Here's our first look at Windows 10X in use

15 January 2021
Designed for use on tablets and notebooks.

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  • Clark Kent

I dislike Microsoft's new design language. The icons are flat and dull. I swear they look like Symbian S60's icons. I don't like this trend of translucent backgrounds on every darn app/UI. There's no need to change the position of the start button. Tiles are intuitive and informative. Tiles ensure proper use of screen space. This UI is trash. The only possible benefit from Windows 10X (10-10?) is that low end devices might run better on this version than full fledged Windows 10.

It was not about the optimizations on Windows RT, but quantity & quality of apps for that platform. Same is true now as well with the Windows 10. Additionally, how Windows Store functions doesn't give you enough confidence either. It's slow & sluggish & doesn't sync with different areas properly (uses html/css). I'm a developer myset so I know what I'm talking about.

FYI, microsoft are again shifting gears & bringing Windows 10X back to replace RT on tablets having only Store apps. Again if they fail to deliver on quantity & quality of apps on Windows 10X it is destined to fail miserably as well IMO.

To Windows 10X I see as a sign that it (as a tablet experience) will part ways with Windows 10 soon in the near future. Which is good & was supposed to stay like so in the first place. Just like Apple is doing with their Macs and iPads. This hybrid stuff has suffered Microsoft a lot & will do more if they do not correct it in the coming years.

It is a hard fact that they are not their with the tablets just yet, atleast until unless they come out of this hybrid stuff. This is just my personal opinion & again I'm not a hater.

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  • Jr

It's not a dead end product they are trying to change computing for the better by building a user friend simple platform that had no flaws they are working on it

  • Anonymous

Would be nice if this goes on smaller devices. May this OS be successful.

  • Peter

Another dead end product. It will soon be shelved and consumers left with obsolete products.

  • KewlToyZ21

I'm going to just say it right now, what's the point in another dead end Windows device? They burned us so many times already. A Linux distro would make far more sense any day of the week. At least a Distro would have a longer lifetime.

  • AnonD-973296

the search box looks like the one from ipadOS 14

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2021I prefer the actual bar and not that one centered. Also re... moreThe icons at the right also let you know what is active and also manage them, remember if you need to remove something in a faster way etc. Make things more visually simple is not always the best.

  • Anonymous

I prefer the actual bar and not that one centered. Also reminds me OSX and i don't like it.

The actual one with the left main icon, the search cortana activated, the charged app icons at the righ and the WATCH and date is more práctical. As usual, always copying the worst.

  • Anonymous

windows 10 is best os❤️

  • Anonymous

When you want to talk about an OS.... it has to be a Linux distro. That is what real techies like.