Samsung Galaxy M62 gets FCC certified with 7,000 mAh battery

16 January 2021
It's expected to arrive as Galaxy F62 in some markets.

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[deleted post]Hahaha definitely no.
Even the SD 4xx are better than most exynos CPUs at least they better at heating issues.

  • Anonymous

TFM, 16 Jan 2021Nothing special only exynous trap still M51 is besti really hope this is not a typo but the exynos 9825 is the same chipset of the Note 10

weird considering that they just smacked some snapdragon 600 series and exynos 9611 everywhere

  • Shibbu

Demongornot, 17 Jan 2021Sadly, yes, or a teardrop notch, that's Samsung we are... moreIt is better

  • Jens

Demongornot, 17 Jan 2021Sadly, yes, or a teardrop notch, that's Samsung we are... moreI really wonder what else would u expect for what seems not to be a premium device. It still better than that fish finger notch on tbe other side

  • Anonymous

CptPower, 16 Jan 2021Crppy exynos is a big no. You are right if you talking about flagships
Exynos 9825 is not better than the sd855 but its better than every qualcomm midrange processors

  • SamBoy

I would have been awesome if it had the new Exynos 1080!

This M62 7000mAh is not amazing. What's Amazing in my 2018 Huawei Mate 20X with a 5000mAh and running OS 10 and has a 7.2 in. screen. I'll say it again a 7.2 in screen. And it is still rocking my needs. Yeah I know all about the Huawei band. But my phone pre dates that band. All these phone makers can say the have a 6.5, 6.9 in. Phone but in reality the phones are tall and thin width screen wise for all those little hands.I love a big screen. The last big phone I knew was the LG Flex. So to you phone makers come at me Bro if your not afraid to make a phablet.

  • True

The problem with Samsung is that you enjoy the mid range phone for 2 years and then give you an update that will slow your phone significantly.

Meanwhile Apple is shy to give anything more than 2000 mAh on their budget devices

Exynos 9825 ??? 😨😨😨😱😱😱 U can't be serious . I mean it's the chipset Samsung ships with the Galaxy note 10 series in Asia and Europe

SON GOKU, 16 Jan 2021I wonder if this is going to have a hole-punch. Sadly, yes, or a teardrop notch, that's Samsung we are talking about.

IcyJay30, 16 Jan 2021They recently ran a survey for m51 users, one question was ... more3, without any hesitations, phones are too thin nowadays, and it is often used as an excuse to ditch features, and battery is one of those thing that evolved super slowly, the only reason why have more battery is that modern phones are huge, but still super thin.
Give me a 12mm phone with a 10Ah battery and I'll be super happy about those two aspects!

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2021Hmm.. how long to charge those battery? Even i use the 6... moreI'd prefer having a 20Ah battery that take 8 hours to charge and simply charge it overnight but last long between two recharges than a 4Ah or less that charge in any possible time, even 2 minutes.

Crppy exynos is a big no.

samsung is starting its nonsense again coming out with numerous model and along the way model will not get proper software updates like in the past where samsung create a new model than suddenly drop it and the support that goes with it. if samsung think it's giving choices to consumers it is very wrong

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2021How good is 9825It's the processor in Galaxy Note 10+ so pretty good but for a really high-end gaming a newer processor would be better.

What the hell... my old powerbank has 6000 mAh and the packaging said it can charge 3 phones.

  • Troopperi

Bye bye Samsung. Models models and more models. Nothing sense there.

  • Prem

Samsung rock.... yes i am Samsung user...battery 7000mah will make fireπŸ’₯

Glad to see a phone with a huge battery. Glad to see it will also feature a headphone jack. No for it to be more practical it would make sense that it support wireless charging as well and have some water resistance rating.