Samsung Galaxy M62 gets FCC certified with 7,000 mAh battery

16 January 2021
It's expected to arrive as Galaxy F62 in some markets.

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  • Jaya34

If it's successful 2G, 3G, 4G+/LTE+ and 5G?
Signal strength ?
Wi-Fi : ax 6E ?
Bluetooth 5.2 ?

  • Anonymous

The Jack666, 19 Jan 2021If it’s a plastic back then no thanksWhy? Almost all Samsung Midrangers are plastic what are you saying

  • Human

The Jack666, 19 Jan 2021If it’s a plastic back then no thanksFor a phone with 7000mAh, it’s probably as bulky as the existing M51 is.

A phone of such bulks can certainly use every bits of weights cut it can get, including going for plastic back/frame. Else it will easily weight over 250gram...

If it’s a plastic back then no thanks

Shibbu, 17 Jan 2021It is betterWhat is better?

Jens, 17 Jan 2021I really wonder what else would u expect for what seems not... moreIt isn't as if there are no alternatives, bezel, pop up, slider, flip up, rotating pop up like the A80 which is approximately the same price.
But also second display on the back, no front camera at all, and a lot of potential other designs that just wait to be made, many already existing as patents, Samsung already have one that make the best alternative to the costly, low quality and privacy endangering underdisplay camera :
Which is an internal pop up.

  • Singh

Samsung Exynos 9825 is 18 months older Processor.

5G supported but not Wi-Fi ax 6es. Sorry. Bad

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2021Worst experience with samsung..Bought samsung A51 on 6 dec ... moreYou have better bought a mi 9t or mi 9 se or mi 10 lite or mi note 10 lite or mi 9 lite instead of the A51
All of those phones have amazing super amoled and build quality and soc compared to the mediocre exynos also better camera and, yes a better display

  • junaid

Samsung mobile is the best mobile phone an an other mobile phone

  • Anonymous

Worst experience with samsung..Bought samsung A51 on 6 dec 20 and faced some problems..It was sent twice to service centre yet the problem is still not rectified.. Almost one and half months have passed but there is no response .

  • Imran


  • Vinay Negi

What's the of this phone ?

  • Vinay Negi

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2021Is this a phone or power bank?It's phone bro

  • Anonymous

Is this a phone or power bank?

It's all good until what kind of exynos comes out

That Exynos chip and samsung poor software optimization gonna ruin it

  • Deepak rd

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2021i really hope this is not a typo but the exynos 9825 is the... moreVery very bad network in my present place

  • Prabhat kumar

Please don't buy any samsung device because Samsung fraud with me . I purchase samsung device. Samsung give me defected device and no replace. Samsung service very bad and samsung no response so please don't by any samsung device. My no. 9005457239.

  • Raj

Ganesh joshi, 17 Jan 2021Samsung was much too high prised but same many things only ... moreBut aren't those Chinese manufacturers.... but Samsung mobile indeed cost high

  • Ganesh joshi

Samsung was much too high prised but same many things only name changed vergen,camera was worst then vivo or mi,vivo mi and real me was new functions and low prise then samsung,prise samsung mi vivo was 4000 to 5000 Rs diffarance, samsung make finish to people and cheering company,