Next-gen ROG Phone appears in live image, 3C certification

18 January 2021
The upcoming ROG Phone will sport 65W charging.

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  • not me

AnonD-923722, 18 Jan 2021I don't know why asus is that stupid to ditch the head... moreBy now, you should have seen the rise of phones that lacked the headphone jacks. it's not a quirk anymore but a global trend. of you ask me why? there's a lot of things that comes to mind when it comes to reason why they would do such a thing but nonetheless, this trend will continue and unless you are a major shareholder of the said company, there's no way they would reverse that decision.

  • AnonD-923722

I don't know why asus is that stupid to ditch the headphone jack for an single useless macro camera in the ROG PHONE 3. Hope the sucessor removes the macro cam in favor of an headphone jack and microsd card slot. Or add an telephoto lens

  • Anonymous

Good luck with any updates to this phones will get 1 update at maximum and that's it.

Looks cool 😍