Samsung Galaxy S21 vs. S21+ vs. S21 Ultra - Pros and Cons

14 January 2021
Concise lists of the relative advantages and disadvantages of the three new flagships compared against each other.

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  • Ry

Ry, 20 Jan 2021Can't accept it? You literally cannot see a difference... moreHell, most people can't even see a sharpness difference between 300 and 500ppi at normal mobile phone screen sizes. Learn about the real world and stop buying on spec numbers which are meaningless if understand technology even a little bit, which it seems you do not.

  • Ry

chris b, 18 Jan 2021Ok personally i can accept all the price reductions but i c... moreCan't accept it? You literally cannot see a difference between 400 and 500 ppi.. it's impossible. The only differences you will see will be due to panel design/properties.

  • chris b

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2021This is an absolute rediculous . You just buy for a fortune... morewell you dont have to upgrade every year. i had s3 and then i upgraded to s8 and now im going to trade-in my s8 for 120€ and get the ultra for 1080€ and i will upgrade again in 2025.

  • chris b

Ok personally i can accept all the price reductions but i cant accept the screen lower resolution. I can clearly see the difference with s21 and my s8. I still dont understand why they go and charge 889 for 1080p resolution? we are not apple nor in 2014. If they charged 750€ initial price for s21 i could understand the 1080p.

I will upgrade to s21 ultra even tho i wont use even half of its perks

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

This is an absolute rediculous . You just buy for a fortune a new phone and less than a year your new phone becomes obsolete and your money paid bye bye depreciated till minimum. There should be some sort of boundaries for this business. This is really depressing and frustrating.

I like the new design from Samsung because it makes the phones look a lot more modern. The chipset improvements will be interesting to see, as well as battery life. My favourite part about the entire launch is the price drops. While many companies have increased the price of their 5G phones, these smartphones have improved everything and are a lot cheaper too. I think this is a decision by Samsung to make more people buy flagship phones from them instead of budget devices. They can then slowly funnel the users into paying for subscription features and accessories to gat the full "flagship experience". I think the direction Samsung is taking their devices is an interesting one, and look forward to seeing more improvements across their entire line up of phones. I am interested in what everyone else thinks of the new features.

TheLastOracle, 15 Jan 20211. Samsung S21 ultra now has much smaller aperture. It is l... more> Your allegory is absolutely ludicrous. Samsung had Increased the Pixel Size and improved OIS SUBSTANTIALLY. It had The Best OIS for a 10x Zoom, Barring None.

Eh... you really don't know photography do you? There's a reason F2.8 lenses sell for $3k each, while F4.5 lenses sell for $800. These lenses sell independently of the sensor size OIS or Pizel size. The rest doesn't really doesn't matter.

> Not sure what you're attempting to communicate. But the 10x zoom should be sufficiently bright, for all environments, except when we have fast moving subjects.

Once again, it's clear you don't know anything about photography.

A moving human typically requires 1/400s (or faster) shutter speed for a sharp image.
In a bright situation that allows for 1/1000s at ISO 100 for the S21+, P40 Pro+ will be able to hit 1/2000s shutter speed - better image because of bigger aperture.
In a normal situation that allows for 1/200s at ISO 100 for the S21+, P40 Pro+ will be able to hit 1/400s shutter speed - purely because of bigger aperture.
However, if it's taking a photo of a stationary rock at 1/100s, S21+ will be better because it has OIS, while P40 pro+ may struggle at 1/200s.

Larger Sensor site doesn't matter, it only allows you to boost your ISO, but because of the light diffraction the issues will be amplified beyond imagination anyway at higher ISO.

You need to learn basic photography to have a discussion on photography...

>... But the 10x zoom should be sufficiently bright, for all environments...
This line alone shows that you don't know what you're talking about. F4.9 at 240mm is sufficiently bright?

  • juks

Giul, 15 Jan 2021After the Pixel hardware issues and now the S21 downgrades.... moreMy Pixel5 does not have any issues.. superb phone..

  • Anonymous

Giul, 15 Jan 2021After the Pixel hardware issues and now the S21 downgrades.... morecamera limited on iPhone device. You can do only apple give to you!

  • Tommy

Giul, 15 Jan 2021After the Pixel hardware issues and now the S21 downgrades.... moreYeah, I was thinking the same. The S10e was the best phone I could have bought in 2019, it's still doing great (even though battery life could be better, I have exynos..), but I know I'll need an upgrade in a year or two. If Samsung, Google or Nokia don't come up with a smaller phone with really good hardware, I might try an iPhone mini or regular. I don't know if iOS can replace Android for my use case, but we'll see.

  • Frank

Who cares what the phone specs are, as long as it can make scam phone calls pretending to be from Microsoft/Amazon etc, right?

  • Anonymous

Ewl, 15 Jan 2021But we really really want wireless charging. And have a cas... moreYou want it but you don't need it. We definitely need a harder and less fragile material like metal. A case is superfluous. Adds bulk and weight and covers up a beautiful phone.

  • NawfAtl

Ewl, 15 Jan 2021SD-card..? Anyone really still using them? Ok sure I unders... moreI use a half a Tera in my s10

  • Anonymous

Why can some people, live the best at their best

  • Anonymous

Hot phone

  • xaxa1212

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2021Because glasstic scratches easily. While glass breaks easil... moremetal without wireless? short memory- it's possible- check last pixel.

  • Anonymous

Hot phone

  • CivilisedBeast

AnonD-973296, 15 Jan 2021no i dont go to any forums, also why would 50nm be usable t... moreWhy do people forget about the price factor? Why compromise when you are charged in big but get downgrades to deal with? And don't forget "no charger" too. I am an avid mobile aficionado, I have no brand loyalty, I love technology and that's what matters. I have owned more than 70 phones (all flagships) since 2003 (Nokia days). Currently using fold 2. And I am least bit interested in S21 series from a tech perspective. There are new things in the horizon, notchless displays, foldables/rollables etc. Skip this if you can, it's really not any better than ast years note 20 ultra which you can buy at a cheaper rate. Again this is all based on the specs in paper and a decade long experience with samsung's implementation of it in real life.

  • AnonD-973296

Alex, 15 Jan 2021Abacus is perfectly usable too, and long lasting as well. B... moreno i dont go to any forums, also why would 50nm be usable today? ur reacting as if u would die if u saw a 60hz screen