Samsung Exynos chip with AMD RDNA GPU officially confirmed

13 January 2021
The first AMD-powered Exynos SoC will likely hit the market next year.

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Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021Apple M1 inside mac is great but sadly A14 innthe iPhone st... moreWell the reason that A-bionic chips overheats and throttles in iphones is because 1) they stack motherboards and 2) the absence of a proper cooling system..

12 Pro Max holds the crown as Thermal Throttling King but S21 Ultra will take that crown when it releases.

S21 Ultra will be the most powerful chip ever BUT only for about 20 minutes then it will thermal throttle like crazy and cut down performance to lower than the garbage E990 chip..

They also still use that garbage Mali GPU so the battery drain will still be absolutely huge!


  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I don't understand what you're trying to deliver but regardless, whatever you wanna call it, it's without a doubt that iPhones do reduce their performance on longer times. Same goes with flagship Exynos. Watch Genshin Impact frame rate test and you can see it's unstable unlike other phones. To have stable frame rate, the phones need more cooling. Even if it's not Genshin Impact, there's also 3Mark Wild Life stress test.

  • Dishonored

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021Bye!!! You won't be missed.He gave his personnel Tought, what gave you any reason to talk to him like that ?
Just a toxic fanboy
Everyone now even apple fans a Samsung device (flagship ) IS Amazing but Samsung really loves to take everything from ur pocket like in midrange section
Or all thé worse years giving u exynos
Accept th fact to support product not company they will Always follow the money way not ur way

  • Arod

Finally Samsung is gonna quit Mali because its trash
AMD in the exynos will be a big time game changer
Pretty its gonna outperform snapdragon

  • Wakcheng

Thermal throttle and thermal envelope goes hand in hand. Beyond certain threshold, squeezing additional 5% performance may require double the current...... aaannddd... you have temperature as the result. How to reduce temperature? reducing the performance or direct the heat away. Amongst several factors dictating the performance is optimisation i.e.crippling some features, architecture in the sense of how clever the designer, materials people willing to pay and the most reliable process node. A lot of bussiness thought are being driven in the design of a particular chip. And some bean counter is charting everything in order to squeeze consumer wallet to their best ability. Its a lengthy train of thought but hopefully you will arrive there on your own.

  • Anonymous

F exynos, bionic, Qualcomm and their brainless fans

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MarcosSD, 13 Jan 2021NoicccNoice

  • Anonymous

It is an irony that adreno is a anagram of radeon

  • Ninja

It will be a tough time for Qualcomm

AnonD-804996, 13 Jan 2021Your brain is thermal throttling, which would explain why y... moreBrains throttle, too? Wow, that's outright A14-Bionic-ish.

IpsDisplay, 13 Jan 2021Im a Samsung hater, but I do respect this exynos 2100 I ... moreThat beats the purpose, or does it!?


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021Another reason to skip their downgrades S21 and S21+ this y... moreBye!!! You won't be missed.

  • Anonymous

This company can't even give stereo speakers under $500

  • Anonymous

Another reason to skip their downgrades S21 and S21+ this year. Maybe next year they'll give back some features (microSD or USF SD, jack, stereo speakers...), better display and the IP68 to "ALL" S phones/models. And why not, a free charger if you need it at any time not only with the initial pre-orders promotion, if it's not inside the box, at least let you ask or buy together for free like Xiaomi do for now.

Or, if not... then bye bye Samsung forever and ever...

Turns out it was true after all, only later. If the rumoured AMD benchmark is to be trusted, we're looking of up to +190% more performance compared to Adreno 650, even the A12X is no match. However, I do have concerns of power consumption when looking at Kirin and Qualcomm's latest flagship chipset. Also, I have not seen an Android game that can truly utilise the GPU horsepower of flagships. If it was running Linux then that would actually be functional.

Mediatek sux, 13 Jan 2021Uh no, im basing it of off gfxbench results, which are pret... moreI move all dolphin games from gamecube and wii on shield tv pro 2019, I have no drama, and ps2 if it runs slow because it is not optimized for tegra x1 +, but from nfs undergroud 2 to mario kart wii they all run jewel and all the zeldas too.

  • AnonD-804996

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021Wow fruity company fanboi is triggering. How cute. They alw... moreYes, saying Bionic and Exynos chips are not thermal throttling totally makes me an Apple fanboy somehow. Your perfect logic.

This could be a monster SoC ... can't wait to see in action.

I personally think NVidia GPU > AMD GPU.
I have a laptop with AMD APU, it's a bit weak.

Im a Samsung hater, but I do respect this exynos 2100

I think they will actually deliver this time , I'm basing this on the help from and behind the scenes