those two things will make this phone worth 400EUR, lol. I saw phones with high refresh rate at 160EUR (new). And even some Samsung 5G phones cost less than 400EUR.
People like you make this companies release this garbage phones. You hear Sony, Nokia and HTC and immediately think you found gold. Lol. Wake up and smell the roses. The fact that these companies made nice phones in the past, doesn't mean you need to support them blindly until eternity, hoping that one day they will make something good again.
Just open your eyes, see where the market is right now and what the market is offering. And you will find phones at 200EUR better than this garbage HTC model.

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 13 Jan 2021If HTC wants to return, they need this for a phone: Dimm... moreSharp quit oled business last year.

Also, no brand offers phone like this for this price.
Many phones with SD765 for more than $600 with macro/depth camera and no IP rating.
S20 FE was almost $800 with plastic back, no jack and 8Mp camera.
Phone would cost more if many of components were not in-house.

It's actually looking really good.

Dometalican, 13 Jan 2021If HTC wants to return, they need this for a phone: Dimm... moreEven obscure Chinese companies couldn't offer that, how would HTC manage?

People here are idiots. It's got 5G, a 5,000 mAh battery which isn't small, 18 W fast charging which would be faster but it's still decent, 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage, it's got a FHD+ display with high refresh rate and a Snapdragon 690 which again, could be better, but is actually quite decent. HTC is not a Chinese brand, and therefore they won't bring you cheap quality for a cheap price. HTC phones are always very well built, unlike some Chinese brands and $430 isn't even that much of a stretch. You can't expect a Snapdragon 888 for this price, come on.

  • Noel

Ok HTC i'm rooting for you. Nice looking lower mid-range phone, but it's time to get with the program. We would like to see an upper level mid-range or flagship device with amoled screen, top cameras and top chipset.
Where HTC can have some leg up is in the sound department with a pair of very good BOOM SOUND speakers on an Upper Midrange/Flagship phone. Just one phone with global bands and 5G and priced reasonably. I see good things on this Desire 21 Pro 5G but it's time to step it up again...ease up on the pricing.

AnonD-972548, 13 Jan 2021Hahaha 400EUR for this phone. Good one HTC. No wonder you... moreHigh refresh rate + 5g. This isn't Xiaomi

If HTC wants to return, they need this for a phone:

Dimmensity 1200
Front facing stereo speakers
Headphone jack with DAC
6.7" IGZO Pro OLED with 120Hz refresh rate (1080p is fine)
Side fingerprint reader
5,200mAH battery with 25W wired/15W wireless charge
16MP triple main/Ultrawide/telephoto cams with ToF, dual-LEDs, and OIS on main/telephoto
12MP selfie cam
8GB RAM/256 ROM with dedicated microSD card slot

For about $700 MAX. These Desire phones are not cutting it but as someone here said, it may not make it outside of Taiwan.

Got to say all my previous HTC were very good builds. sense also.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021Sad. Nowadays htc can't even afford 765GU20 has 765

Another overpriced and under specified phone from HTC.
I was a big fan at one time, the HTC10 was a great phone and the last time they were really competitive.
I don't think we're ever going to see another flagship, a shame really Sense is a great Android fork.

KimbraMe, 13 Jan 2021$300 for a subpar SoC, 18W charging, forgotten brand, proba... moreI meant to say $300 max. I accounted the price for the 8GB RAM.

  • AnonD-972548

Hahaha 400EUR for this phone.
Good one HTC. No wonder you are where you are.

The back looks alot better without the fingerprint sensor. Also glad to see a good refresh rate on the screen.

Don't expect much difference in price if it gets an international release, we all know about HTC-XDA's ridiculous pricing ideas.
As others have said, possibly worth it, HTC are always very well made, usualy squeeze better performance out of the hardware than most other makers manage, which makes them a briliant second hand buy, especially if you not worried about having the latest state of the art, over-priced, but cheap materials device.
At least with HTC-XDA, you know that a device will be just as quick/slow in a years time as when new, something that you certainly can't say for that other over pricer, Samsung, doesn't matter what model, if its a Sammy, you know its going to need re-setting/re- flashing after only a few months, even if you regularly move stuff off it, which is ok if you buy devices outright, but causes big warrenty problems if yer daft enough to buy phones on contract, something I've not done for nearly 20 years now.

  • Zero

Davy Jones, 13 Jan 2021I don't think it will escape Taiwan anytime soonAnd even in Taiwan it will sell very bad compared to others like the Asus phones

  • Zen

Well not bad, I never would have guessed HTC will survive to put out a midrange phone with high refresh rate screen. Looks also good. Unfortunately I don't feel optimistic about price and availability.

  • Anonymous

Sad. Nowadays htc can't even afford 765G